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101 Music Festival
Alumni News Letter 3:3, p.2
7/1/1919 Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra gave two concerts at college. Committee of management was in charge of arrangements.
102 Spring Term Commencement 2
Alumni News Letter 3:3, p.3
7/1/1919 Memorial Day Exercises occurred commencement Week. James Brownell Post was a guest. Invocation was by D. S. Wright, soloist was Anna Gertrude Childs, readings were from C. P. Archer, Genevieve Cleary, and George Darsie, adress given by Eugene Allen.
103 The Music Department
Alumni News Letter 3:3, p.1
7/1/1919 Music Department instructors have considerable training both in America and Europe.
104 Homerian
Old Gold 0:0, p.245
6/1/1919 Roster of presidents, honorary members and members; formal and informal photographs; humorous inside jokes; photo.
105 Unusual Memorial Day celebration; M. F. Arey presiding officer
College Eye 11:35, p.1
5/28/1919 Civil War veteran M. F. Arey will speak; complete program announced.
106 Miss Anna Gertrude Childs had a recent letter
College Eye 10:23, p.5
4/16/1919 Former Assistant Librarian Ruby Charlton has fully recovered and will be returning to the college.
107 John Ross Frampton gives organ recital; program of Belgian airs last Sunday was good; assisted by Miss Childs
College Eye 10:15, p.1
2/19/1919 Performance program.
108 A number of college people attended a Grinnell reunion
College Eye 10:14, p.3
2/12/1919 Alumni dinner and reunion.
109 Y. W. C. A. to have talented speakers; program arranged for fall term
College Eye 10:1, p.1
10/15/1918 Schedule of speakers and topics.
110 Faculty in the service 7
Alumni News Letter 2:3, p.2
7/1/1918 Anna Gertrude Childs and Robert Fullerton have volunteered services for social work with the Y. M. C. A. to work with soldiers in France.
111 The last Y.W. and Y.M.C.A meeting
Alumni News Letter 2:3, p.4
7/1/1918 Last Y. W. and Y. M. C. A. meetings for year were held June 2 with a Sacred Musical as program.
112 Department of Music
Old Gold 0:0, p.51
6/1/1918 Roster of faculty members; photo.
113 Literary
Old Gold 0:0, p.207
6/1/1918 Illustration of a book, a wreath, and a cauldron; Clio's flower, colors, and motto; society officers; roster of honorary members and regular members; photos.
114 Christmas community sing; music dept. gives excellent program
College Eye 9:12, p.1
12/19/1917 Was better attended this year than last.
115 Red Cross benefit. Professors Childs and Frampton
College Eye 9:1, p.1
6/6/1917 Professor Childs and Frampton will perform.
116 Homerian
Old Gold 0:0, p.263
6/1/1917 Gives information on the Homerian society, includes roll; photos.
117 Music faculty gives recital; work of very high order
College Eye 8:22, p.1
3/28/1917 Description of recital and pieces performed by various faculty members.
118 Messiah given by Choral Society; work of chorus shows great improvement over previous years
College Eye 8:13, p.1
1/10/1917 Review of annual Messiah performance.
119 Miss Childs
College Eye 8:5, p.8
10/18/1916 Attends district meeting of the Federated Women's Clubs of Iowa.
120 President addresses joint meeting
College Eye 8:2, p.2
9/27/1916 President Seerley speaks on the gravity of college work at a joint Y. M. and Y. W. C. A. meeting.
121 Cliosophic
Old Gold 0:0, p.176
6/1/1916 Flower, colors, roll, honorary members, presidents of Cliosophic Literary Society.
122 Homerian
Old Gold 0:0, p.208
6/1/1916 Colors, flowers, presidents, members, and honorary members.
123 Professors
Old Gold 0:0, p.18
6/1/1916 Educational background of professors; photo.
124 Shakespearian
Old Gold 0:0, p.164
6/1/1916 Motto, mascot, flower, colors, presidents, honorary members, and roll of members.
125 Miss Childs gives recital
College Eye 7:28, p.7
5/3/1916 Mainly sang folk songs from Western Europe.
126 Vesper service well attended; annual vesper service is impressively delightful.
College Eye 7:27, p.1
4/26/1916 Description of program.
127 Musical vespers
College Eye 7:26, p.5
4/19/1916 Vespers services will be held April 23 in the Auditorium.
128 Miss Childs
College Eye 7:21, p.7
3/8/1916 Visited Des Moines last week.
129 Miss Childs
College Eye 7:19, p.7
2/23/1916 Entertained faculty at dinner.
130 Applause greets faculty recital; large audience attends annual concert
College Eye 7:10, p.1
11/24/1915 Detailed review of recital.
131 Miss Anna Gertrude Childs
College Eye 7:10, p.7
11/24/1915 Sunday school class was entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Leavitt.
132 Mrs. Homer Seerley, Miss Myra Call, and Miss Anna Gertrude Childs
College Eye 7:2, p.7
9/29/1915 Left to attend the board meeting of the Iowa Federation of Women's Clubs in Colfax.
133 Homerian
Old Gold 0:0, p.129
6/1/1915 Illustration of a man playing a lyre; roster of presidents, honorary members, and members; humorous anecdotes; photo.
134 Music
Old Gold 0:0, p.259
6/1/1915 Illustration of a woman playing a piano; humorous sayings, quotes, and anecdotes; photo.
135 Professors
Old Gold 0:0, p.58
6/1/1915 Photo.
136 Shakes
Old Gold 0:0, p.147
6/1/1915 Illustration of a woman with an umbrella; roster of presidents, honorary members, seniors, and members; photo.
137 Miss Childs
College Eye 4:29, p.7
5/6/1915 Was toastmistress at Woman's Club meeting.
138 Miss Anna G. Childs
College Eye 4:28, p.6
4/29/1915 Entertained her brother.
139 College Choir gives concert; closes successful lecture course by rendition of splendid program; a large audience attends
College Eye 4:26, p.2
4/15/1915 Review of campus performance.
140 Miss Rud in recital; presents splendid program; music hall well filled with attentive audience
College Eye 4:25, p.5
4/8/1915 Review of Magdalene Rud's senior vocal recital.
141 Several I. S. T. C. students
College Eye 4:25, p.6
4/8/1915 Took part in Easter service.
142 Miss Childs
College Eye 4:22, p.7
3/18/1915 Gave pupil recital.
143 Faculty breakfast
College Eye 4:20, p.8
2/18/1915 Breakfast was held at Emma Lambert's home.
144 Miss Childs
College Eye 4:19, p.6
2/11/1915 Entertained in honor of sister.
145 Miss Childs
College Eye 4:17, p.6
1/28/1915 Entertained friends at the Russell Lamson Hotel.
146 Miss Childs and Miss Hughes
College Eye 4:15, p.6
1/14/1915 Were part of Woman's Club program.
147 Several members of the I. S. T. C. faculty
College Eye 4:13, p.6
12/17/1914 Took part in Woman's Club program.
148 Faculty recital Wednes.; splendid program was presented
College Eye 4:6, p.5
10/15/1914 Program from music faculty recital is printed.
149 Miss Anna G. Childs
College Eye 4:5, p.8
10/8/1914 Spent time in Nebraska with her father, who has been sick.
150 On Wednesday afternoon
College Eye 4:1, p.8
6/13/1914 Professor and Mrs. B. W. Merrill hosted a musical for friends.


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