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401 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 21:18, p.306
2/1/1911 Iowa education news; Professor Page asks for additional leave to allow his ankle to heal; legislators discuss simplified spelling; Margaret Baker now in Oklahoma; Ira Condit publishes regularly.
402 Last November Prof. Condit
Normal Eyte 21:17, p.300
1/25/1911 Received a letter from a homesteader in Canada about using his Bible Study outlines.
403 The Modern Movement in Elementary and Secondary Mathematics; III. The outlook
Condit--Ira S. (Mathematics Faculty)
Normal Eyte 21:17, p.288
1/25/1911 An article on mathematics written by Ira. S. Condit.
404 The modern movement in elementary and secondary mathematics; present day conditions
Condit--Ira S. (Mathematics Faculty)
Normal Eyte 21:16, p.274
1/18/1911 An essay on mathematics written by Ira S. Condit of I. S. T. C.
405 The modern movement in elementary and secondary mathematics; the revolt from traditional methods
Condit--Ira S. (Mathematics Faculty)
Normal Eyte 21:15, p.252
1/11/1911 Paper written by Ira Condit discusses the new movement in mathematical teaching.
406 Mrs. Condit and Mr. Brian Condit
Normal Eyte 21:14, p.248
1/4/1911 Spent time with Mrs. Condit's parents in New Sharon.
407 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 21:7, p.108
10/19/1910 Discusses problems and developments in education in various states; urges interest in intensive agriculture; information on a few faculty members.
408 Meeting of the Mathematics Club
Normal Eyte 21:6, p.92
10/12/1910 Outline of the topics discussed by Professor Condit and Professor Bender at the Mathematics Club meeting.
409 How the faculty spent vacation
Normal Eyte 21:1, p.2
9/7/1910 Describes what various faculty members did during the summer of 1910.
410 Among the faculty members
Normal Eyte 21:0, p.22
6/11/1910 Faculty members delivered commencement addresses.
411 Department of Mathematics
Old Gold 0:0, p.17
6/1/1910 Faculty in the Department of Mathematics; photo.
412 Greeting
Old Gold 0:0, p.6
6/1/1910 Staff greets readers of the 1910 Old Gold; photo.
413 The Mathematics Club of Iowa State Teachers College
Old Gold 0:0, p.242
6/1/1910 Brief history of the Mathematics Club including some of the members and programs from the spring term.
414 Interesting talks heard; Mathematics Club hears discussion by Anton Fischer and Prof. D. S. Wright
Normal Eyte 20:32, p.526
5/11/1910 Summary of lectures.
415 Mathematics discussed; Professors Condit and Seals tell of correlation of mathematics
Normal Eyte 20:29, p.479
4/20/1910 Myrtle Raymond also presented work on current events.
416 Mathematicians will meet; club will hear professors Condit and Seals on mathematics in Lincoln schools
Normal Eyte 20:27, p.448
4/6/1910 Several students will also be on program.
417 Miss Ellen C. Jackson
Normal Eyte 20:27, p.456
4/6/1910 Is teaching at the University of Colorado.
418 Faculty members meet; teachers from three state schools confer on uniform entrance requirements
Normal Eyte 20:25, p.419
3/23/1910 Considering standards for admission from high school.
419 Professor Ira S. Condit
Normal Eyte 20:24, p.404
3/18/1910 Visited schools in Nebraska.
420 Philos make clean sweep; secure six points in Triangular Debate; Orios take three points
Normal Eyte 20:22, p.363
2/23/1910 Recap of the debates.
421 Last Monday evening
Normal Eyte 20:19, p.320
2/2/1910 Cottage Reading Circle met.
422 The Missionary Committee
Normal Eyte 20:17, p.289
1/19/1910 Entertained the Mission study classes.
423 Mathematicians meet; faculty and student members organized a permanent club last Thursday
Normal Eyte 20:14, p.235
12/15/1909 Drawing up constitution and program.
424 Central Association of Science and Mathematics Teachers
Condit--Ira S. (Mathematics Faculty)
Normal Eyte 20:13, p.221
12/8/1909 Highlights of the meeting; Professor Condit attended.
425 The Rochester rally
Normal Eyte 20:13, p.222
12/8/1909 Raising money to support delegation to meeting.
