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101 No measles vaccination? Health Center says no classes
Northern Iowan 92:28, p.1
12/8/1995 Students must furnish proof of vaccination or they will not be allowed to register for class; about 1500 students have not yet provided documentation; photo
102 Health Center offers flu shots; don't let the flu bug bite
Northern Iowan 92:16, p.1
10/20/1995 Students can receive flu shots for $8.
103 Health watch: migraines common for college students
Iehl--Jerri (Class of 1998)
Northern Iowan 92:16, p.11
10/20/1995 Tips on dealing with migraines.
104 Alcohol can cause a lot of problems
Northern Iowan 92:9, p.8
9/26/1995 Student Health Center attempts to deal with drinking among UNI students.
105 Health Center provides over-the-counter drugs
Muehl--Michele A. (Class of 1997)
Northern Iowan 92:6, p.4
9/15/1995 Health Center offers new service by selling OTC medications.
106 Allergy season is here
Public Relations News Release 1994:477, p.1
5/22/1995 Prescription drugs may not be the answer to seasonal allergies.
107 Health Services extends thanks, fund sends student to workshop
Thompson--Julie A. (Counseling Staff)
Northern Iowan 91:56, p.7
4/25/1995 Student will attend workshop on alcohol awareness.
108 What's up
Northern Iowan 91:54, p.3
4/18/1995 Meetings and activities planned.
109 Health Center making changes to better serve students
Northern Iowan 91:49, p.1
3/31/1995 Health Center starts appointment system, health advice line, and student advisory committee; photo.
110 Health Center parking needs improvement
Northern Iowan 91:49, p.6
3/31/1995 Applauds recent improvements in service, but finds parking inadequate.
111 University of Northern Iowa Health Services educator suggests tips for sickness prevention over the holidays.
Public Relations News Release 1994:194, p.1
12/14/1994 Sickness prevention tips during the holiday season are suggested.
112 Health Center makes mistakes
Manuel--Timothy J. (Class of 1995)
Northern Iowan 91:26, p.4
11/22/1994 Critical of treatment received at Health Center.
113 Health Center needs container for bio-hazardous waste
Northern Iowan 91:24, p.5
11/15/1994 Urges use of special container to prevent infection or contamination.
114 Safety concerns at UNI Health Center
Hansen--C. Sherene
Northern Iowan 91:23, p.1
11/11/1994 Potential problem involving bio-hazardous wastes left outside for pick-up by Physical Plant staff.
115 Students roll up their sleeves for flu season
Northern Iowan 91:19, p.2
10/28/1994 Student Health Center offers vaccination for influenza.
116 Flu vaccinations available at Health Center
Northern Edition 2:25, p.7
10/26/1994 Center and local medical facilities offer influenza vaccinations.
117 New academic and administrative heads take over
Northern Iowan 91:7, p.3
9/16/1994 Profiles of Sandra Alper, new head of Department of Special Education; Barbara Hetrick, new head of Department of Biology; and Lewis Harden, new head of Student Health Center.
118 Health Center welcomes new director and changes
Northern Edition 2:19, p.3
9/14/1994 New director Lewis Harden outlines plans for changes in Health Center.
119 Health Center taking new directions; new director expanding both service and staff
Northern Iowan 91:5, p.2
9/9/1994 New director Lewis Harden outlines plans for improvements in service; photo.
120 New school year brings new faces to campus
Northern Iowa Today 22:2, p.3
9/1/1994 Brief biographical sketches of new directors and department heads; photo.
121 New directors announced
Campus News Network 4:23, p.2
8/22/1994 Victoria DeFrancisco named Director of Women's Studies, Janel Flora is new director of major gifts, and Lewis B. Harden is new director of Health Services; photo.
122 UNI Health Center programs benefit students, faculty
Potter--James Erik (Class of 1994)
Northern Iowan 90:27, p.3
12/3/1993 Outline of services available.
123 Beat the Hill
Torrey--Michelle L. (Class of 1994)
Northern Iowan 90:4, p.13
9/10/1993 Alternatives to drinking offered during "Choices Month".
124 Plays examine abusive behaviors
Northern Iowan 90:3, p.9
9/3/1993 Will present themes relating to drinking, drugs, and abusive behaviors.
125 Health Center to be reviewed by committee; addressing long-time student concerns
Lovick--Kelli R.
