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1 Big differences between hazing and bullying in the locker rooms
Lloyd--Benjamin Daniel (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 110:23, p.6
11/15/2013 Says hazing and bullying are very different. Hazing is seen as a rite of passage. Bullying is unforgivable and wrong. Says the media needs to stop confusing the two concepts.
2 UNI to host webinar on hazing
Public Relations News Release 2012:104, p.1
10/15/2012 UNI Center for Violence Prevention and the School of Health, Physical Education, and Leisure Services host a webinar "Hazing: Leading and Responding with Solutions". Participants will learn valuable tools and strategies to confront and prevent hazing.
3 UNI professor researches hazing in sports
Public Relations News Release 2011:147, p.1
1/26/2012 Professor Jennifer Waldron includes Iowa in her research of hazing on both male and female athletes.
4 UNI Panhellenic Council says hazing not a problem
Steffen--Amie R. (Class of 2006)
Northern Iowan 101:50, p.1
4/12/2005 Discusses policies at UNI to prevent hazing by fraternities and sororities.
5 The secret world of hazing
Public Relations News Release 2002:546, p.1
5/26/2003 Discussion on hazing and its common occurrences.
6 UNI administrator says hazing happens when group dynamics go awry
Public Relations News Release 2002:527, p.1
5/9/2003 Guy Sims describes environments conducive to hazing rituals.
7 Freshmen always a prime target for upperclassmen's pranks
Northern Iowan 97:1, p.13
8/25/2000 Freshmen traditions have ranged from the wearing of purple beanies with green bills to putting ice cream buckets on students' heads.
8 Fraternity member clarifies press release
Wilson--Dean C.
Northern Iowan 88:7, p.2
9/24/1991 Notes that hazing is already against Iowa law and that his fraternity outlawed hazing a century ago.
9 TKEs abolish pledging, hazing nationally
Northern Iowan 88:6, p.1
9/20/1991 Attempt to limit abuses.
10 TKE national fraternity scraps pledge program
Osborne--Ann Marie (Class of 1991)
Northern Iowan 86:4, p.4
9/15/1989 Local chapter adopts new program immediately.
11 UNI Greeks avoid hazing
Northern Iowan 85:31, p.1
1/24/1989 Hazing prohibited at UNI; no incidents reported in recent years.
12 Activities aren't 'stupid'
Hill--Linda (Student--1986)
Northern Iowan 82:43, p.2
3/14/1986 Responds to an article in the March 7th issue of the Northern Iowan concerning the Tomahawk initiation traditions.
13 Tomahawk initiation may constitute hazing
Northern Iowan 82:41, p.8
3/7/1986 Senator describes odd initiation activities; Carl Blake will oppose increase in room and board rates; petition circulating in support of industrial technology faculty who have been given terminal contracts.
Northern Iowan 81:29, p.6
1/25/1985 Consider potential changes in financial aid; consider statement against hazing.
15 Tell the whole story of pledging
Northern Iowan 68:52, p.2
5/5/1972 Does not deny charges, but asks for consideration of whole picture.
16 WHAT?
Schilling--Michael (Public Information Services St
Northern Iowan 68:51, p.2
5/2/1972 Details hazing activity.
17 Untitled
College Eye 63:39, p.2
3/10/1967 Shows two men, one of whom has a rather intimidating paddle to be used for pledge hazing.
18 Untitled
College Eye 63:16, p.2
11/8/1966 Comments on the activities students perform to join fraternities.
19 Once beautiful Prexy's is now old mud hole
College Eye 58:25, p.5
4/17/1964 Melvin Manion gives history of the pond; has little value or utility now.
20 Pledge soaking, use of war paint becoming obsolete in Greek Hazing
College Eye 58:25, p.7
4/17/1964 Administrators and students talk about hazing; photo.
21 Things We See Around ISTC
College Eye 52:31, p.8
5/19/1961 An exhausted pledge regrets his decision to enter fraternity life.
22 It's Hell . . . Week!
College Eye 52:30, p.5
5/12/1961 A collection of photos showing new pledges to fraternities and sororities.
23 Things We See Around ISTC
College Eye 52:28, p.6
4/28/1961 A student suffers post-pledge trauma.
24 Goat is Sig Tau pledge guest
College Eye 52:27, p.3
4/21/1961 Pledges must take care of goat during pledge period; photo.
