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51 What's Up?
Northern Iowan 71:30, p.8
1/21/1975 Activities and meetings.
52 What's Up?
Northern Iowan 71:30, p.8
1/21/1975 Activities and meetings.
53 Judo Club cops three trophies
Northern Iowan 71:20, p.7
11/8/1974 UNI club took three out of five trophies in road novice meet.
54 Aspirin anyone?
Northern Iowan 71:11, p.10
10/8/1974 Judo Club members work out; photo.
55 Judo: martial art, gentle way
Northern Iowan 71:7, p.7
9/24/1974 The Judo Club at UNI has been going strong for ten years.
56 UNI Judo Club
Northern Iowan 71:1, p.20
8/30/1974 Will begin practice sessions.
57 What's Up?
Northern Iowan 71:1, p.20
8/30/1974 Activities and meetings.
58 What's Up?
Northern Iowan 70:33, p.6
2/15/1974 Activities and meetings.
59 Judo Club
Northern Iowan 70:30, p.11
2/5/1974 The Judo Club will begin practice Tuesday.
60 Judo begins Thursday
Northern Iowan 70:1, p.21
9/14/1973 UNI's Judo Class will begin Thursday.
61 Untitled
Northern Iowan 69:39, p.7
3/9/1973 Two UNI Judo Club members practicing; photo.
62 Judo practice begins
Northern Iowan 69:33, p.8
2/16/1973 Practice for men and women interested in judo will begin; brief history of sport.
63 Judo Club
Northern Iowan 69:8, p.5
10/10/1972 Open to both men and women.
64 Are you tired of being the fall guy?
Bodnar--Edward W. (Class of 1974)
Northern Iowan 68:37, p.10
3/3/1972 Students demonstrate techniques; photo.
65 Organizational News
Northern Iowan 68:32, p.8
2/15/1972 Activities and meetings.
66 Organizational News
Northern Iowan 68:31, p.8
2/11/1972 Activities and meetings.
67 Judo Club set for '71
Northern Iowan 68:4, p.7
9/28/1971 Judo Club will meet this school year.
68 Judo Club
UNI Quarterly 2:3, p.12
4/1/1971 Group photo.
69 Judo Club set for 2nd semester
Northern Iowan 67:30, p.9
2/12/1971 Prospective members may attend classes.
70 Men and women participate in judo
Northern Iowan 67:9, p.17
10/16/1970 Twenty-five women and twenty men participate in the Judo Club.
71 Behind the scenes
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.4
10/1/1970 Collection of short articles on campus activities; photo.
72 Judo Club starts 7th year
Northern Iowan 67:2, p.7
9/22/1970 Potential members, male or female, who want to join may attend the first meeting.
73 Judo: "the gentle way" of self-defense
Northern Iowan 66:31, p.3
2/3/1970 Description of the sport and the local group; photo.
74 Organizations & Organizers
UNI Quarterly 1:1, p.6
10/1/1969 A survey of activities by student governance, Greek, interest, honorary, and religious organizations.
75 Organizational News
Northern Iowan 66:5, p.8
9/23/1969 Activities and meetings.
76 Organizational News
Northern Iowan 66:4, p.5
9/19/1969 Activities and meetings.
77 Clubs to organize
Northern Iowan 66:2, p.6
9/12/1969 Judo Club and muzzle-loading group set to meet.
78 Judo Club hosts Iowa AAU tourney
Northern Iowan 65:31, p.17
1/10/1969 UNI to co-host 1969 Iowa AAU championships Sunday.
79 Judo Club
Northern Iowan 65:5, p.8
9/24/1968 Judo Club will begin regular practice today in the Men's Gym.
80 UNI Judo Club holds meeting Tues.
Northern Iowan 65:3, p.8
9/17/1968 First meeting to be held Thursday.
81 Five UNI men place in Judo
Northern Iowan 64:52, p.6
4/30/1968 Judo Club members place in Waterloo tournament.
82 Judo Club
Northern Iowan 64:34, p.7
2/20/1968 Organizational meeting.
83 Bell competes in interstate Judo
Northern Iowan 64:15, p.3
10/31/1967 Jim Bell competed in the Iowa-Minnesota Judo tournament.
84 Judo Club in Ft. Madison tournament
Northern Iowan 64:10, p.7
10/13/1967 UNI brings home trophies.
85 Judo Club to meet
College Eye 63:53, p.3
5/9/1967 Organizational meeting.
86 Sankyu Belt to Jim Bell, Dr. Ward
College Eye 63:42, p.11
87 Judo Club's first meeting
College Eye 63:31, p.5
88 SCI Judo Club places three at Fort Madison
College Eye 63:21, p.11
12/2/1966 Three SCI students placed at the first annual tournament; photo.
89 New judo practice times announced
College Eye 63:12, p.7
90 Judo Club organizes
College Eye 63:3, p.11
9/23/1966 Judo Club will participate in the open Judo Tournament in Waterloo.
91 Meeting for Judo Club announced
College Eye 63:1, p.15
9/16/1966 Students are invited to attend the first meeting of the Judo Club.
92 To organize Judo Club
College Eye 60:61, p.4
7/8/1966 Organizational meeting scheduled for Monday at 2:00.
93 Session for SCI Judo Club in Men's Gym
College Eye 60:51, p.8
4/29/1966 Seeking interested new members.
94 Judo Club to organize Monday
College Eye 60:32, p.4
2/11/1966 John Kirby holding organizational meeting.
95 Judo Club doesn't teach unsafe holds
College Eye 59:18, p.5
96 Males throw their weight: fall for Japanese judo
Bloore--Linda (Student--1964)
College Eye 59:17, p.1
2/5/1965 James Halsor talks about judo; photo.
97 Meeting Jan. 4 to organize Judo Club
College Eye 59:14, p.5
12/17/1964 Professor Kirby will sponsor group.


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