Northern Iowan 89:54, p.1
4/20/1993 Review committee to be established; will consider problems such as those investigated by UNISA twenty-five years ago.
126 Last semester's meningitis scare at U of I "exaggerated"
Northern Iowan 89:31, p.1
1/19/1993 Description of disease; no know cases at UNI.
127 Health Center topic at NISG
Northern Iowan 89:22, p.6
11/13/1992 Tom Romanin discusses Health Center's budget
128 University of Northern Iowa measles immunization deadline extended
Public Relations News Release 1992:129, p.1
10/19/1992 UNI students must be immunized for measles prior to registering for the spring semester. Over half of the student body have had their shots. With the deadline approaching, the University has extended the deadline.
129 University of Northern Iowa measles immunization deadline extended
Public Relations News Release 1992:130, p.1
10/16/1992 The deadline for immunization for measles has been extended at UNI.
130 Measles immunizations required of students enrolled at University of Northern Iowa in spring 1993
Public Relations News Release 1991:525, p.1
4/1/1992 Students enrolled for spring 1993 must have proof of measles immunization.
131 Measles immunizations required of students enrolled at University of Northern Iowa in spring 1993
Public Relations News Release 1991:519, p.1
3/30/1992 Board of Regents institutions in Iowa are requiring students to provide proof of measles vaccination.
132 UNI student sues health center, Sartori; suit pending for alleged malpractice
Northern Iowan 88:37, p.1
2/14/1992 Suit alleges misdiagnosis of appendicitis.
133 Student Health Center promotes eating disorder awareness
Northern Iowan 88:34, p.1
2/4/1992 Tips for recognizing problems.
134 Health Center educates students about alcohol consumption during Choices Week
Northern Iowan 88:13, p.6
10/15/1991 Outline of current programs.
135 Open up and say ahhhh . . . .
Johnston--Krista L. (Class of 1992)
Northern Iowan 88:12, p.1
10/11/1991 Student has throat examined; photo.
136 Measles shots offered on campus
Northern Iowan 88:2, p.10
9/6/1991 Measles immunization shots will be given at the Health Center beginning September 9.
137 Mandatory fees not welcome
Northern Iowan 88:1, p.3
8/30/1991 Protest mandatory computer and health services fees; has own computer and insurance.
138 Condoms may be found next to candy; vendo-land may never be the same
Northern Iowan 87:32, p.9
1/25/1991 UNI recently made condoms available to students in the Student Health Center and are considering other locations.
139 Health Center offers free services and medicine for cold sufferers
Fueling--John S.
Northern Iowan 87:20, p.5
11/9/1990 Students can get free medicine at Health Center's Self-Care Room.
140 Rape awareness/education week planned November 5-8 on University of Northern Iowa campus
Public Relations News Release 1990:159, p.1
10/30/1990 Free public meetings presented on rape awareness. Nancy Ziegenmeyer will speak
141 Mandatory fee maintains quality at health center
Feuling--John S.
Northern Iowan 87:13, p.1
10/16/1990 Mandatory student health fee of $10 allows students to be treated at the Health Center; photo.
142 Institutional growth; transfer of governance to the State Board of Education (1906 through June, 1909)
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 1:0, p.255
7/1/1990 Organization of the school into formal departments; Dean of Women Walker develops guidelines for rooming houses; photo.
143 New and expanded curricula and services (1913 through April, 1917); the Claxton Commission
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 1:0, p.318
7/1/1990 The college expands its services to include extension, rural education, Bible study, student health, and dormitories; a close look at the Claxton Commission Report and the Inside Survey; photo.
144 Health Center
Northern Iowan 86:28, p.4
12/12/1989 Sponsors eating disorders group.
145 Health Center
Northern Iowan 86:22, p.6
11/17/1989 Will sponsor eating disorders group.
146 Measles vaccine available
Northern Iowan 86:21, p.7
11/14/1989 Health Center will charge $20.
147 Health Center
Northern Iowan 86:10, p.6
10/6/1989 Will show films on AIDS.
148 Health Center
Northern Iowan 86:6, p.8
9/22/1989 Will sponsor eating disorder support group.
149 What's Up
Northern Iowan 85:46, p.3
3/17/1989 Meetings and activities.
150 What's Up
Northern Iowan 85:45, p.5
3/14/1989 Meetings and activities.


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