25 Things We See Around ISTC
College Eye 52:26, p.6
4/14/1961 A fraternity pledge wallows in degrading conditions.
26 Pledges polish shoes for active life
College Eye 51:27, p.6
4/22/1960 Quick look at activities of pledges; list of fraternity pledges.
27 The Camera's Eye reveals . . . eleventh-hour memories
College Eye 49:33, p.6
5/23/1958 Photo essay of the year's activities.
28 Untitled
Leet--Richard (Classes of 1958 and 1965)
College Eye 49:27, p.2
4/11/1958 Greek pledge asks for more hazing.
29 Frosh begin day backwards, hold tug with upperclassmen
College Eye 46:5, p.1
10/8/1954 Men's Union sponsors traditional events for freshman men.
30 Prexy's Pond, TC tradition
Auld--Lawrence W. S. (Student--1954)
College Eye 45:35, p.2
7/2/1954 A good look at the history and uses of Prexy's Pond; photo.
31 Pond dunking is abolished
College Eye 45:2, p.1
9/18/1953 Seeking more constructive initiation practices.
32 Hill's history gives character clue; Campus Cupboard is 'real george'
Cohn--Norman U. (Classes of 1954 and 1957)
Northern Iowa Today 44:28, p.5
4/24/1953 Ellis George talks about College Hill and the businesses with which he has been involved there.
33 Moskowitz calls for new SLB constitution, optional attendance system, book exchange
College Eye 44:1, p.2
9/12/1952 Also cites need for student book exchange and restrictions on fraternity hazing.
34 Untitled
College Eye 43:30, p.1
5/16/1952 Shows a fraternity pledge going through initiation; photo.
35 Tradition makes for loyalty, but . . . dunking is mere senseless escapade
College Eye 43:6, p.2
10/26/1951 Tradition is good but not when taken overboard.
36 Dunking of freshmen boys in pond is mere silly, sentimental tradition
DeKock--Paul Eugene (Class of 1952)
College Eye 43:4, p.2
10/12/1951 Tradition lets freshmen get thrown in the pond but others think it is childish.
37 Campus challenge presented: Hell Week or Greek Week?
College Eye 42:19, p.2
2/16/1951 Fraternity man argues against Hell Week.
38 'No-Hell' week
College Eye 42:18, p.2
2/9/1951 Reprinted article form the St. Louis Star-Times about Washington University's decision to eradicate "Hell Week."
39 Fall Thrashin's
College Eye 42:9, p.1
11/10/1950 Students pose to be beaten with paddles during 'Hell Week' of fraternity rush.
40 Letters to the editor
Handorf--Doris L. (Class of 1950)
College Eye 41:2, p.2
9/23/1949 Students condemn hazing.
41 Hilltopics
College Eye 41:1, p.2
9/16/1949 Tradition of hazing freshmen continues.
42 Fraternities aren't what they used to be; war has changed 'Hell Week'
Grummer--Arnold E. (Class of 1949)
College Eye 40:39, p.1
8/5/1949 Points out trends that have influenced fraternities in recent years.
43 Student League Board minutes
College Eye 39:4, p.2
10/10/1947 Dr. Bodein talks about planning for a proposed chapel; freshmen women not allowed on the diagonal sidewalk.
44 Survey of Campus Opinion
College Eye 39:2, p.3
9/26/1947 Students comment on the tradition of throwing freshmen men into Prexy's Pond for initiation.
45 Actives holler loudly, long, "Prep! Do this, do that"
College Eye 37:30, p.4
4/26/1946 A look at some the work that actives make pledges perform.
46 Beauty rituals and hell week paddles give coed trouble; hell week paddles in fullest swing, honorable activities humbling preps
Kaltenbach--Elisabeth (Student--1945)
College Eye 37:7, p.3
10/19/1945 A look at pledging and initiation.
47 Shrieks of laughter fill ballroom at all-college party Friday night.
College Eye 36:6, p.4
10/13/1944 Freshmen hazed at dance.
48 Lawth-hers
College Eye 35:8, p.3
10/29/1943 Upperclassmen haze freshmen; description of social events.
49 Hell week is hard, fellows
College Eye 32:13, p.6
12/13/1940 Quick look at Delta Phi Delta pledging practices.
50 Today's Hyde Park; one students view on hell week
Skar--Robert Charles (Class of 1947)
College Eye 32:13, p.2
12/13/1940 Student feels that fraternities should eliminate Hell Week.


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