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1 Hilltopics
Braddock--Richard R. (English Faculty)
College Eye 42:38, p.2
7/20/1951 Continues controversy over Norman Cohn's letter concerning professors' poor communication.
2 'Awake, Students'
College Eye 42:37, p.2
7/13/1951 Defends professors against a recent article written by Norman Cohn.
3 Hilltopics
Hoar--Frederick William (English Faculty)
College Eye 42:37, p.2
7/13/1951 Defense of professors, who were attacked by Norman Cohn in previous letter.
4 Hilltopics
Moskowitz--Donald (Class of 1953)
College Eye 42:36, p.2
7/6/1951 Korea is neither a beginning nor an end of American foreign policy--it is just one step in a war against communism.
5 Hilltopics
Kim--David Suk Chin (Classes of 1951 and 1952)
College Eye 42:35, p.2
6/29/1951 Notes significance of Korean War.
6 Hilltopics
Fisher--Helen Arlene (Class of 1952)
College Eye 42:34, p.2
6/22/1951 Duties of College Eye are listed.
7 UWF strives for world government
Fisher--Helen Arlene (Class of 1952)
College Eye 42:34, p.2
6/22/1951 National meeting of the UWF in Des Moines will be of interest to Iowans who believe in a world government.
8 Another summer session
Fisher--Helen Arlene (Class of 1952)
College Eye 42:33, p.2
6/15/1951 Lists advantages of summer school at ISTC.
9 Progression or retrogression??
College Eye 42:32, p.2
5/30/1951 Student government has not progressed in the past year.
10 Letters to the editors
Stettler--Ellen (Class of 1952)
College Eye 42:31, p.2
5/18/1951 Thanks to Roscoe Crickenberger.
11 Let's not lose out on this, too
College Eye 42:30, p.2
5/11/1951 Social Life Group will lower ticket prices for the Spring Formal.
12 Letters to the editors
Hanson--Geraldine Ann (Class of 1952)
College Eye 42:29, p.2
5/4/1951 Complains of students lack of support for Spring Carnival.
13 In defense of social fraternities
Young--James (Jim) (Student--1950)
College Eye 42:28, p.2
4/27/1951 Lists recent acts of goodwill performed by Alpha Chi Epsilon.
14 Letters to the editors
Coombs--Don (Student--1950)
College Eye 42:28, p.2
4/27/1951 Students respond to earlier article--'newer and smarter ways of getting a bang' don't work.
15 Narcotics--America's new problem
Kopel--James J. (Jim) (Student--1950)
College Eye 42:27, p.2
4/20/1951 Heroin, cocaine are growing in popularity among U.S. students.
16 Letters to the editors
Cuthbertson--DeWayne Clair (Class of 1952)
College Eye 42:26, p.2
4/13/1951 Argues points of publicity regarding Elliot Lawrence concert.
17 Freedom has the price of sacrifice
Kopel--James J. (Jim) (Student--1950)
College Eye 42:24, p.4
3/30/1951 It is American duty to make sacrifices in order to retain freedoms.
18 'Literature or smut?'
Coombs--Don (Student--1950)
College Eye 42:23, p.2
3/15/1951 Dubuque women's groups are raiding town for 'obscene' printed materials.
19 Iowa joins 'hysterical battle'
College Eye 42:22, p.2
3/9/1951 Senate file 384 (Anti-Subversive Act of 1951) will require loyalty oaths of teachers to state.
20 Lack of interest in election
College Eye 42:21, p.2
3/2/1951 All-campus election concerning the quality of the student government for a full year should be of interest to students.
21 Student League Board does more than plan cut days
College Eye 42:21, p.2
3/2/1951 Purpose of Student League Board is to solve college problems through intelligent thinking.
22 Untitled
College Eye 42:20, p.2
2/23/1951 New G.I. Bill will likely be passed.
23 Campus challenge presented: Hell Week or Greek Week?
College Eye 42:19, p.2
2/16/1951 Fraternity man argues against Hell Week.
24 'No-Hell' week
College Eye 42:18, p.2
2/9/1951 Reprinted article form the St. Louis Star-Times about Washington University's decision to eradicate "Hell Week."
