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51 Blown-out switch cuts off electrical supply to campus
College Eye 63:24, p.1
12/13/1966 Affects north side of campus for several hours.
52 Cable causes darkness on SCI campus
College Eye 60:39, p.4
3/8/1966 Power out for about 90 minutes.
53 Power failure caused by cable defect
College Eye 60:32, p.1
2/11/1966 Affected much of campus.
54 Central Hall burns
Alumnus 50:3, p.1
9/1/1965 Fire destroys Central Hall on July 22, 1965; faulty wiring blamed; $500,000 loss plus personal papers of faculty members; fourth floor had been closed two years ago; other floors held mimeograph department, classrooms, offices, and remedial reading clinic
55 Campus black twice due to power failures
College Eye 59:53, p.2
8/20/1965 Several high voltage lines fail; buildings without power for several hours.
56 Dorm fire scare sparked by campus power failure
College Eye 59:46, p.3
6/25/1965 No fire found.
57 Board of Regents okays increased tuition rates
College Eye 58:15, p.1
1/17/1964 Increase tuition $40 per year; Union project split into remodeling for Commons and building of a new Union structure; Seerley Hall will remodeled for the Department of Business.
58 Cable links SCI, Cedar Falls power plants
College Eye 58:13, p.3
12/19/1963 New cable and switches installed to be used when the college needs more power than it can generate.
59 Board of Regents April meeting
Public Relations News Release 1960:348, p.1
4/14/1961 The Board of Regents approves new contracts for natural gas, electricity, and boiler fuel. Plans for student accident and sickness medical insurance, as well as fire insurance are under way.
60 Six classrooms updated in campus improvement jobs
Alumnus 44:1, p.12
2/1/1959 Significant improvements in infrastructure include increased water pressure, electricity upgrades, paving, removal of coal train railroad tracks, and athletic facilities near new Campus School.
61 Campus sees improvements; duplexes finished in January
College Eye 50:15, p.1
1/9/1959 Second group of 12 College Court duplexes will be completed soon; improvements in electrical and water systems.
62 "Preserve power," president
College Eye 49:7, p.6
10/25/1957 Electrical plant is experiencing heavy loads; encourages students to conserve power.
63 The snow may blow, but not the heat plant
Hayden--Judith A. (Student--1956-1958)
College Eye 48:11, p.7
11/30/1956 Lengthy look at the facilities and responsibilities of the Power Plant; includes maintenance of Prexy's Pond; photo.
64 Cole tells cause of power failure
College Eye 41:31, p.3
6/16/1950 Electrical power out for about three hours due to shorts in the cables.
65 New lights mean 'class dismissed'
Chase--Jo Ann (Class of 1950)
College Eye 41:28, p.6
4/28/1950 Class cancelled due to installation of new lights.
66 No light matter
College Eye 40:27, p.2
4/22/1949 Mentions suggestions for handling used fluorescent light bulbs safely.
67 Meters installed in Sunset Village units
College Eye 40:12, p.6
12/10/1948 Electric bills had previously been paid by ISTC; tenants will now be billed for all use after a $2.50 allowance.
68 Panthers will play night football
Alumnus 32:3, p.12
7/1/1948 Will play two games at night this season; eight poles with twelve lamps on each pole will be installed at a cost of $12.000; basketball and baseball season wrap-ups.
69 Power Plant fails; college uses city power
College Eye 39:4, p.8
10/10/1947 Large turbine being repaired.
70 College cooperates in national brown-out
College Eye 36:20, p.1
2/9/1945 Will turn off lights in attempt to conserve energy.
71 College asks for new campus school
Alumnus 29:1, p.8
1/1/1945 Broad plan includes requests for new health services building, campus school, arts and industries building, auditorium, garages, coal pile containment, and heating plant facilities.
72 Where were you when lights went 'all-out' for raid?
College Eye 34:40, p.3
8/6/1943 Blackout causes minor problems.
73 College lighting inefficient for studying says Durfee
College Eye 32:32, p.1
5/16/1941 Dr. Durfee gives advice on healthful living.
74 President O. R. Latham
Alumnus 22:4, p.7
10/1/1938 President has Campanile wired for sound so that concert music, football announcements, or other material can be sent across campus.
75 He reads much student life through a tiny dial
College Eye 29:35, p.2
6/10/1938 A. M. Mann keeps track of campus electricity consumption.
