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51 Motivation fights restlessness
White--Ryan A. (Class of 1989)
Northern Iowan 84:43, p.8
3/4/1988 Jo Ann Cummings talks about keeping busy up until spring break.
52 Years of experience guide UNISA president
Nonpareil 72:2, p.20
3/1/1988 Non-traditional student David Sanders leads UNISA; photo.
53 Student association supports non-traditionals
Hensley--Robert B. (Classes of 1990 and 1992)
Northern Iowan 84:39, p.8
2/19/1988 A close look at NINTSA and its activities.
54 UNI Faculty Club offers two scholarships to non-traditional students
Public Relations News Release 1987:147, p.1
11/19/1987 Applications are made available for the last of scholarships offered by the Faculty Club. Applicants must hold a grade point average of 3.4, have a history of community service, and display leadership qualities. Applications are sent to Joann Cummings.
55 What's Up
Northern Iowan 84:10, p.5
9/29/1987 Meetings and activities.
56 Something for nearly every need: Counseling Center plans activities
Northern Iowan 84:2, p.11
8/28/1987 List of support groups and workshops.
57 Radio News Network Announcements
Public Relations News Release 1987:240, p.1
2/25/1987 JoAnn Cummings provides guidance to undergraduates above the age of twenty-five. The American Red Cross and the Black Hawk County Health Department dispel several myths about AIDS. Students attempt to raise awareness to the farm crisis.
58 Society forces adults back to college
Bingham--Elizabeth (Class of 1915)
Northern Iowan 83:37, p.1
2/13/1987 Students tell why they returned to school.
59 Older students juggle many roles
Bingham--Elizabeth (Class of 1915)
Northern Iowan 83:36, p.1
2/10/1987 A look at the life of non-traditional students.
60 Applications available for University Dames Scholarship Program
Public Relations News Release 1986:283, p.1
2/28/1986 Women older than 21 are encouraged to apply before April 11.
61 Alcohol education offered
Witt--Nancy (Student--1985-1988)
Northern Iowan 82:8, p.5
9/27/1985 Counseling Center sponsoring Alcohol Education and Alternatives group.
62 Exegesis
Melton--Linda (Class of 1986)
Northern Iowan 82:8, p.2
9/27/1985 Comments on Professor Story's survey on sexual abuse.
63 Informational Meetings Held for Non-Traditional Students Sept. 17, 18
Public Relations News Release 1985:30, p.1
9/11/1985 Meetings for students not in the 18-21 age category can answer questions the student may have.
64 UNI Non-Traditional Students Can Get Acquainted at Informal 'Brown Bag' Lunches
Public Relations News Release 1985:15, p.1
8/30/1985 During the noon hour non-traditional students or students not in the 18-21 age group can meet with each other.
65 Non-traditional students to organize
Northern Iowan 81:30, p.6
1/29/1985 Jo Anne Cummings talks about the new Non-Traditional Students Association and its activities.
66 Hard challenges for older students
Northern Iowan 81:23, p.8
11/30/1984 Non-traditional students talk about the difficulties that they face in returning to school.
67 Counselors offer job hunting skills
Northern Iowan 80:8, p.6
9/23/1983 Jo Ann Cummings will offer series of workshops.
68 News Notes
Northern Iowan 80:7, p.7
9/20/1983 Counseling Center offers services dealing with personal awareness and assertion; single parents; stress management; and biofeedback.
69 Support groups attempt to end the pain surrounding suicides
Shull--Lezlie E.
Northern Iowan 79:54, p.14
5/3/1983 Jo Ann Cummings talks about the program.
70 "Burn-out" not a disease--being tired, unmotivated normal
Northern Iowan 79:43, p.9
3/25/1983 Counselors talk about stress that may not necessarily lead to depression.
71 Older students characterized by motivation
Northern Iowan 79:43, p.10
3/25/1983 A look at some typical non-traditional students.
72 Worry not--stress is "the spice of life"
Northern Iowan 79:43, p.15
3/25/1983 Jo Ann Cummings talks about helping students with the stress in their lives.
73 Adult students enjoy advice, conversation at informal lunches
Northern Iowan 79:29, p.3
1/25/1983 Non-traditional students meet Wednesdays.
74 Rape discussed
Northern Iowan 79:16, p.7
10/29/1982 Counseling Center will offer panel discussion.