25 Do we rate in beauty plus brains?
Hart--Irving Harlow (Extension Faculty and Archivist)
College Eye 42:18, p.2
2/9/1951 Summarizes results of study correlating beauty rating to GPA.
26 A need for modern, clear texts
Kopel--James J. (Jim) (Student--1950)
College Eye 42:17, p.2
2/2/1951 In a modern day with modern knowledge, textbooks should use modern English.
27 UMT plan would include all
College Eye 42:12, p.2
12/8/1950 Discusses Dr. Conant's universal military training plan.
28 Dean Nelson clarifies cut system
College Eye 42:10, p.2
11/17/1950 Explains rules of the cut policy at UNI; students may take as many cuts as the number of times that a class meets per week.
29 Hilltopics
College Eye 42:9, p.2
11/10/1950 Admires honor system employed at University of Virginia.
30 Ripe for communism?
College Eye 42:8, p.2
11/3/1950 Communist takeover would be possible at UNI.
31 Answers to survey
College Eye 42:5, p.2
10/13/1950 Addresses common questions about student publications.
32 Discussion, then thought
College Eye 42:4, p.2
10/6/1950 Take advantage of the events on campus.
33 Letter from President Price
Price--Malcolm Poyer (President of ISTC)
College Eye 41:38, p.2
8/4/1950 Thanks members of the College Eye staff for their cooperation and fine work they have done.
34 Thanks to Baker residents
Wheeler--Clara (Baker Hall Staff)
College Eye 41:38, p.2
8/4/1950 Encourages students to give her successor the same support and cooperation she has received.
35 Music Department's aim--best
Kurtz--Edward Frampton (Music Faculty)
College Eye 41:37, p.2
7/28/1950 Informs students that Music Department has been criticized for using not yet matured voices of students for operas and uses faculty members for orchestra positions only when needed.
36 Strings are difficult; graduate student answers
Joens--Doris (Class of 1950)
College Eye 41:37, p.2
7/28/1950 Faculty are used for string positions in the orchestra because not enough students are being trained in those area in the elementary and high schools.
37 Hilltopics
Holmes--George Henry (Public Relations Director)
College Eye 41:35, p.2
7/14/1950 Commends those students, staff, and faculty who assisted in the Public Relations workshop.
38 Comes the time and??
College Eye 41:30, p.2
5/12/1950 Graduating students will miss college, but have busy life ahead.
39 Let's face employment facts
College Eye 41:28, p.2
4/28/1950 Students are encouraged to look to other professions for employment, as the need for teachers in high school is dropping.
40 Registrar discusses credit balance sheet, course credit, certificates
College Eye 41:27, p.2
4/21/1950 Discussion of required courses and record keeping.
41 Why a new women's dorm?
College Eye 41:27, p.2
4/21/1950 Reasons for building a new dormitory for women.
42 Is our pride lagging?
College Eye 41:26, p.2
4/14/1950 Urges students to participate in the "keep off the grass" campaign.
43 Will Easter truly come on Sunday?
College Eye 41:25, p.2
4/7/1950 Tries to express what the true spirit of Easter means.
44 Hilltopics; let's gripe to the right people
College Eye 41:23, p.2
3/24/1950 Students are encouraged to go to their representative when giving opinions or complaints about matters on campus or to use the editorial section of the College Eye to express themselves.
45 Hilltopics; letters to the editor
Chase--Jo Ann (Class of 1950)
College Eye 41:22, p.2
3/17/1950 Was discouraged at the lack of attendance at the convocation held to meet the candidates up for election.
46 1710 students agree
College Eye 41:21, p.2
3/10/1950 Students petition for new place for spring dance, encourages the committee to act on the students' interests.
47 Men's Gym for spring formal
College Eye 41:20, p.2
2/17/1950 Students petition for spring dance to be in the Men's Gymnasium, for comfort and bigger bands.
48 Hilltopics; letters to the editor
College Eye 41:19, p.2
2/10/1950 Karl Smith, Department of Public Instruction, thanks student for finding and returning his watch.
49 Slow social life--need fast carnival
Rasmussen--James L. (Class of 1952)
College Eye 41:19, p.2
2/10/1950 Believes campus should have an all-college carnival.
50 Hilltopics
College Eye 41:18, p.2
2/3/1950 Praise for those who helped with Religion in Life Week.


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