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51 Department of Advanced Training
Old Gold 0:0, p.46
6/1/1911 Photo.
52 Neotrophian
Wells--Helen M. (Class of 1911)
Old Gold 0:0, p.201
6/1/1911 Drawing of a woman's head; roster of officers; overview of the society; ;member updates for each term; the Neosingers; basketball team; photo.
53 The College Eye
Old Gold 0:0, p.285
6/1/1911 Describes the change of the name from the Normal Eyte to the College Eye; photo.
54 On Saturday evening
Normal Eyte 21:18, p.323
2/1/1911 Group of students entertained some members of the faculty and alumni.
55 Miss Elizabeth Hughes
Normal Eyte 21:13, p.231
12/14/1910 Out of school on account of illness.
56 Neotrophians entertain
Normal Eyte 21:11, p.192
11/16/1910 News on the Neotrophian gathering; description of decorations.
57 Science Club report
Normal Eyte 21:7, p.115
10/19/1910 Elizabeth Hughes spoke on her tour of Russia to the Science Club.
58 The Science Club
Normal Eyte 21:5, p.88
10/5/1910 Elizabeth Hughes will address group on Moscow.
59 Miss Elizabeth Hughes
Normal Eyte 21:2, p.30
9/14/1910 Visited her sister in Cedar Rapids.
60 Miss Elizabeth Hughes
Normal Eyte 21:1, p.14
9/7/1910 Returned from her trip through Europe.
61 Department of Advanced Training
Old Gold 0:0, p.27
6/1/1910 Photos of the faculty.
62 Editorial
Normal Eyte 20:35, p.575
6/1/1910 Normal Eyte staff says good-bye; class play to be given Monday evening.
63 Miss Elizabeth Hughes
Normal Eyte 20:35, p.588
6/1/1910 Is traveling abroad.
64 The Normal Eyte
Old Gold 0:0, p.241
6/1/1910 Photos of the editors and managers of the school newspaper.
65 Association notes
Normal Eyte 20:32, p.530
5/11/1910 Elizabeth Hughes and Stephen Cohagan led prayer meetings.
66 Campaign is commenced; Normal Eyte staff for 1910-1911 commences work for subscribers; editor Davis tells plans
Normal Eyte 20:31, p.511
5/4/1910 Glenn Davis outlines his plans.
67 Miss Hughes
Normal Eyte 20:31, p.517
5/4/1910 Led the Sunday prayer meeting.
68 A number of the faculty members
Normal Eyte 20:30, p.503
4/27/1910 Will be traveling in Europe this summer.
69 On April sixteenth
Normal Eyte 20:30, p.502
4/27/1910 Elizabeth Hughes addressed the Butler County teachers.
70 This afternoon
Normal Eyte 20:29, p.485
4/20/1910 A play was given by the Training School class.
71 The Misses Hughes and Thatcher
Normal Eyte 20:14, p.242
12/15/1909 Entertained the women of the faculty.
72 Meeting of the training department.
Bender--Wilbur H. (Classes of 1886 and 1890; Education Faculty)
Normal Eyte 20:11, p.192
11/17/1909 Professor Bender talks about the topics of the meetings.
73 Studies in Organization and Teaching
Bender--Wilbur H. (Classes of 1886 and 1890; Education Faculty)
Normal Eyte 20:5, p.92
10/6/1909 Ideas for future teachers.
74 Department of Advanced Training
Old Gold 0:0, p.33
6/1/1909 Instructors; photo.
75 The Normal Eyte
Old Gold 0:0, p.167
6/1/1909 Brief history, regulations, roster of staff; photo.
76 Last Friday
Normal Eyte 19:31, p.487
5/26/1909 Mary Townsend entertained Domestic Science class.
77 Prof. and Mrs. W. H. Bender and Miss Hughes
Normal Eyte 19:31, p.487
5/26/1909 Held farewell party for Laura Bowman and Jennie Hutchison; Laura Bowman will take ministerial course at Lombard College; Jennie Hutchison will go to Monmouth, Illinois.
78 Regulations adopted; Normal Eyte Publishing Association approves rules at business meeting Monday
Normal Eyte 19:20, p.308
2/24/1909 Text of association regulations for election of staff and other matters.
79 Miss Laura Bowman
Normal Eyte 19:14, p.222
1/13/1909 Entertained faculty who have visited Europe.
80 Miss Elizabeth Hughes
Normal Eyte 19:9, p.134
11/4/1908 Board will grant Bachelor of Arts to Elizabeth Hughes.
81 8th grade notes
Normal Eyte 18:33, p.520
6/3/1908 Review of the play presented by Training School students.
82 Annual board
Old Gold 0:0, p.6
6/1/1908 Roster of members of the 1908 Old Gold staff.
83 Photographs of faculty and staff
Old Gold 0:0, p.17
6/1/1908 Photo.
84 Untitled
Old Gold 0:0, p.108
6/1/1908 Normal Eyte staff; photo.
85 Miss Elizabeth Hughes
Normal Eyte 18:25, p.399
4/8/1908 Sister is ill.
86 Official
Normal Eyte 18:15, p.227
1/15/1908 Relates events of the State Teachers' Association conference.
87 The following members
Normal Eyte 18:15, p.240
1/15/1908 Faculty members who attended the State Teachers Association convention in Des Moines.
88 North East Iowa Teachers Association
Normal Eyte 18:5, p.73
10/9/1907 Many faculty and alumni will present papers at next meeting.
89 The Training Department
Old Gold 0:0, p.33
6/1/1907 Faculty photos; photo.
90 Among the many who entertained
Normal Eyte 16:33, p.529
5/23/1906 Many Normalites had guests during the music festival.
91 Miss Hughes
Normal Eyte 16:33, p.528
5/23/1906 Attended Presbyterian convention.
92 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 16:12, p.190
11/29/1905 Met and discussed music.
93 Misses Hughes, Buck, McGovern and Suplee
Normal Eyte 16:11, p.174
11/22/1905 Went to Cedar Rapids to attend lecture.
94 Thursday evening
Normal Eyte 16:8, p.125
11/1/1905 Elizabeth Hughes gave dinner party.
95 One evening last week
Normal Eyte 16:6, p.93
10/18/1905 Laura Seals entertained friends.
96 Friday Miss Hughes
Normal Eyte 15:30, p.479
5/3/1905 Entertained Phi Delta Kappa members with a dinner.
97 During vacation
Normal Eyte 15:24, p.382
3/22/1905 Elizabeth Hughes enjoyed a visit from her sister.
98 Miss Hughes
Normal Eyte 15:12, p.190
11/23/1904 Stayed at home part of the week due to an illness.
99 The Northeastern Iowa Teachers Association
Normal Eyte 15:7, p.103
10/22/1904 Several alumni will represent I. S. N. S. at the meeting.
100 Miss Hughes and Miss Fesenbeck
Normal Eyte 15:6, p.95
10/15/1904 Entertained company.


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