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501 About three hundred
Normal Eyte 18:2, p.29
9/18/1907 Took the society test.
502 The following was found on one of the entrance examination papers
Normal Eyte 13:1, p.9
503 Three days of last week
Normal Eyte 12:35, p.556
504 About one hundred students
Normal Eyte 12:24, p.380
3/22/1902 Took the spelling test.
505 Official; beginnings of the Iowa State Normal School; the state examinations
Wright--David Sands (Mathematics Faculty)
Normal Eyte 11:31, p.759
5/11/1901 Professor Wright discusses the ordeal of the state examination of ISNS students.
506 Editorial
Normal Eyte 10:20, p.481
2/16/1901 A look at final and surprise examinations; thinks recent literary society presentations are not quite so original as they might be; looks at breaches in discipline in skipping chapel, writing graffiti, and petty theft.
507 Is not the Inquisition
Normal Eyte 10:13, p.312
12/15/1900 Students dread the spelling tests.
508 Detached sibilant
Normal Eyte 10:2, p.35
9/22/1900 Spelling tests last week.
509 State examinations
Normal Eyte 9:34, p.808
6/9/1900 Certification examinations were given on campus.
510 Those who have not taught the required time for state certificates
Normal Eyte 9:29, p.690
5/5/1900 May take examinations and apply later.
511 Mid term examinations are over
Normal Eyte 9:7, p.156
10/28/1899 Students who have poor grades have been informed.
512 The bookstores
Normal Eyte 9:3, p.61
9/30/1899 Unable to meet demand for spellers after spelling test.
513 New students
Normal Eyte 9:1, p.12
9/16/1899 Took spelling test.
514 One hundred and fifty high school graduates
Normal Eyte 9:1, p.13
9/16/1899 Took English test for admission to literary societies.
515 The regular term spelling test
Normal Eyte 8:24, p.336
3/25/1899 Scheduled.
516 State examinations
Normal Eyte 8:21, p.292
2/18/1899 Dates and locations for certification examinations.
517 The spelling test
Normal Eyte 8:13, p.184
12/3/1898 Given to new students.
518 Those who nearly passed the spelling test
Normal Eyte 7:3, p.33
9/25/1897 Will have another chance.
519 The beginnings of the State Normal School
Wright--David Sands (Mathematics Faculty)
Normal Eyte 6:33, p.390
6/12/1897 Professor Wright offers his views of the early days of the school; includes several humorous anecdotes.
520 Military drill
Normal Eyte 6:13, p.153
12/12/1896 Suspended during spelling test.
521 The examination for state certificates
Normal Eyte 5:32, p.321
5/23/1896 Will be held on campus.
522 Hear ye Normalite
Normal Eyte 5:2, p.16
9/28/1895 Spelling test coming up.
523 The usual spelling test
Normal Eyte 4:15, p.236
1/12/1895 Test is done; now students worry about results.
524 The spelling test is over
Normal Eyte 4:4, p.59
10/6/1894 Students learn if they passed or will be placed in a special class.
525 That dreadful time
Normal Eyte 4:2, p.26
9/22/1894 Spelling exam approaches.
526 Reminiscence: the Class of 1888
Normal Eyte 3:36, p.317
6/23/1894 B. W. McKeen recalls oral examinations at end of second year, bending of Rule XI, and other matters.
527 Most of the students have recovered from the measles
Normal Eyte 3:25, p.200
3/17/1894 Now suffering from anxiety over examinations.
528 Aside from examinations
Normal Eyte 3:14, p.112
12/9/1893 Examinations, dismissals, and sickness have been the most common events.
529 Military examinations this week!
Normal Eyte 3:8, p.63
530 At the University of Wisconsin
Normal Eyte 2:13, p.101
12/6/1892 Advocates system which would exempt high-achieving students from examinations.
531 The long-dreaded spelling examination is over
Normal Eyte 2:9, p.72
11/8/1892 Candidates for graduation breathing easier; some would like to see the Reformed Spelling movement implemented.
532 Wednesday afternoon at the appointed hour
Normal Eyte 2:9, p.72
11/8/1892 Men take three-hour examination to determine student battalion officers.
533 With faces anxious and worn
Normal Eyte 2:9, p.69
11/8/1892 Poetic look at spelling tests.
534 The examination for state certificates
Normal Eyte 1:20, p.158
5/31/1892 Will be held on campus.
535 The Shakespearean program
Normal Eyte 1:7, p.54
2/23/1892 Description of entertainment.
536 The examination
Students' Offering 8:37, p.10
6/1/1884 All students pass.
537 Announcement
Students' Offering 8:36, p.9
5/1/1884 Examinations announced; thirteen scheduled for three year Didactic Course; thirty-three for two year Elementary Course.
538 Although "generals" is one of the solemnities
Students' Offering 8:35, p.9
3/1/1884 Humorous observations on audience behavior.
539 Speaking of the worthlessness
Students' Offering 7:28, p.5
2/1/1883 Professor makes humorous remark.
540 Examinations
Cherrie--Martin B.
Students' Offering 6:24, p.3
5/1/1882 Strengths and weaknesses of exams.
541 The examinations of the graduating class
Students' Offering 6:24, p.6
5/1/1882 Examination board forming.
542 Examination
Students' Offering 5:18, p.4
5/1/1881 Board will examine five four-year Scientific Course, two three-year Didactic Course, and twenty-eight two-year Elementary Course candidates.
543 The examining board
Students' Offering 4:13, p.10
6/1/1880 Students have been studying hard.
544 Examinations
Students' Offering 4:12, p.6
5/1/1880 Candidates for graduation will be examined.
545 The examining board
Students' Offering 2:8, p.11
6/1/1879 All students passed.
546 The winter term
Students' Offering 2:7, p.7
5/1/1879 Visitors witness public examinations at end of term.
547 Annual examinations
Students' Offering 1:3, p.4
6/1/1878 Graduating classes will be examined; four will test in the Didactic Course and nineteen will test in the Elementary Course.


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