426 "Stag" social; Y. M. C. A. held an interesting reception for the new men last Wednesday evening
Normal Eyte 20:12, p.204
12/4/1909 Several faculty members address the reception.
427 Official; the educational Board of Examiners
Normal Eyte 20:12, p.200
12/4/1909 Rules and regulations for teacher certification; roster of fall 1909 graduates; faculty establishes Committee on Examination of Candidates and Committee on Entrance Requirements; registration procedures.
428 Professors Begeman, Condit and Hersey
Normal Eyte 20:12, p.213
12/4/1909 Attended meetings for the Central Association of Science and Mathematics Teachers in Chicago.
429 Professor Condit
Normal Eyte 20:5, p.95
10/6/1909 Went on a trip on the river.
430 How the faculty spent vacation
Normal Eyte 20:1, p.4
9/8/1909 News notes on faculty travel and summer study.
431 Y. M. C. A. reception; the young men of the school gather together for an interesting evening
Normal Eyte 20:1, p.6
9/8/1909 YMCA held informal reception
432 Professor Ira S. Condit
Normal Eyte 20:0, p.17
6/12/1909 Has been invited to be chairman of a committee that will survey the progress of mathematics in schools in the United States.
433 Association of Contributors to Iowa Education and History
Old Gold 0:0, p.152
6/1/1909 Brief history of the organization which was formed in January; will attempt to collect material relating to the history of education.
434 Bible Study
Ceperley--William A. (Student--1909)
Old Gold 0:0, p.130
6/1/1909 Brief description of organization, roster of past leaders; photo.
435 Department of Mathematics
Old Gold 0:0, p.23
6/1/1909 Instructors; photo.
436 Home oratorical; preliminary contest to the interstate won by Miss Bowman
Normal Eyte 19:22, p.341
3/24/1909 Nellie Bowman takes first; Bedros Apelian takes second; Lottie Lovejoy is third; Nellie Bowman will represent ISNS in the interstate contest.
437 Kansas Preliminary; contest to determine debaters to be sent against Jayhawkers held Friday evening
Normal Eyte 19:22, p.337
3/24/1909 Hotly contested competition to determine debates for debate against Kansas.
438 Triangular debate; Philos carry off honors-Aristos rak second with two points
Normal Eyte 19:22, p.340
3/24/1909 Brief summary of the debate.
439 Association of Contributors to Iowa Education and History
Normal Eyte 19:20, p.311
2/24/1909 Officers, objectives, and membership of the new association aimed at collecting and preserving "facts, data, materials, and objects as in any way relate to the origin, growth, and development of education in this state."
440 Organization formed; association of contributors to Iowa education and history organized- headquarters here
Normal Eyte 19:18, p.274
2/10/1909 Group elects officers; hopes to collection and preserve "everything that in any way relates to history and education."
441 On Thursday
Normal Eyte 19:15, p.240
1/20/1909 Four seniors in Domestic Science gave luncheon.
442 Prof. and Mrs. Ira S. Condit
Normal Eyte 19:13, p.207
12/16/1908 Entertained mathematics faculty.
443 Official
Normal Eyte 19:11, p.161
11/18/1908 Schedule of upcoming professional education association meetings; ISTA meeting will shift from December to earlier in the year in 1909.
444 Prof. Condit
Normal Eyte 19:8, p.127
10/28/1908 Attending Presbyterian meeting in Sioux City.
445 Prof. Ira S. Condit's Sunday school
Normal Eyte 19:4, p.61
9/30/1908 Enjoyed picnic at Cedar Heights.
446 Professor Robert Fullerton
Normal Eyte 19:2, p.30
9/16/1908 How the faculty spent their summer vacations.
447 Bible study department of the Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A.
Old Gold 0:0, p.156
6/1/1908 History and leaders of the Bible study department; photo.
448 Photographs of faculty and staff
Old Gold 0:0, p.22
6/1/1908 Photo.
449 Miss Ward
Normal Eyte 18:25, p.399
4/8/1908 A number of faculty attended the Southeastern Teachers Association meeting.
450 Mr. Condit gave the address
Normal Eyte 18:23, p.365
3/25/1908 At Bible study rally.


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