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51 OSU President is SCI graduate
Hake--Herbert Victor (Broadcast Services Director)
College Eye 63:13, p.3
10/28/1966 Comments on a speech made by Dr. Robert B. Kamm, an SCI alumni.
52 Videotape units improve education
College Eye 60:66, p.1
8/19/1966 Students can view tapes to improve their performance.
53 Should students be allowed to rate their professors?
College Eye 60:65, p.2
8/12/1966 Professor Howard expresses his opinion.
54 Mr. Ross Barnett states 'misuse of power-tragedy'
College Eye 60:44, p.1
3/25/1966 Excerpts from speech; photo.
55 Maucker portrait
Alumnus 51:1, p.7
2/1/1966 Committee selects UI artist James Lechay.
56 SUI art professor to paint portrait of Maucker
College Eye 60:29, p.3
1/14/1966 James Lechay will paint portrait to commemorate 15 years of service by President Maucker.
57 Faculty Senate considers use of closed-circuit TV
College Eye 59:26, p.3
3/12/1965 Department heads may need to encourage their faculty to use television as a means of teaching very large classes.
58 Faculty Senate will consider Greek report
College Eye 59:18, p.3
2/12/1965 Report defines Greek relationship to campus and suggests changes to improve academic life; also Mr. Hake states that the closed circuit television system should be used more to justify its expense.
59 SCI faculty to participate in 110th ISEA Convention
College Eye 59:5, p.3
10/9/1964 Roster of fourteen faculty who will be participating.
60 Perspective: speak the speech, I pray you--just 'hello' will do!
Hake--Herbert Victor (Broadcast Services Director)
College Eye 58:24, p.2
4/10/1964 Comments that students never say hello to someone they don't know.
61 KYTC Radio on air four hours nightly
College Eye 58:4, p.4
10/11/1963 Cut back from eight hours of service because of staff shortage and equipment problems.
62 SCI art department series of KWWL-TV
College Eye 57:18, p.5
2/15/1963 Will present "Artist's Studio".
63 Old Gold names emcees, judges for beauty pageant
College Eye 57:15, p.1
1/18/1963 A look at the contest.
64 SLB selects design for new SCI flag
College Eye 57:12, p.3
12/7/1962 Herb Hake provides design; photo.
65 Staff assists student paper thru summer
College Eye 52:41, p.1
8/4/1961 Thanks to those who assisted.
66 New TV cameras bring expansion to SCI television
Frisbie--Jack Dwayne (Class of 1961 and 1969)
College Eye 52:38, p.3
7/14/1961 Herbert Hake states that the new cameras will present a better picture.
67 Dickinson, Hake to display art
College Eye 52:32, p.3
5/26/1961 Will exhibit work at Cedar Falls Recreation Center.
68 ISTC faculty holds art show
Public Relations News Release 1960:415, p.1
5/18/1961 Art D. Dickinson and Herbert V. Hake present a two-man art exhibition at the Cedar Falls Recreation Center.
69 KTCF broadcasts wide variety
Reinecke--Carol (Class of 1964)
College Eye 52:20, p.3
2/24/1961 KTCF is on the air from 5-8 PM Sunday through Friday; description of programming; located in Auditorium Building.
70 Women's Chorus to appear on TV
College Eye 52:12, p.1
12/9/1960 Will present half hour program on KWWL.
71 Local student to appear on college TV Christmas show
Public Relations News Release 1960:143, p.1
12/5/1960 Herbert Hake serves as announcer for the annual Christmas program broadcast by KWWL. The program will consist of performances by the Women's Chorus, directed by Jane Mauck of the music department. Performers listed.
72 Reyerson receives Oil Can at annual football banquet
College Eye 52:11, p.5
12/2/1960 President J. W. Maucker and the athletic board hosted a banquet for the ISTC football team.
73 TV aids class boom, but do students gain?
College Eye 52:6, p.1
10/21/1960 Mr. Hake talks about the advantages and disadvantages on televised instruction; describes the school's efforts to use television; photo.
74 Hake commended for TV films
College Eye 52:2, p.2
9/23/1960 Mr. Hake's work praised by newspapers.
75 New ISTC radio station KTCF goes on the air this fall
College Eye 52:1, p.1
9/16/1960 Herb Hake talks about the programming for KTCF-FM; photo.
76 ISTC to begin FM radio broadcasting
Public Relations News Release 1960:23, p.1
9/13/1960 Herbert Hake, director of television and radio, receives program test authority from the Federal Communications Commission. Programming will consist of classical music, courses such as Willard Reninger's "Introduction to Literature", and sporting events.
77 Emphasis changed in ISTC radio programs
Alumnus 45:3, p.15
9/1/1960 Programming will emphasize both the school room and general interest; television programming will be available over 3 stations.
