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201 The homophobic Boy Scouts of America
Northern Iowan 94:51, p.5
4/17/1998 Columnist comments on the Boy Scouts excluding homosexuals from their organization.
202 What's Up
Northern Iowan 94:30, p.2
1/23/1998 Schedule of activities and meetings.
203 Racist homophobe; Helms dominates Congress
Northern Iowan 94:18, p.5
10/31/1997 Critical of US Senator Jesse Helms.
204 Gay rights is human right, Jewell missed point of Blue Jean Day
Moser--Amy Marie
Northern Iowan 94:16, p.8
10/24/1997 Disagrees with columnist's viewpoint; offers fuller explanation of Blue Jeans Day.
205 Jewell small-minded homophobic
Northern Iowan 94:16, p.8
10/24/1997 Critical of columnist's viewpoint on homosexuality and gay culture.
206 Jewell wrote in true spirit of Homecoming
Northern Iowan 94:16, p.11
10/24/1997 Critical of columnist's viewpoints on homosexuality; believes he resorts to stereotypical portrayals.
207 Blue Jean Day poor attempt at marketing gay rights
Jewell--Chad M. (Class of 1998)
Northern Iowan 94:14, p.9
10/17/1997 Outlines views on homosexuality and Blue Jeans Day.
208 "Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Youth, Identity, and Leisure" topic for first Crow Forum of the 1997-98 series at the University of Northern Iowa Oct. 6
Public Relations News Release 1997:52, p.1
10/1/1997 Current Research on Women Forum (CROW) Series will feature "In on the Outside, Out on the Inside: Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Youth, Identity and Leisure" with speaker Beth Kivel.
209 $50 million to investigate gays
Northern Iowan 93:43, p.12
3/11/1997 Miriam Ben-Shalom spoke about her experience with the military and others after declaring she was a lesbian.
210 Army said 'Don't ask, Don't tell'
Northern Iowan 93:41, p.13
3/4/1997 Miriam Ben-Shalom will speak Thursday about homosexuals in the military.
211 What if your friend told you he was gay?
Northern Iowan 93:16, p.7
10/25/1996 Student comments on being friends with homosexuals.
212 Coming out day celebrated today; before you come home, come out¿
Northern Iowan 93:12, p.8
10/11/1996 Today is National Coming Out Day for homosexuals and bisexuals.
213 "Exploring the Intersections of Race and Sexual Orientation" topic for Difficult Dialogues Friday, October 11 at the University of Northern Iowa
Public Relations News Release 1996:97, p.1
10/8/1996 Laura Goetz will be the facilitator of the discussion October 11. Brief works by Barbara Smith, an African American lesbian, will be read and discussed. The readings concern issues and relations between the American American and Jewish communities.
214 What's Up
Northern Iowan 93:3, p.5
9/10/1996 Schedule of activities and meetings.
215 UNISTA presents play to show similarities in human relations, dispelling myths about homosexual relationships
Northern Iowan 92:41, p.11
3/5/1996 Will present "Torchsong Trilogy".
216 "Northern Iowan" should choose words more wisely when addressing homosexuality
Anderson--Anna M. (Class of 1994)
Northern Iowan 92:10, p.8
9/29/1995 Advises writer that homosexuals also choose a variety of roles in life.
217 Homophobes too cowardly to take public stand
Hill--Susan E. (Philosophy and Religion Faculty)
Northern Iowan 91:59, p.9
5/5/1995 Analyzes reaction to Blue Jeans Day.
218 Lesbian humorist Shelly Roberts to speak April 17
Northern Edition 3:12, p.6
4/12/1995 Will speak on campus; photo.
219 God condemns homosexuality as sin; Christ spoke out against sin of lust, sexual immorality
Marshall--Brandt (Class of 1997)
Northern Iowan 91:47, p.6
3/17/1995 Offers his view of the Christian outlook on homosexuality.
220 Shout of "homophobe" merely catch-phrase
Northern Iowan 91:47, p.6
3/17/1995 Offers views in poem.
221 Society laden with intolerance; women hesitate to leave home even in Cedar Falls
Northern Iowan 91:47, p.5
3/17/1995 Believes people face hatred because of their behavior or beliefs.
222 Ignorance and bigotry not tolerated in print or on street; "NI" columnist attacks homosexuals for fun
Northern Iowan 91:46, p.10
3/14/1995 Strongly disagrees with recent column.
223 Louganis didn't speak out on AIDS, afraid of people like Meisenheimer
Northern Iowan 91:46, p.7
3/14/1995 Believes recent column was on wrong track.
224 Meisenheimer good sports columnist
Northern Iowan 91:46, p.9
3/14/1995 Agrees with viewpoint on many issues.
