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151 Untitled
Mahr--Stacy M. (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 99:46, p.10
4/1/2003 Criticizes those who wrote certain anti-war statements on the sidewalks.
152 Untitled
Laskin--Alexander V. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:46, p.10
4/1/2003 Speaks against war in Iraq.
153 Untitled
Heggen--Joshua L. (Student--2001-2003)
Northern Iowan 99:46, p.10
4/1/2003 Feels there is a conflict of interest between the President, the Vice-President, and a U. S. oil company receiving a contract to work on oil fields in Iraq.
154 Untitled
Vortherms--Shawna R. (Class of 2004)
Northern Iowan 99:46, p.10
4/1/2003 Calls for the U. S. to band together rather than stand divided about the war.
155 Rally to support U.S. now that war is initiated
Blodgett--Clifford L. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:45, p.5
3/28/2003 Shows support for war in Iraq.
156 Serendipity Safari
Northern Iowan 99:45, p.5
3/28/2003 Features President George W. Bush favoring violence over diplomacy.
157 Student voices
Northern Iowan 99:45, p.9
3/28/2003 Students respond to the question: Do you think the walk-out on Monday accomplished anything?; photo.
158 Untitled
Cullum--Jerry (Student--2001)
Northern Iowan 99:45, p.6
3/28/2003 Criticizes the logic of war supporters.
159 War opponents take to the streets
Northern Iowan 99:45, p.1
3/28/2003 Student war protestors and supporters rallied in the Maucker Union Plaza during campus walk-out; photo.
160 UNI experts available to discuss religion, terrorism and politics
Public Relations News Release 2002:389, p.1
3/18/2003 UNI faculty and staff members are listed that can talk about the war in Iraq.
161 Poets Against the War
Public Relations News Release 2002:387, p.1
3/17/2003 Vince Gotera will talk about poetry written to express emotions about the war with Iraq.
162 Campus blackouts and giant Cheetos
Buelow--Katie J. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:43, p.5
3/11/2003 Gives thoughts on professional baseball, Iraq, spring break, blackouts on campus and Algona, Iowa.
163 Dispelling "War for Oil" rhetoric
Viers--Jack C. (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 99:43, p.8
3/11/2003 Claims that it is not the U. S. that is most concerned about oil in Iraq.
164 Reader defends Toni Smith
Leitz--Paul E. (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 99:43, p.7
3/11/2003 Speaks against war in Iraq and praises Toni Smith for protesting by not facing the flag during the national anthem.
165 Serendipity Safari
Rogness--Jared C. (Class of 2003)
Northern Iowan 99:43, p.5
3/11/2003 Features U. S. bombing Iraq.
166 Defending SUVs, Bush and Republicans
Vogel--Elise C. (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 99:42, p.6
3/7/2003 Disagrees with statements made by columnist Ben Humphrey concerning oil and the possible conflict with Iraq.
167 Serendipity Safari
Rogness--Jared C. (Class of 2003)
Northern Iowan 99:42, p.5
3/7/2003 Proposes firing missiles at peace protesters.
168 Thoughts on weaponry for the Iraqi war
Umthun--Daniel T. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:42, p.5
3/7/2003 Makes suggestions for new weapons to be used in the impending conflict with Iraq.
169 Cowboy mentality guides Bush's war plans
Humphrey--Benjamin (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 99:41, p.5
3/4/2003 Criticizes President George W. Bush's diplomacy and reasons for action against Iraq.
170 Readers feels NI overlooked service people
Guberski--Heather E. (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 99:41, p.8
3/4/2003 Disagrees with statements made in NI article concerning the possible effects of war on the UNI campus.
171 Student voices
Northern Iowan 99:41, p.9
3/4/2003 Students respond to the question: How do you feel about Toni Smith's refusal to face the American flag?; photo.
172 Untitled
Andrews--Eric A. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:41, p.1
3/4/2003 Woman holds sign at protest against a possible invasion of Iraq; photo.
173 Another Cold War
Public Relations News Release 2002:365, p.1
3/3/2003 Differences between the Cold War and the present situation in Iraq will be presented.
174 Analyzing the facts of possible war
Umthun--Daniel T. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:40, p.7
2/28/2003 Relates recent news events connected to the conflict with Iraq and speaks in defense of President Bush.
175 Professor's take on Bush's intentions
Roberts--Ronald Edward (Sociology Faculty)
Northern Iowan 99:40, p.10
2/28/2003 Professor Ron Roberts disagrees with a possible military conflict in Iraq.
176 Readers sound off on the prospect of war with Iraq
Ebener--Joshua D. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:40, p.9
2/28/2003 Josh Ebener, Jared Johnston, and Ryan Toppin criticize going to war with Iraq.