76 College electrician likes electricity better than any vacation, he says; he once missed electrocution by one day when he quit another job
College Eye 28:24, p.1
3/19/1937 Profile of John Swope.
77 Lighting, paving among campus improvements
Alumnus 20:4, p.18
10/1/1936 Improvements include new stadium, laundry building, greenhouse; roof repairs; gateway south of Men's Gym; paving; new outdoor lighting system; and landscaping.
78 Lamp posts connected by mile of cable
College Eye 27:9, p.4
7/24/1936 Eighty-three new posts are being installed; some are new and others replacements; college also buys new electric fans.
79 Many light bulbs purchased yearly
College Eye 27:9, p.4
7/24/1936 Switch from 220 to 110 voltage makes changes; college uses about two thousand bulbs annually.
80 Progress; college grows during past seven years, offices, buildings, campus improved
College Eye 27:20, p.2
11/8/1935 Quick survey of campus construction over the last few years.
81 Echoes of the past haunt Gilchrist Hall attic
Alumnus 19:4, p.5
10/1/1935 Gilchrist Chapel being remodeled; new lights and seats will be installed; recalls college historical events associated with the Chapel.
82 Lab notes
College Eye 27:13, p.4
9/20/1935 Campus news.
83 Campanile bells go on strike; must now be played by hand
College Eye 26:14, p.1
9/28/1934 Changeover from direct to alternating current caused distortion in tones.
84 Students formerly were obliged to get drinking water from windmill; the first college boarding house was located on "Berg's Corner"
College Eye 24:16, p.2
1/20/1933 History of the early campus.
85 Once upon a time a kerosene lamp
Alumnus 17:1, p.14
1/1/1933 History of heat, light, and power at ISTC; succession of boilers culminates in new power plant; alternating current now replacing direct current; street railway waiting room is now ticket office; central campus smokestack is now a thing of the past.
86 Chimes programs resumed following repair of Campanile
College Eye 23:54, p.1
8/12/1932 Electrical connections completed.
87 Electrical ailment here not chronic says J. N. Swope
College Eye 23:16, p.6
10/9/1931 Blames problems on shift to new 220 current.
88 School desk bells disappear
Alumnus 15:2, p.8
4/1/1931 Electric bells are replacing hand bells and belfry bells.
89 Students save eyes by use of new lights
College Eye 21:14, p.1
1/10/1930 Brighter lights installed in classrooms and halls of Auditorium Building; brief history of electrical power on campus.
90 Forward March!
Alumnus 14:1, p.18
1/1/1930 Outline of recent changes on campus include department reorganization, improvements in clerical service, a new ticket office, better lighting, new band rooms, and a modern office for the student newspaper.
91 Legislature votes heating plant for I. S. T. C.
College Eye 20:29, p.1
4/18/1929 Will receive $288,000; plant will have four 400 horsepower boilers; will make switch from 220 volt direct current to 110 volt alternating current; should be ready for use by September 1931.
92 The radio concert
College Eye 17:32, p.1
2/10/1926 Students enjoyed listening to the radio program in the auditorium; college approaching decision that experiment has been a success; unit may be used on other buildings by use of batteries instead of electrical current.
93 Rising interest in radio tests; better reception Sunday
College Eye 17:31, p.1
2/3/1926 Students enjoyed listening to concert on radio brought in for test; college uses city alternating current rather than its own direct current.
94 Radio project now in progress; student demand for radio results in experiments; success of the venture depends upon student and faculty interest
College Eye 17:30, p.1
1/27/1926 Hope to install radio receiver in auditorium for recreation and instruction; auditorium structure and college direct current electrical power present obstacles.
95 A little variation
College Eye 16:4, p.8
9/24/1924 Electricity went out for an evening.
96 Professors study strange phenomena
College Eye 16:4, p.3
9/24/1924 Blackout hits campus.
97 Did you know that?
College Eye 14:21, p.5
11/8/1922 Facts about campus.
98 Mrs. Walter Edward Coburn
Alumni News Letter 6:1, p.5
1/1/1922 Mrs. Walter Edward Coburn resides in Denver, Colorado with her husband, who is head of the electrical engineering department of the Veterans' Bureau.
99 Friday afternoon
College Eye 8:28, p.7
5/9/1917 Professor Hersey's electricity class takes factory tours.
100 Physics class sees electricity at work; Prof. Perrine takes class on downtown expedition; Standard Gate Factory visited
College Eye 4:30, p.8
5/15/1915 Professor Perrine took twenty-eight students on field trip.


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