78 ISTC announces changes in radio-TV programming
Public Relations News Release 1960:13, p.1
8/29/1960 Herbert Hake announces a new emphasis on mixed student and public interest in radio and television programming. KWWL and WOI-TV broadcast science and history programs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
79 FM radio station completed at ISTC
Public Relations News Release 1960:12, p.1
8/26/1960 Engineering and program testing begin for the KTCF radio station with hopes that the Federal Communications Commission will grant permission to begin broadcasting by September 12.
80 Hake's program lauded in England
Public Relations News Release 1960:6, p.1
8/17/1960 Leeds University's Sir Charles Morris cites Herbert Hake's educational program, "History with Herb Hake", as an example for university non-commercial television in England. Hake's program is sponsored by the National Education TV and Radio Center.
81 Boards Govern Communications
Old Gold 0:0, p.158
6/1/1960 The Board of Control of Student Publications is the governing department of all student publications. The board selects the executive staffs of the Old Gold and College Eye and see that they function properly. KYTC is governed by the Board of Control of Student Broadcasting. They select the staff and determine policies the station will fallow.
82 Field Services Have Five Divisions
Old Gold 0:0, p.84
6/1/1960 The Field Services administers off-campus matters. The office both requrits students to ISTC but also helps blooming teachers find jobs after college. There are five specific divisions that make up the Field Services; Alumni Affairs, Placement, School Relations, Extension Services, and Radio and TV. A large staff work together to help ISTC students; Photos.
83 Variety Keynotes KYTC
Old Gold 0:0, p.165
6/1/1960 Under the supervision of Herbert Hake, the KYTC radio station on campus is ran entirely by the student workers. The station played music, sporting events, and helps the student body stay informed of the happenings around campus. This year they presented a Humanities marathon for the benefit of those enrolled in the course.
84 ISTC to have radio voice in Cedar Falls-Waterloo area
College Eye 51:25, p.3
4/1/1960 Ten-watt transmitter purchased; new station will broadcast educational and college programs locally; to be staffed by college personnel, not students.
85 Hake chagrined; Indian popular
College Eye 51:11, p.2
12/4/1959 Herb Hake's cartoon drawing of Chief Blackhawk is popular; has distributed 1530 copies; photo.
86 TV history series produced by Herb Hake
Alumnus 44:4, p.11
12/1/1959 Twenty-six program series entitled "History with Herb Hake".
87 Illuminating Engineering Society meet
College Eye 51:4, p.3
88 Boards Govern Communications
Old Gold 0:0, p.144
6/1/1959 The Board of Control of Student Publications select the executive staff for the OLD GOLD and the COLLEGE EYE, and make sure that the staffs function properly; they are the governing department of all the student publications; photo.
89 Field Services Offer Many Services to Students
Old Gold 0:0, p.90
6/1/1959 Field Services is divided into five parts: Radio and Television, The Office of Alumni Affairs, The Office of Public School Relations, The Placement Bureau, and a consulting service; photo.
90 'Outer Space Inn' goes into orbit; student show benefits 9 funds
College Eye 50:21, p.1
2/27/1959 Will feature variety show and dancing.
91 Bach Aria Group will perform Wednesday
Tahara--Clyde T. (Student--1959)
College Eye 50:20, p.1
2/20/1959 Profile of the group.
92 Hake resigns; Jones succeeds as LC chairman
College Eye 50:9, p.1
11/7/1958 Professor Jones will replace Mr. Hake at the end of the school year.
93 Boards Govern Communications
Old Gold 0:0, p.144
6/1/1958 Description of the Boards of Control of Student Publication and Student Broadcasting; photos.
94 Field Services
Old Gold 0:0, p.90
6/1/1958 Brief description of the divisions that make up the Field Services office and photos of the heads of the departments; photos.
95 Verles Hauge and Herbert Hake; Bill Ketch and Tyrrell; Ed Clopton, Betsy Riley, and Craig Rule
Old Gold 0:0, p.153
6/1/1958 Three photos of students working on KYTC projects; photos.
96 L-C and summer series announced
College Eye 49:33, p.1
5/23/1958 List of performers for summer 1958 and the 1958-1959 school year.
97 Class TV to begin Jan. 29; science by closed circuit tri-weekly
College Eye 49:16, p.1
1/17/1958 Professors Worley and Matala will present science education class; description of the course procedures; photo.
98 Teaching with TV experimental courses start with 2nd semester
Alumnus 41:4, p.5
12/1/1957 Physical Science course will be taught via closed-circuit to 150 students in two classrooms; hardware arrangements underway.
99 Closed circuit TV for TC; teaching by TC to begin in January
College Eye 49:8, p.1
11/1/1957 Professors Worley and Matala will teach science education class; Mr. Hake speaks at length about the facilities and the idea of closed circuit TV; photo.
100 Concert series set; opens with Satchmo
College Eye 49:1, p.5
9/13/1957 Louis Armstrong will perform; season schedule.


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