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101 "Treat 'em rough!"
College Eye 11:6, p.2
10/22/1919 Zetas initiate thirty-three women with some light hazing.
102 "Paddle party" Wednesday has howling effect; one hundred men, students, and faculty take delight in exacting cruel torture upon all comers.
College Eye 10:21, p.1
4/2/1919 Men enjoy hazing, food, and lecture.
103 Clio-Orio informal initiation
College Eye 9:7, p.6
10/31/1917 Description of events leading up to the initiation.
104 Society rushes
College Eye 9:3, p.4
10/3/1917 Freshmen should put up with the mild abuse from upperclassmen cheerfully.
105 Neo initiation
College Eye 8:5, p.6
10/18/1916 Recap of ceremony.
106 "A fine sense of humor"
College Eye 7:23, p.4
3/29/1916 Do nothing that could physically harm other students, even if it is meant as a joke.
107 "Gym" houses Ossoli formal; initiation is characterized by dignity
College Eye 7:6, p.1
10/27/1915 Entertained new members with a dinner.
108 Clios initiate; new ceremony grand success
College Eye 7:6, p.1
10/27/1915 First year to implement new initiation ritual.
109 Initiation
College Eye 7:3, p.4
10/6/1915 Finds that other students agree with the recent anti-hazing article; Clios will put together a more dignified ceremony.
110 Initiations
College Eye 7:2, p.4
9/29/1915 Believes that the literary societies should rise above past hazing practices.
111 Y. M. C. A. holds paddle informal
College Eye 7:2, p.5
9/29/1915 Account of paddling gauntlet.
112 The status quo of the freshmen
College Eye 4:9, p.5
11/5/1914 States campus rules for freshmen to follow.
113 Ossoli initiation
College Eye 2:11, p.2
11/14/1912 Brief description of the initiation ceremony.
114 Eulalian initiation
College Eye 2:10, p.2
11/7/1912 Description of the initiation ceremony.
115 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 21:9, p.144
11/2/1910 Account of NEA funds; Roger Leavitt appointed to church board; Professor Arey's memorial of Professor Parish was published; administration addresses hazing at Iowa State University; Ellen Biscoe resigns due to poor health.
116 Societies
Normal Eyte 21:9, p.146
11/2/1910 Describes the initiation of the new Eulalian members.
117 Zetalethean
Normal Eyte 21:6, p.100
10/12/1910 Describes the initiation of the new Zeta members.
118 Shake-Aristo
Normal Eyte 21:5, p.77
10/5/1910 Describes the initiation of the new Shakespearean and Aristo Literary Society members.
119 Societies
Normal Eyte 21:3, p.50
9/21/1910 Clios hold initiation; Alphas elect officers.
120 Neotrophian
Normal Eyte 20:35, p.585
6/1/1910 Prospective members put through some mild hazing.
121 First Annual Bee Hunt
Old Gold 0:0, p.256
6/1/1909 Hunt is a practical joke.
122 First Annual Snipe Hunt
Old Gold 0:0, p.255
6/1/1909 Student is hunting for an imaginary creature, the 'snipe'.
123 The past week
Normal Eyte 19:4, p.62
9/30/1908 Many women are undergoing hazing by the sororities and literary societies.
124 Reform at state college
Normal Eyte 18:2, p.31
9/18/1907 An effort is being made to improve the morals of students at Iowa State University.
125 The Clios initiated eight girls a week ago
Normal Eyte 17:30, p.477
5/1/1907 Engaged in mild hazing.
126 The Alphas
Normal Eyte 17:5, p.80
10/10/1906 Initiated new members; undergo mild hazing.
127 The Neotrophian society
Normal Eyte 17:5, p.78
10/10/1906 New members initiated; undergo hazing.
128 The V. O. V. girls initiated two new members Saturday
Normal Eyte 17:1, p.15
9/12/1906 Clarene Hafsos and Hazel Manderson join VOV.
129 Saturday night
Normal Eyte 16:6, p.93
10/18/1905 Zetas enjoy initiation.
130 Thursday evening occurred the Alpha initiation
Normal Eyte 16:5, p.77
10/11/1905 Description of the hazing and banquet associated with the initiation.
131 Last week
Normal Eyte 16:2, p.30
9/20/1905 Nu Omicron Nu holds initiation for Margaret Bowes and Madge Ellsworth.
132 College pranks
Normal Eyte 15:18, p.273
2/1/1905 Notes hazing problems at other colleges; recounts several instances of hazing at ISNS.
133 Last Saturday
Normal Eyte 15:4, p.63
10/1/1904 Nu Omicron Nu initiated new members.
134 College cane-rushes; Normal students unacquainted with class fights
Normal Eyte 14:7, p.98
10/17/1903 Normal students are too busy to engage in class rushing.
135 Wednesday evening shortly after the mantle of night
Normal Eyte 13:7, p.103
10/18/1902 Alphas undergo initiation.
136 The shooting affair
Normal Eyte 12:25, p.385
3/29/1902 Critical of hazing incident at Ames.
137 Last Friday night
Normal Eyte 12:5, p.75
10/12/1901 Alpha engages in some initiation hazing.
138 The following description of the cane rush
Normal Eyte 12:5, p.65
10/12/1901 Class scraps at Harvard and Drake.
139 Editorial
Normal Eyte 11:25, p.601
3/30/1901 President Seerley spoke out strongly against an incident of hazing.
140 In general; Normal student kidnapped
Normal Eyte 11:25, p.603
3/30/1901 George Cleveland is kidnapped to keep him from attending the Orio-Clio banquet; released safely several hours later; most likely a hazing incident.
141 Daughter of former Normal trustee and Governor of Kansas hazed
Normal Eyte 10:18, p.434
2/2/1901 Jessie Lewelling, daughter of Lorenzo Lewelling, was branded on the forehead with silver nitrate at a Kansas high school.
142 Editorial
Normal Eyte 10:18, p.433
2/2/1901 Believes harsh response to hazing at University of Iowa was probably appropriate; finds that University of Iowa values the graduates of the Normal School; preparing for oratorical contest.
143 Sophomores suspended at S. U. I.
Normal Eyte 10:17, p.410
1/26/1901 Sophomores kidnap president of freshman class; suspended until next fall.
144 The prompt and vigorous action
Normal Eyte 3:32, p.249
5/11/1894 Applauds state government actions against hazing.


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