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151 Dr. Robinson and group of students attend meeting
College Eye 24:27, p.1
4/7/1933 Program for the international relations meeting at Grinnell.
152 Students here go "bughouse" on occasion
College Eye 23:54, p.3
8/12/1932 Students need boxes to keep insects for nature study class.
153 Commercial classes investigate methods of Waterloo firms
College Eye 23:53, p.4
8/5/1932 Classes visit four Waterloo businesses.
154 Geography fraternity members take trip; make practical study
College Eye 23:53, p.4
8/5/1932 Gamma Theta Upsilon maps Guttenberg.
155 A practice which has assumed the proportions of a tradition
Public Relations News Release 1931:437, p.1
7/27/1932 H. L. Eells' class visits a consolidated school in Jesup.
156 Hygiene class visits self-styled notables at insane asylum
College Eye 23:19, p.6
10/30/1931 Students visit home for mentally handicapped.
157 Classes inspect nearby schools
College Eye 22:29, p.3
5/1/1931 Visit Hudson and Dunkerton.
158 Press Club members visit Tribune plant
College Eye 22:16, p.1
1/23/1931 Group makes field trip to newspaper and radio station.
159 Chemistry classes visit Waterloo laboratories
College Eye 22:12, p.1
12/1/1930 Visit Deere and Rath labs.
160 Fifty girls inspect city woolen mills
College Eye 22:7, p.2
10/24/1930 Ellen Richards Club takes field trip.
161 Benson Creamery is visited by students in rural education
College Eye 21:39, p.1
7/18/1930 Students enjoy lunch and buttermilk.
162 Last Wednesday
College Eye 21:39, p.2
7/18/1930 Classes of Professors Cram, Eells, and McNally visit Eddy School.
163 Class visits power plant
College Eye 21:21, p.4
2/28/1930 Professor Robinson's municipal government class visits Cedar Falls city plant.
164 Hygiene classes study insanity cases at hospital
College Eye 21:18, p.1
2/7/1930 Sixty students visit hospital at Independence.
165 Training School youngsters enjoy outing at farm
College Eye 21:5, p.3
10/10/1929 Visited Marius Bergstrom farm.
166 Biology Club
College Eye 20:42, p.6
7/18/1929 Will take field trip up river.
167 Laboratory trips to rural schools.
College Eye 19:47, p.8
8/16/1928 One-room school study.
168 Biology students visit Dead Man's Island
College Eye 19:46, p.2
8/10/1928 Study plants there.
169 A group of seventy students
College Eye 19:45, p.5
8/1/1928 Classes of Professors Eells and Nolte visit rural consolidated high school.
170 Class inspects Waterloo playgrounds
College Eye 19:44, p.1
7/25/1928 Professor White will lead group.
171 Agriculture students inspect equipment at Iowa State College
College Eye 19:43, p.1
7/19/1928 Professor Rath leads trip there.
172 Next excursion will be to Amanas
College Eye 19:43, p.5
173 Rural education students visit Benson Creamery
College Eye 19:43, p.1
7/19/1928 Professor Eells' class takes trip.
174 Botany students go to "Devil's Backbone"
College Eye 19:42, p.6
7/12/1928 Professors Lantz and Clark led the trip.
175 Dairy cattle class take field trip
College Eye 19:42, p.1
7/12/1928 Visited farm.
176 Plan trip to Benson Creamery
College Eye 19:42, p.5
7/12/1928 Students in Consolidated Schools and Country Life will take field trip.
177 Plan trip to Rath plant Saturday
College Eye 19:42, p.1
7/12/1928 Students wishing to go on trips during the summer must secure tickets soon.
178 Vacation excursions planned for summer students; first trip to McGregor
College Eye 19:41, p.1
6/28/1928 May book reservations with Professor Swalwell.
179 Iowa Club visits Benson Cooperative Creamery.
College Eye 19:35, p.5
5/16/1928 One hundred fifty students were shown the processes of a creamery.
180 Mr. Lantz's "Heredity and Evolution"
College Eye 18:33, p.5
3/9/1927 Went to Independence, as did Belva Swalwell's "Hygiene and Sanitation" class.
181 The plans for a trip
College Eye 17:44, p.5
5/12/1926 Social Science class will visit Independence hospital at a later date.
182 Ag classes visit Cattle Congress
College Eye 17:16, p.6
183 Co-eds take very unique bus trip
College Eye 17:10, p.1
8/5/1925 Visited northeast Iowa and Wisconsin.
184 "AG" students testing corn for planting
College Eye 16:27, p.8
3/25/1925 Have been making field trips to farms.
185 Training School News
College Eye 14:16, p.7
10/4/1922 News notes from the Training School.
186 Training School News
College Eye 13:10, p.11
11/2/1921 News from the Training School.
187 Training School make big showing with activities; the students take part in many organizations
College Eye 13:9, p.3
188 Chemistry Department
College Eye 12:22, p.6
2/16/1921 Went to illuminating gas factory in Waterloo.
189 Rurals go to Hudson
College Eye 12:20, p.6
2/2/1921 Consolidated School Administration Club and professors went to a Farmers' Short Course.
190 Home Economics Club
College Eye 12:19, p.6
1/26/1921 Enjoyed dinner at Professor Read's home.
191 Natural Science
College Eye 11:24, p.2
3/17/1920 News notes from the Department of Natural Science.
192 Home Economics
College Eye 11:20, p.5
2/18/1920 News notes from the Department of Home Economics.
193 Home Economics
College Eye 11:6, p.3
10/22/1919 Class visited new homes in Cedar Heights.
194 Classes
College Eye 9:30, p.2
5/16/1918 The Chemistry Department will go on a class trip Waterloo to visit the gas and electric plants.
195 Mr. Getchell
College Eye 9:30, p.8
5/16/1918 Took his class on a trip to Waterloo.
196 Classes
College Eye 8:31, p.6
5/30/1917 Professor Getchell's chemistry class visits Waterloo utility stations.
197 Geology class takes trip
College Eye 8:30, p.8
5/23/1917 Went to Decorah and McGregor.
198 Friday afternoon
College Eye 8:28, p.7
5/9/1917 Professor Hersey's electricity class takes factory tours.
199 Mr. Getchell's classes visit Waterloo gas plant
College Eye 7:19, p.7
2/23/1916 Learned practical side of chemistry.
200 Mr. Cable
College Eye 7:8, p.7
11/10/1915 Took one of his classes on a field trip.


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