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301 T. C. faculty will have new members
College Eye 21:1, p.1
9/9/1929 Brief profiles of new faculty; notes on those who will be pursuing graduate study.
302 The garbage can
College Eye 20:42, p.3
7/18/1929 Advises a writer about getting a Ph. D.; encourages golf etiquette to be taught in physical education.
303 Leaves of absence granted by president
College Eye 20:41, p.1
7/11/1929 Roster of those who will leave their positions temporarily for research purposes at other colleges.
304 Professor Getchell to do research work
College Eye 20:38, p.1
6/20/1929 At University of Wisconsin.
305 Granted leave of absence
College Eye 20:1, p.1
9/12/1928 Several faculty members will pursue advanced study.
306 Iowans stage "Get Together" at Chicago U.
College Eye 19:43, p.1
7/19/1928 Many ISTC alumni are studying at the University of Chicago this summer; roster of those who attended dinner.
307 T. C. graduates obtain fellowships; from Columbia University
College Eye 19:33, p.1
5/2/1928 Lester Minkel and Melvin Anderson win Lydia Roberts Fellowships.
308 Mr. Riebe has been granted fellowship; he is to study at the U. of Wisconsin
College Eye 19:31, p.1
4/18/1928 Will study in Madison for nine months.
309 Miss Pearl Hogrefe
College Eye 18:45, p.7
6/15/1927 Left for Chicago where she will receive her Ph. D.
310 Prof. Kurtz gets master music degree
College Eye 18:45, p.1
6/15/1927 From Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.
311 Professor Nelson
College Eye 18:39, p.5
4/20/1927 Given leave of absence to do work at the University of Wisconsin.
312 W. B. Fagan in John Hopkins
College Eye 18:14, p.3
10/13/1926 Professor Fagan is studying at John Hopkins for a year to work on his Ph. D.
313 Professor W. B. Fagan
College Eye 17:40, p.5
4/14/1926 Expects to receive Ph. D. in English during leave of absence.
314 Frank Hovorka to get Ph. D. in spring
College Eye 16:26, p.8
3/18/1925 Alumnus Frank Havorka to receive doctorate from the University of Illinois.
315 Leaves of absence
College Eye 16:2, p.8
9/10/1924 Roster of faculty who will be pursuing graduate study.
316 Prof. John Barnes resigns
College Eye 16:2, p.3
9/10/1924 Will continue graduate study at University of Wisconsin.
317 Clifford Paul Archer
Alumni News Letter 6:3, p.6
7/1/1922 Clifford P. Archer is accepted as a graduate student of the State University of Iowa.
318 Dr. Samuel J. Torney
Alumni News Letter 6:3, p.7
7/1/1922 Doctor Samuel J. Torney visits family and friends in Cedar Falls while engaging in graduate hospital study at Chicago, Illinois.
319 Iowa students to get Columbia fund; Des Moines woman wills large sum to University to establish Iowa scholarships
College Eye 13:26, p.1
3/15/1922 Terms of Lydia C. Chamberlain's will should allow thirty Iowa students to pursue advanced study.
320 According to present plans
College Eye 10:27, p.1
5/21/1919 Professor Getchell will likely study at the University of Wisconsin.
321 The Graduate School of the University of Michigan
College Eye 8:11, p.6
11/29/1916 Agreement made between the University of Michigan and Iowa State Teachers College to admit T. C. students if they meet certain requirements.
322 Grace E. Lambert
College Eye 8:5, p.7
10/18/1916 Studied at the University of Chicago.
323 Absent on leave for 1916-17 to study
College Eye 8:2, p.3
9/27/1916 Roster of faculty members who are on leave.
324 The Graduate School
College Eye 7:30, p.4
5/17/1916 Encourages students to attend more schooling after they graduate with their undergraduate degree.
325 Mr. W. C. Schluter
College Eye 7:28, p.8
5/3/1916 Is planning on pursuing a doctorate.
326 The standards of work in force
Quarterly News Letter to the Alumni 0:0, p.1
9/1/1915 ISTC has new standards which will allow its graduates to enter graduate schools. Enrollment summary for 1914-15 given.
327 Every year several members
College Eye 4:1, p.8
6/13/1914 Faculty members granted leave of absence for postgraduate work; Miss Schuneman, Mr. Peterson, Mr. Getchell and Mr. Welles.
328 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
College Eye 1:10, p.163
5/24/1911 Article commends the Department of Oratory on its success in the debates; describes the importance of the new library; an update on Professor Page's health; Karl Knoepfler and Helen Packard win graduate scholarships at University of Iowa.
329 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 21:21, p.359
2/22/1911 The faculty is now authorized to appoint one ISTC student to take graduate study at the State University of Iowa; faculty hold many receptions; summer session bulletin prepared.
330 J. Ernest Carmen
Normal Eyte 19:13, p.205
12/16/1908 Received Ph. D. from University of Chicago; now teaching in Cincinnati.
331 Some of our alumni
Normal Eyte 18:19, p.296
2/12/1908 Clara McCullough received Ph. D. from University of Iowa; now studying law there.
332 Erwin Schenk
Normal Eyte 10:10, p.240
11/17/1900 Studying medicine in Germany.
333 John Kleinsorge
Normal Eyte 9:3, p.58
9/30/1899 Will shortly receive Ph. D. at Jena in Germany.
334 Miss Sara F. Rice
Normal Eyte 8:35, p.496
6/17/1899 Received Master of Arts degree from Coe College.
335 J. E. Clayton
Normal Eyte 8:12, p.167
11/26/1898 Doing post-graduate work at University of Iowa.
336 The alumni
Wallbank--Nellie B. (Class of 1890; English Faculty)
Normal Eyte 7:35, p.8
6/11/1898 Survey of alumni achievements; W. R. Patterson was first alumnus to earn Ph. D.; photo.
337 R. C. Adams
Normal Eyte 7:25, p.11
3/26/1898 Will receive M. Ph. from University of Michigan.
338 W. R. Patterson
Normal Eyte 7:25, p.11
3/26/1898 Will obtain Ph. D. from University of Pennsylvania.
339 Mr. R. C. Adams
Normal Eyte 6:23, p.271
3/27/1897 Will work on master's degree at University of Michigan.
340 We learn that Jno. Kleinsorge
Normal Eyte 6:19, p.220
2/13/1897 Will study in Germany for four years; hopes to earn Ph. D.
341 Jesse McLaughlin
Normal Eyte 6:9, p.102
11/7/1896 Studying at Boston University; hopes to pursue Ph. D.


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