177 Daily weapons of mass destruction
Buelow--Katie J. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:39, p.5
2/25/2003 Claims that abortion clinics, prejudice, and the decline in religious fervor can also be considered "weapons of mass destruction."
178 Unveiling of post-apocalyptic battle tanks
Humphrey--Benjamin (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 99:39, p.5
2/25/2003 Criticizes those who purchase large vehicles that use a lot of gasoline in a time when the commodity is precious.
179 In favor of democracy
Masker--Kristofer (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 99:38, p.8
2/21/2003 Supports proposal for war against Iraq.
180 Possible war abroad hits home on campus
Crane--Ryan P. (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 99:37, p.1
2/18/2003 Students on campus face the fact that they may be headed off to war.
181 Is war good for the economy?
Public Relations News Release 2002:328, p.1
2/17/2003 Bryce Kanago will explore the effects of war on the present economy.
182 Students planning walk-out
Plank--Joshua L. (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 99:36, p.6
2/14/2003 Talks about trip to peace conference in Minneapolis, and calls for student support of the peace movement.
183 Shuttle tragedy adds perspective to war with Iraq
Northern Iowan 99:33, p.5
2/4/2003 Claims the space program represents good qualities of the human race, while war with Iraq does not.
184 Super Bowl and State of the Union rehashed
Humphrey--Benjamin (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 99:33, p.5
2/4/2003 Discusses the outcome of the Super Bowl, and confronts the issues presented in the State of the Union address.
185 What should the topic of conversation be?
Cisco--Laura (Student--2001-2003)
Northern Iowan 99:33, p.8
2/4/2003 Encourages students to think seriously about the consequences of a war with Iraq.
186 Another Vietnam?
Public Relations News Release 2002:300, p.1
2/3/2003 Sonia Yetter will compare the current war protests and the protests during Vietnam.
187 D. C. rally not fringe effort
Hagarty--Angela L. (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 99:30, p.8
1/24/2003 Encourages students to make their voices heard concerning the recent controversy about war with Iraq.
188 Nussle meets for conversation, confrontation with UNI students
Andresen--Kelli (Class of 2004)
Northern Iowan 99:30, p.1
1/24/2003 Some of the topics of discussion included financial aid and the possible war with Iraq; photo.
189 Serendipity Safari
Rogness--Jared C. (Class of 2003)
Northern Iowan 99:30, p.7
1/24/2003 Portrays President George W. Bush's views on conquering the controversy in Iraq.
190 UNI students travel to D.C. to make voices heard
Szeszycki--Emily (Student--2001)
Northern Iowan 99:30, p.1
1/24/2003 Students talk about their experiences in Washington D. C., where they went to protest the possible war with Iraq.
191 Amnesty International members explain their position
Sandstrom--Kent L. (Sociology Faculty)
Northern Iowan 99:27, p.10
12/10/2002 Confronts misconceptions about the stance of the Amnesty International group.
192 Businesses may need to make adjustments for war
Public Relations News Release 2002:242, p.1
12/9/2002 Dean Kruckeberg will discuss changes businesses are making as a result of a possible conflict with Iraq.
193 Student responds to anti-war sentiments on campus
Chamberlin--Eric (Student--2001)
Northern Iowan 99:25, p.8
11/26/2002 Criticizes war protestors for feeding the public false information.
194 The NI gives thanks
Northern Iowan 99:25, p.7
11/26/2002 Feels they are most thankful for a break from school.
195 Students 'dying' to oppose war
Koppes--Kevin (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:24, p.1
11/22/2002 Students participated in a "die-in" by feigning death, to protest the possible war in Iraq; photo.
196 Is Saddam for real?
Public Relations News Release 2002:207, p.1
11/18/2002 Dhirendra Vajpeyi suggests that America should think about the consequences of war before they take action in Iraq.
197 Die-In speaker defends Not In Our Name stance
Tetzloff--Michael P. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:26, p.11
11/6/2002 Gives links to Web sites to provide information and background on the statements made during Die-In at Maucker Union on November 20.
198 Sarcastic commentary on apathy
Ebener--Joshua D. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:16, p.10
10/25/2002 Criticizes the student body for their lack of interest in issues such as tuition and the conflict in Iraq.
199 Readers continue to debate possibility of war with Iraq
Green--Nathan R. (Classes of 2002 and 2005)
Northern Iowan 99:15, p.13
10/22/2002 Criticizes statements made by Austin Altman concerning the recent weapons conflict with Iraq.
200 Untitled
Davis--Charles D. (Student--2001)
Northern Iowan 99:15, p.13
10/22/2002 Encourages students to attend the forums on campus to search for a solution to the Iraq conflict, rather than arguing back and forth in the Northern Iowan.


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