225 Manuel writes thoughtfully; Meisenheimer gay-bashes
Martin--Drake E. (Residence Staff)
Northern Iowan 91:45, p.6
3/10/1995 Reacts to recent columns.
226 Meisenheimer ignores issue
Northern Iowan 91:45, p.6
3/10/1995 Believes recent column missed point.
227 Meisenheimer epitome of homophobe
Northern Iowan 91:44, p.10
3/7/1995 Believes recent column was factually inaccurate and unenlightened.
228 Only heterosexuals need apply; ROTC violates non-discrimination policy
Van Wormer--Katherine S. (Social Work Faculty)
Northern Iowan 91:39, p.7
2/17/1995 Believes that ROTC discriminates against homosexuals.
229 ROTC does not discriminate
Campbell--Russell B. (Mathematics Faculty)
Northern Iowan 91:37, p.8
2/10/1995 Attempts to clear up issues surrounding ROTC and sexual orientation.
230 Film teaches people to unlearn biases; higher learning has powerful message
Northern Iowan 91:33, p.7
1/27/1995 Urges people to see film "Higher Education".
231 Masturbation may promote abstinence
Manuel--Timothy J. (Class of 1995)
Northern Iowan 91:32, p.4
1/24/1995 Outlines views on recent controversy.
232 Human Rights panel calls for changes in ROTC
Northern Iowan 91:29, p.1
12/6/1994 Panel decides that ROTC violates rights of students with regard to sexual orientation; sends decision to President Curris.
233 NISG questions recognition of Christian organization
Kelding--Justine S. (Class of 1995)
Northern Iowan 91:25, p.2
11/18/1994 Recognition temporarily denied to Young Life on basis of policy dealing with homosexuality.
234 Homosexuals need to examine their morals and practice self-restraint
Moes--Matthew F.
Northern Iowan 91:18, p.6
10/25/1994 Offers Muslim viewpoint on homosexuality.
235 Support people who 'come out'; everyone has bisexual tendencies
Northern Iowan 91:15, p.6
10/14/1994 Urges understanding of range of sexuality.
236 Anal thinking and so-called conservatives
Den Adel--Kassia
Northern Edition 2:23, p.3
10/12/1994 Critical of latest issue of "UNI Sentinel".
237 Coming Out Day promotes individuality, understanding
Stewart--Christine (Class of 1995)
Northern Iowan 91:14, p.9
10/11/1994 Plans to sponsor reception to celebrate National Coming Out Day.
238 'Blue Jeans Day' for human rights
Vaughan--Deborah A.
Northern Edition 2:14, p.9
4/27/1994 Explains history and intention of campus custom.
239 The Cynical Side
Northern Edition 2:10, p.2
3/30/1994 Comes to understanding of homosexuality on Glee Club tour of Europe.
240 All human rights are important
Halverson--Steven A. (Classes of 1989 and 1996)
Northern Iowan 90:42, p.6
3/4/1994 Challenges recent letter separating categories of oppression.
241 Gay rights should not be confused with racial minority rights
Northern Iowan 90:40, p.6
2/25/1994 Believes homosexuality is matter of behavior.
242 Love should not be restricted to certain groups
Ullrich--Cara (Class of 1997)
Northern Iowan 90:40, p.5
2/25/1994 Believes love transcends gender.
243 The fight for gay rights is a fight for justice
Northern Iowan 90:40, p.6
2/25/1994 Outlines problems of being gay.
244 Iowa doesn't need any more hate
Kelding--Justine S. (Class of 1995)
Northern Iowan 90:37, p.8
2/15/1994 Has difficulty understanding prejudice and hate.
245 Professor criticizes ROTC
Northern Iowan 90:34, p.1
2/4/1994 Professor Van Wormer will file grievance on committee rules and on homosexuality in military.
246 Sexuality not a problem for Northern Iowa tennis team
Northern Iowan 90:22, p.16
11/21/1993 Sophomore Adam Buchanan announces that he is homosexual; team handling it well; photo.
247 Another compromise is needed
Leach--James R. (Student--1990-1994)
Northern Iowan 90:16, p.6
10/22/1993 Believes that there is conflict in policies relating to homosexuals in military service; believes both sides must recognize real world needs.
248 ROTC conflicts with human rights policy
Northern Iowan 90:15, p.1
10/19/1993 Conflict with regard to sexual orientation considered.
249 The narrow focus of being straight
Den Adel--Kassia
Northern Iowan 90:14, p.7
10/15/1993 Tries to explain sexual preferences.
250 Organization stresses need for panel on diversity
Weltha--Craig D. (Class of 1993)
Northern Edition 1:2, p.4
9/10/1993 Purposes and programs of UNI Gay and Lesbian Organization.


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