75 Cohabitation happening more frequently in the 1980s
Northern Iowan 79:14, p.9
10/22/1982 Jo Ann Cummings talks about the trends of unmarried people living together.
76 Cluster group formed in order to help students with their problems
Northern Iowan 79:7, p.4
9/21/1982 Jo Ann Cummings talks about the groups, which are meant to assist student with problems.
77 Adult student lunches expanded
Northern Iowan 79:5, p.8
9/14/1982 Jo Ann Cummings talks about the non-traditional student lunches.
78 Control stress with exercise and nutrition
Koehler--Catherine (Class of 1985)
Northern Iowan 79:5, p.15
9/14/1982 Jo Ann Cummings talks about definitions for stress and discusses ways to control it.
79 Singles offered support
Northern Iowan 78:37, p.8
2/23/1982 Support group forming.
80 Single parents meet
Northern Iowan 78:35, p.3
2/16/1982 Group meets every week.
81 Adult support group offered
Northern Iowan 78:31, p.4
2/2/1982 Jo Ann Cummings will lead group of non-traditional students.
82 Holidays stressful for some
Northern Iowan 78:26, p.8
12/11/1981 Jo Ann Cummings offers tips on overcoming stress.
83 'Back to School' meeting announced
Public Relations News Release 1981:152, p.1
11/10/1981 Counseling Center sponsors two meetings for older students and adults thinking about starting college. The meetings will provide information on registration, academic majors, fees and financial assistance, and off campus courses.
84 Older students: more than 20 percent of undergrads
Northern Iowan 78:9, p.1
9/29/1981 Jo Ann Cummings talks about programs for non-traditional students.
85 Program for older students resumes at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1981:14, p.1
8/18/1981 The brown bag lunch program will resume weekly; new students and those in community interested in continuing education invited to attend; part of counseling program.
86 Men and women from 9 to 5 UNI conference topic
Public Relations News Release 1980:563, p.1
5/6/1981 A conference at UNI will discuss complications from an increasing of mixed-sex work environment.
87 UNI to hold back to school meetings for older students
Public Relations News Release 1980:543, p.1
4/27/1981 A meeting will be held for non traditional students that are making a return to school.
88 University Dames Scholarship program now accepting applications
Public Relations News Release 1980:516, p.1
4/20/1981 The Dames Scholarship program is accepting applications from women older then the traditional college age.
89 Older UNI students face unique problems
Northern Iowan 77:3, p.9
9/9/1980 Non-traditional students discuss their fears and unique problems.
90 Informal luncheons offered
Northern Iowan 77:2, p.4
9/5/1980 Weekly luncheons will be held for non-traditional students to get together and discuss their problems.
91 UNI to hold luncheon for older students
Public Relations News Release 1980:20, p.1
8/19/1980 Luncheons are offered for non-traditional students so that they can feel more like themselves.
92 Student lunch meetings planned
Northern Iowan 76:3, p.7
9/11/1979 Non-traditional students are encouraged to attend a weekly luncheon.
93 Older students to meet faculty
Northern Iowan 75:4, p.3
9/12/1978 Schedule of speakers for informal lunches.
94 Adult luncheons feature food, friends, and fun
Northern Iowan 74:24, p.8
11/22/1977 Jo Ann Cummings talks about the non-traditional student lunches; highlights of remarks by recent speakers.
95 Career workshop
Northern Iowan 73:9, p.4
10/1/1976 JoAnn Cummings will lead two Career Exploitation Workshops for women.
96 Career planning
Northern Iowan 73:3, p.8
9/10/1976 UNI will hold several Career Planning group sessions.
97 In consideration of 24-hour visitation
UNI Century 4:3, p.2
6/1/1976 After extended debate, limited 24-hour visitation is adopted in Dancer and Rider Halls; photo.
98 Mature students' group . . . opportunity to help each other
Northern Iowan 72:44, p.6
3/19/1976 Students talk about their experiences and adjustments to college life; photo.
99 Dispelling the Greek mystique
Blake--Debra S. (Class of 1978)
Northern Iowan 72:3, p.5
9/9/1975 Characteristics of UNI Greeks.
100 Sexuality: a dynamic process
Northern Iowan 71:58, p.1
6/20/1975 Jo Ann Cummings talks about the Human Sexuality Program.


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