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301 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 17:4, p.64
10/3/1906 Met at Professor Gist's home to discuss revised spelling.
302 Dr. Gist
Normal Eyte 12:35, p.562
6/6/1906 Spoke in Roland; Professor Colegrove spoke in Forest City.
303 Members of the I. S. N. S. faculty, 1905-6
Pedagog 0:0, p.11
6/1/1906 Roster of faculty with academic credentials and years of service at ISNS.
304 Dr. Gist
Normal Eyte 16:32, p.511
5/16/1906 Officiated at funeral.
305 The dual debate; Iowa and Missouri teams break even
Normal Eyte 16:30, p.466
5/2/1906 Missouri won at their home; ISNS won in Cedar Falls.
306 Dr. Gist's family
Normal Eyte 16:28, p.446
4/18/1906 Now out of quarantine.
307 Mrs. Gist visited chapel and several classes
Normal Eyte 16:21, p.333
308 Society
Normal Eyte 16:20, p.310
2/14/1906 The Shakes say that one of the wonders of the world is boys; Clios hire Sherlock Holmes to find a stolen mascot; Zenos held a normal meeting; and the Neos had a debate.
309 Dr. Gist went to Marion
Normal Eyte 16:19, p.303
2/7/1906 Officiated at former parishioners' funerals.
310 Dr. Gist
Normal Eyte 16:12, p.189
11/29/1905 Went to St. Ansgar.
311 Thursday Mrs. Charles Gist returned
Normal Eyte 16:12, p.190
11/29/1905 Visited Professor Gist.
312 Mrs. Gist
Normal Eyte 16:11, p.173
11/22/1905 Visited West Union.
313 Nathan Gist
Normal Eyte 16:11, p.173
11/22/1905 Visited home.
314 Dr. Gist
Normal Eyte 16:10, p.159
11/15/1905 Brother died.
315 In last week's issue appeared the program of the Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 16:10, p.159
11/15/1905 Program was not held due to the death of Professor Gist's brother.
316 Resolutions of gratitude
Cherney--John L. (Class of 1906)
Normal Eyte 16:9, p.130
11/8/1905 To Professor Gist for his work as advisor to the men's literary societies.
317 The Cottage Reading Circle met Monday
Normal Eyte 16:9, p.141
11/8/1905 Topic for discussion was "Wise and Otherwise".
318 Cecil Gist
Normal Eyte 16:6, p.93
10/18/1905 Receives gash near eye as a result of being struck by a driver on the golf course.
319 Ames debaters chosen
Ruggles--Clyde O. (Class of 1906)
Normal Eyte 16:5, p.65
10/11/1905 John Cherny, Charles Mantle, and Deforest Ferris selected; Clarence Steelsmith is alternate
320 Dr. Gist
Normal Eyte 16:3, p.44
9/27/1905 Filled the pulpit at the Congregational Church in Osage.
321 Philos
Normal Eyte 16:3, p.40
9/27/1905 Enjoyed variety program.
322 Dr. Gist
Normal Eyte 16:1, p.7
9/13/1905 Joined Mrs. Gist and daughter in Ohio.
323 Books written by our faculty
Normal Eyte Annual 0:0, p.14
6/1/1905 Bibliography of work by Normal School faculty.
324 Sympathy is being extended
Normal Eyte 15:27, p.431
4/12/1905 Professor Gist's brother died.
325 Dr. Gist
Normal Eyte 15:26, p.413
4/5/1905 Went to La Porte on Saturday.
326 After the debate
Normal Eyte 15:10, p.159
11/9/1904 Reception held to honor Ames debaters.
327 Philo
Normal Eyte 15:8, p.125
10/29/1904 Enjoy special musical program.
328 Dr. Gist
Normal Eyte 14:34, p.546
5/28/1904 Will deliver address in Traer.
329 Cost has been counted; average expenses at Normal less than at Drake, Grinnell, Ames or Cornell
Normal Eyte 14:26, p.405
3/26/1904 Professors Walters, Gist, and Arey report detailed cost of living expenses in several college towns; average expense per term for an ISNS student is $58.21.
330 Mrs. W. W. Gist
Normal Eyte 14:25, p.398
3/19/1904 Visited Cedar Rapids and Marion.
331 A neat surprise was perpetrated
Normal Eyte 14:24, p.383
3/5/1904 Bible class gives Professor Gist a surprise birthday party.
332 Dr. Gist
Normal Eyte 14:24, p.382
3/5/1904 Preached at Baptist church.
333 Dr. Gist
Normal Eyte 14:23, p.366
2/27/1904 Addressed farmers' meetings.
334 Dr. and Mrs. Gist
Normal Eyte 14:21, p.334
2/13/1904 Entertained friends.
335 Dr. Gist
Normal Eyte 14:18, p.284
1/23/1904 Dr. Gist preached at Riceville and McIntyre.
336 The Faculty Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 14:17, p.269
1/16/1904 The Circle met Monday.
337 State Teachers' Association
Normal Eyte 14:15, p.236
12/19/1903 President Seerley and Professors Gist, Walters, and Fullerton will speak during meeting.
338 Dr. Gist
Normal Eyte 14:14, p.222
12/12/1903 Professor Gist explains what books need to be read.
339 Dr. W. W. Gist
Normal Eyte 14:14, p.221
12/12/1903 Professor Gist has preached at Traer for the last two Sundays.
340 Miss Vivian Gallup
Normal Eyte 14:14, p.221
12/12/1903 Spent the week at the Gist home.
341 Charles Gist
Normal Eyte 14:13, p.208
12/5/1903 Charles Gist visited his parents this week.
342 Dr. Gist
Normal Eyte 14:13, p.207
12/5/1903 Professor Gist entertained members of the English Department.
343 Dr. and Mrs. Gist
Normal Eyte 14:11, p.174
11/14/1903 The Gists entertained.
344 Mrs. W. W. Gist
Normal Eyte 14:10, p.157
11/7/1903 Mrs. W. W. Gist was visited by her sister.
345 Among those who attended
Normal Eyte 14:8, p.126
10/24/1903 Professors attended the State Teachers Association meeting.
346 Miss Carrie B. Parker
Normal Eyte 14:6, p.94
10/10/1903 Carrie Parker left for Massachusetts.
347 Official notes
Normal Eyte 14:6, p.90
10/10/1903 President Seerley attended his parents' anniversary; several faculty will give addresses; Coach Pell is improving football team.
348 Dr. Gist
Normal Eyte 14:2, p.30
9/12/1903 Professor Gist visited his alma mater and other places in the East..
349 Philo
Normal Eyte 14:2, p.26
9/12/1903 Thirty Philos attend first meeting.
350 Miss Gallup
Normal Eyte 13:34, p.538
5/30/1903 Visiting the Gists.


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