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2301 Editor Normal Eyte:--I will put your invitation
Kleinsorge--John A. (Class of 1890)
Normal Eyte 4:25, p.390
3/30/1895 John Kleinsorge offers his views on scoring debates.
2302 Several of our exchanges
Normal Eyte 4:24, p.373
3/16/1895 Believes it may be worthwhile to organize intercollegiate debate along the same lines as intercollegiate oratory.
2303 The inter-society debate
Normal Eyte 4:22, p.342
3/2/1895 Detailed account of the men's societies' debate.
2304 The undersigned gentlemen
Normal Eyte 4:21, p.331
2/23/1895 Debate challenge.
2305 W. L. Hearst
Normal Eyte 4:19, p.297
2/9/1895 Elected vice-president of Interstate Debating League.
2306 The literary societies
Normal Eyte 4:17, p.261
1/26/1895 Preparations under way for inter-society debate.
2307 Visitors and members of the Orio Society
Normal Eyte 4:15, p.236
1/12/1895 Debate Henry George single tax idea.
2308 The first inter-society debate
Normal Eyte 4:8, p.117
11/3/1894 Extensive descriptions of debates.
2309 Judging from the amount of work
Normal Eyte 4:6, p.89
10/20/1894 Men working hard on society debate.
2310 Speakers for the third intersociety debate
Normal Eyte 4:5, p.76
10/13/1894 Roster of speakers.
2311 It would be unwise for us to continue the debate
Normal Eyte 3:34, p.265
5/26/1894 ISU newspaper has hinted that noises during the recent debate were made intentionally to distract its debaters; editorial writer can remember only one accidental noise.
2312 F. G. Miller and H. B. Lizer
Normal Eyte 3:33, p.263
5/19/1894 Attend debate.
2313 On last Friday evening
Normal Eyte 3:33, p.257
5/19/1894 ISNS engages in first intercollegiate debate with Iowa State University; believes this, like intercollegiate athletics, is an appropriate activity for a normal school.
2314 The final Orio silver medal debate
Normal Eyte 3:33, p.263
5/19/1894 Explanation of new debate format.
2315 The joint debate
Normal Eyte 3:33, p.258
5/19/1894 Detailed description of the first intercollegiate debate for ISNS against Iowa State University; subject was taxation; ISNS won.
2316 Joint debate
Normal Eyte 3:31, p.244
5/5/1894 ISU and ISNS will debate issue of federal income tax.
2317 Philo Hall was unusually crowded
Normal Eyte 3:31, p.248
5/5/1894 Description of the regular session.
2318 Negotiations for a joint debate
Normal Eyte 3:28, p.217
4/14/1894 ISNS will meet Iowa State University in debate in Cedar Falls on May 11.
2319 Perhaps the results of the inter-society debate
Normal Eyte 3:23, p.183
3/3/1894 Performance of Philos refutes criticism.
2320 The joint debate
Normal Eyte 3:23, p.183
3/3/1894 Men's societies hold joint debate; Philos win over Aristos, 2-1.
2321 A triangular debate
Normal Eyte 3:20, p.159
2/10/1894 Two students from each of the men's societies will debate.
2322 Since in these days of hurry and rush
Normal Eyte 2:18, p.145
1/28/1893 Aristos will debate issue of mandatory military drill.
2323 Chapel Hall was crowded to its utmost capacity
Normal Eyte 1:15, p.113
4/26/1892 Detailed description of Alpha open session.
2324 The Alpha society hall
Normal Eyte 1:13, p.102
4/12/1892 Small group enjoys program.
2325 Mr. Cator, your production of last week
Normal Eyte 1:12, p.91
4/5/1892 Still believes that judges for local debates are unnecessary.
2326 The decision of the judges
Cunningham--Edmund P. (Class of 1892)
Normal Eyte 1:12, p.90
4/5/1892 Humorous poem on a recent Aristo debate.
2327 The judge question again
Normal Eyte 1:11, p.88
3/29/1892 Believes that some sort of judging is still necessary.
2328 The Philo victory
Normal Eyte 1:11, p.87
3/29/1892 An Aristo's account of the big joint debate.
2329 The next term will be inaugurated
Normal Eyte 1:9, p.71
3/8/1892 Philos and Aristos will hold joint open debate on public vs. private ownership of railroads.
2330 Last week in one of the society meetings
Normal Eyte 1:8, p.60
3/1/1892 Potential debate judge cites conflict of interest; chairman says judge should serve anyway; writer cites this as more evidence that judging society debates is an unsound idea.
2331 The Philo-Aristo joint debate
Normal Eyte 1:8, p.63
3/1/1892 Will be held first Friday of next term.
2332 It now appears decidedly impractical
Normal Eyte 1:7, p.55
2/23/1892 Philo-Aristo joint debate cannot be scheduled this term.
2333 No, Quintus, you are not alone
Normal Eyte 1:7, p.52
2/23/1892 Agrees with earlier writer that literary society judging system should be abolished.
2334 Entertainments are coming thick and fast
Normal Eyte 1:6, p.44
2/16/1892 Benjamin Trueblood will speak; Bill Nye will entertain; the men's literary societies will debate.
2335 "Two for the affirmative . . . . "
Normal Eyte 1:5, p.34
2/9/1892 Does not like debate judging system as it is applied in local literary society competition.
2336 That Iowa's pioneers were public spirited
Normal Eyte 1:5, p.39
2/9/1892 Enjoyed Alpha debate.
2337 The Aristo boys
Normal Eyte 1:2, p.12
1/19/1892 Decide Canadian annexation question in negative.
2338 The Philos passed a pleasant evening
Students' Offering 8:34, p.9
2/1/1884 Attend Alpha exercises.
2339 The program of the Philomathean Society
Students' Offering 5:19, p.10
6/1/1881 Description of the program; includes debate.
2340 The regular installation of officers
Students' Offering 4:12, p.3
5/1/1880 Vina Warr succeeds Eliza Rawstern as Alpha president; music, essays, and debate follow installation.


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