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101 Official
Normal Eyte 18:16, p.249
1/22/1908 Harriet Fowler will substitute for Laura Falkler; two more literary societies will be organized; chapel talks about educational conventions were appreciated; encourages people to visit the greenhouse.
102 Miss Laura Falkler
Normal Eyte 18:14, p.216
1/8/1908 Had an appendectomy; will go home to Kansas City to recover until she feels well enough.
103 Miss Laura Falkler
Normal Eyte 18:13, p.208
12/18/1907 Is in the hospital with appendicitis.
104 Miss Falker
Normal Eyte 18:1, p.11
9/11/1907 Visited her sister in Kansas City.
105 The drama and the public schools
Falkler--Laura E. (English Faculty)
Normal Eyte 17:35, p.546
6/5/1907 Professor Falkler talks about drama in general and about Professor Martin's production of "Joan of Arc".
106 History-Civics and Elocution Departments
Old Gold 0:0, p.20
6/1/1907 Faculty photos.
107 Miss Falkler
Normal Eyte 17:11, p.174
11/21/1906 Was sick.
108 Members of the I. S. N. S. faculty, 1905-6
Pedagog 0:0, p.11
6/1/1906 Roster of faculty with academic credentials and years of service at ISNS.
109 Misses Suplee, Buck, and Falkler
Normal Eyte 16:19, p.303
2/7/1906 Visited former student in Waterloo.
110 Iowa State Normal School. Faculty 1905-06.
Normal Eyte 16:4, p.62
10/4/1905 Roster of faculty with their local addresses.
111 Miss Falkler
Normal Eyte 16:1, p.7
9/13/1905 Spent summer in Kansas City.
112 Books written by our faculty
Normal Eyte Annual 0:0, p.14
6/1/1905 Bibliography of work by Normal School faculty.
113 Members of the I. S. N. S. faculty, 1904-1905
Normal Eyte Annual 0:0, p.12
6/1/1905 Roster of faculty and administrative staff, with years of service and academic preparation; photo.
114 Saturday evening
Normal Eyte 15:33, p.527
5/24/1905 Professor Falkler gave party for Professor Pierce.
115 Eaman and Pierce resign; other official news; summer term faculty addition
Normal Eyte 15:25, p.387
3/29/1905 Roster of resignations, summer staff, leaves of absence, and new teachers for I. S. N. S.
116 Miss Falkler's reading class
Normal Eyte 15:20, p.319
2/15/1905 Presented a recital.
117 Recital; I. S. N. S. chapel, Thursday Feb. 9, 1905, at 3:15 p.m.
Normal Eyte 15:19, p.298
2/8/1905 Members of Professor Falkler's reading class will present a recital.
118 The Parlor Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 14:26, p.413
3/26/1904 Professor Falkler led discussion.
119 Miss Falkler's sister
Normal Eyte 14:24, p.382
3/5/1904 Is ill.
120 Students from Miss Falkler's last term classes
Normal Eyte 14:21, p.335
2/13/1904 Assisted in presentation of musical program; schedule of performers and their work.
121 Word has been received
Normal Eyte 14:15, p.237
12/19/1903 Laura Falkler's sister is improving.
122 Because of illness
Normal Eyte 14:14, p.222
12/12/1903 Laura Falkler has been absent because of her ill sister.
123 The recital given by students
Normal Eyte 13:20, p.318
2/14/1903 Professor Falkler's students performed their readings well.
124 Recital
Normal Eyte 13:19, p.290
2/3/1903 Professor Falkler's students presented readings.
125 About the faculty
Normal Eyte 13:1, p.3
9/6/1902 Professor Parish named to historical board; Professor Bender has a new book out; Professor Colegrove declines presidency of Upper Iowa; Professor Falkler wins prize.
126 Miss Falkler
Normal Eyte 12:14, p.218
1/4/1902 Visited home in Kansas City.
127 Miss Falkler
Normal Eyte 12:8, p.122
11/2/1901 Addressed women on "God's Temple, the Body".
128 Miss Call
Normal Eyte 10:14, p.337
1/3/1901 How the faculty spent the Christmas vacation.
129 Misses McGovern, Pierce, Thornton, and Falkler
Normal Eyte 10:6, p.130
10/20/1900 Browning Club went to Janesville.
130 The class play
Normal Eyte 9:34, p.809
6/9/1900 Progressing well under Professor Satterthwait; Professor Falkler in charge of other Commencement activities.
131 The faculty enjoyed the holidays
Normal Eyte 9:14, p.333
1/13/1900 Brief summary of faculty holiday activities.
132 Pupils from Miss Falkler's reading class
Normal Eyte 9:13, p.308
12/16/1899 Gave program that also featured physical education demonstrations by Professor Satterthwait's classes.
133 Members from Miss Falkler's reading class
Normal Eyte 9:12, p.279
12/9/1899 Professor Falkler's class presented a reading program.
134 Miss Falkler
Normal Eyte 8:25, p.348
4/1/1899 Missed class.
135 Wednesday's recital
Normal Eyte 8:15, p.205
12/17/1898 Review of performance by Miss Falkler's students
136 Miss Falkler
Normal Eyte 8:14, p.196
12/10/1898 Did not meet class.
137 Recital
Normal Eyte 8:14, p.193
12/10/1898 Miss Falkler's students will present readings.
138 The faculty and how they spent vacation
Normal Eyte 8:1, p.9
9/10/1898 Lengthy summary of faculty activities for the summer of 1898.
139 Faculty notes
Normal Eyte 7:36, p.17
6/18/1898 Outlines of faculty plans for the summer.
140 Faculty--Group 3
Normal Eyte 7:35, p.
6/11/1898 Faculty in 1898; photo.
141 The faculty; past and present
Normal Eyte 7:35, p.4
6/11/1898 Brief sketches of all faculty, 1876-1898; growth of the department faculties; photo.
142 Miss Falkler
Normal Eyte 7:21, p.12
2/12/1898 Has returned to school.
143 It is confidently expected
Normal Eyte 7:20, p.9
2/5/1898 Miss Falkler should be able to resume her work.
144 Miss Grace Matteson's month's service
Normal Eyte 7:20, p.9
2/5/1898 Has done a good job in replacing Miss Falkler.
145 Miss Grace Matteson
Normal Eyte 7:17, p.10
1/15/1898 Will substitute for Miss Falkler.
146 Miss Laura Falkler
Normal Eyte 7:17, p.10
1/15/1898 Will recuperate another month in Kansas City.
147 Athletic
Normal Eyte 7:15, p.185
12/18/1897 Basketball team still practicing despite Miss Falkler's illness.
148 Miss Falkler
Normal Eyte 7:15, p.180
12/18/1897 Went home for rest.
149 Tuesday afternoon
Normal Eyte 7:13, p.150
12/4/1897 Misses Falkler and Satterthwait talked to women about physical culture classes.
150 Miss Laura Falkler
Normal Eyte 7:12, p.137
11/27/1897 Will be able to start her classes again in the new term.


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