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301 Notice
College Eye 32:39, p.3
7/18/1941 May hold dance to which women may invite boyfriends from home.
302 It's fun to go to Teachers College
Alumnus 25:3, p.7
7/1/1941 Close look at opportunities and facilities for recreation in dormitories and on campus; photo.
303 Lights at night aid public eye
College Eye 32:37, p.3
6/27/1941 Students must look hard to find privacy on campus.
304 How do you make a date? Here are jo-eds' techniques
College Eye 32:20, p.2
2/14/1941 A look at the most popular dating lines.
305 Plan more informality for Commons
College Eye 32:8, p.3
11/1/1940 Hope to make dances and atmosphere less formal.
306 Crepe proves most popular fabric for date frocks, after a fashion
College Eye 31:14, p.3
1/5/1940 Advice on what to wear on a date.
307 Stay out of war, let men propose, election reveals
College Eye 31:13, p.1
12/15/1939 Thomas Dewey outpolls President Roosevelt, 576-487; students believe that the US should stay out of the war even if England and France are losing; both men and women believe that either gender should be able to ask for dates or to propose marriage.
308 Somebody got turned around here
College Eye 31:11, p.3
11/24/1939 Dennis McDonald gets corsage pinned by June Crabill.
309 Three questions put to students registering early
College Eye 31:11, p.1
11/24/1939 Will ask student opinion on a possible third term for President Roosevelt, the involvement of the US in the war in Europe, and the appropriate role for men and women in dating and marriage arrangements.
310 Survey reveals teachers can't
College Eye 31:4, p.1
10/6/1939 Report of an Ohio survey on appropriate behavior for teachers.
311 Other coeds in need of escorts
College Eye 30:42, p.2
8/11/1939 Dating services have been tried at TC several times before during summer terms with moderate success.
312 Rate yourself as a date; use these do's and don'ts
College Eye 30:43, p.1
7/28/1939 Prompted by an article in Your Life magazine; gives advice about dating.
313 College women devise system to score dates
College Eye 30:40, p.2
7/21/1939 Colors symbolize how well your date went to Radcliffe women.
314 Waitresses use date alibis
College Eye 30:40, p.1
7/21/1939 Women tell what they say when men ask them for a date.
315 Woo-woo! They get their men!
College Eye 30:40, p.3
7/21/1939 Bartlett Hall women take the initiative and ask Baker Hall men to a picnic.
316 Editorially speaking; the College Eye presents; campus views; significant events; coeds make rules
College Eye 30:38, p.2
7/7/1939 Advice for men on dating.
317 Belles in the heart
College Eye 30:1, p.1
9/2/1938 Student looks at picture of girlfriend; photo.
318 Identification of Meer twins complicates the date question
College Eye 29:42, p.3
7/29/1938 A look at some of the people in the Date Bureau files.
319 Ideal date: tall, dark, humorous
College Eye 29:41, p.1
7/22/1938 Managers of Date Bureau talk about their work.
320 Steps to dating
College Eye 29:41, p.1
7/22/1938 Students make use of the date bureau; photo.
321 Dating is simple now; Romance Bureau works
College Eye 29:40, p.1
7/15/1938 Now sorting and filing data cards.
322 Assist Cupid on college campus; Date Bureau is organized by McIlroy and Shephard
College Eye 29:39, p.1
7/8/1938 Baird McIlroy and Ray Shephard are organizing a Date Bureau.
323 Men reveal 'date' expenses
College Eye 29:34, p.3
6/1/1938 Men find that a date usually costs about $1.
324 Gold-digging off as coeds favor Dutch treating
College Eye 29:28, p.3
4/15/1938 Women express views on helping to pay for dates.
325 First soda of spring at Commons
Alumnus 22:2, p.Outside back cover
4/1/1938 Students relax on porch of Commons; photo.
326 Men, did he say? There were bedbugs, too!
Alumnus 22:2, p.10
4/1/1938 Alumnus J. F. Doderer recalls first days on campus in 1887; sleeping quarters; limited menus; Halloween prank.
327 At the Commons for a January date
Alumnus 22:1, p.Outside back cover
1/1/1938 Couple in doorway on winter evening; photo.
328 Rushees find no time for dating
College Eye 29:13, p.3
12/10/1937 Women have been busy with rush activities.
329 No showers for Bartlettites after curfew
College Eye 29:10, p.2
11/12/1937 New rules about shower schedules and dating behavior for Bartlett Hall.
330 The Line
College Eye 29:1, p.1
9/9/1937 Campus gossip.
331 The Line
College Eye 28:36, p.2
6/11/1937 Campus gossip.
332 Bartlett Hall
Old Gold 0:0, p.34
6/1/1937 Staff members; photos.
333 January
Old Gold 0:0, p.128
6/1/1937 Man and woman leave the Commons; photo.
334 Lost in a crowd
College Eye 28:33, p.2
5/21/1937 Unhappy with crowds of romantic couples on Bartlett Hall porch.
335 The Line
College Eye 28:31, p.2
5/7/1937 Campus gossip.
336 Feed that line! It really works
College Eye 28:28, p.3
4/16/1937 Professor Charles believes that women are more credulous than men.
337 Looking for a date
College Eye 28:28, p.5
4/16/1937 Charles Monroe isn't worried about finding a date with possibilities of Phyllis Moon, Evelyn Bretthauer, Dorothy Oleson, and Loraine Scherif; photo.
338 Bureau will date press delegates
College Eye 28:27, p.1
4/9/1937 Will serve as matchmakers for Press Prom.
339 Manners and rough diamonds
Alumnus 21:2, p.5
4/1/1937 Controversy follows letter in College Eye about men's manners.
340 Chips and Quibs
College Eye 28:20, p.2
2/12/1937 Campus observations.
341 Advertisement is posted; what results it gets
College Eye 28:14, p.1
12/17/1936 Woman responds to prank bulletin board posting that asked for a date for the Blue Key dance.
342 Off-campus girls discuss pick-up dates in meeting
College Eye 28:9, p.3
11/6/1936 Off-campus women oppose the practice of pick ups.
343 House presidents meet to discuss "pick-up" date
College Eye 28:8, p.3
10/30/1936 Consider disciplinary action for women who pick up dates.
344 Dorm entrances become crowed with late-comers just before ten
College Eye 28:7, p.3
10/23/1936 Florence Parry talks about the closing and checking procedures in Bartlett Hall.
345 Love is blind, can get along with small lamp
College Eye 28:5, p.1
10/8/1936 A look at the early days of ISTC as seen in the student newspaper.
346 Violation of old two-minute rule 'criminal' offense
College Eye 28:5, p.1
10/8/1936 A look at the old rule about the association of men and women.
347 Another Tuesday evening sing?
Carpenter--Allan (Student--1937)
College Eye 27:3, p.2
6/12/1936 Man serenades a woman on a balcony.
348 Of Work and Play
Old Gold 0:0, p.129
6/1/1936 Fall photos.
349 "Ideal girl's" qualifications listed by Teachers fellows; personality ranked first; drinking and smoking are taboo
College Eye 27:43, p.1
5/15/1936 Men tell what they like in a woman.
350 Crime of selection responsible for establishing two-minute rule in '70's; many rules laid down in bygone days of normal institution
College Eye 27:43, p.1
5/15/1936 A look back at relations between men and women on the Normal School campus.


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