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101 KYTC Entertains and Informs Campus
Old Gold 0:0, p.151
6/1/1959 The programs at KYTC vary from music, both popular and classical, to basketball games broadcast live by remote control, and to the SLB meetings every Monday night; over 1,950 single and long play records from a library are selected; photo.
102 New music by the LP for your own KYTC
Ley--Terry C. (Class of 1961)
College Eye 50:22, p.3
3/6/1959 The radio station has subscribed to a new record service.
103 KYTC airs new dept.'s show
College Eye 50:21, p.1
2/27/1959 First program will feature the Department of Physical Education for Women.
104 KYTC campus voice
Alvord--Ethan Eugene (Class of 1963)
College Eye 50:21, p.6
2/27/1959 A look at the history, facilities, and programming of KYTC; photo.
105 Places open on KYTC staff
College Eye 50:19, p.5
106 Testing . . . KYTC on the air this fall
College Eye 49:39, p.3
8/1/1958 Staff has been working on equipment this summer.
107 Darrell Wheaton and Fred Busey; Delores Wilkins; Joseph Wasser
Old Gold 0:0, p.152
6/1/1958 This page has a photo of Darrell Wheaton and Fred Busey picking up sounds of the Sputnik satelite, as well as Delores Wilkins and Joseph Wasser, who were both station managers; photos.
108 Verles Hauge and Herbert Hake; Bill Ketch and Tyrrell; Ed Clopton, Betsy Riley, and Craig Rule
Old Gold 0:0, p.153
6/1/1958 Three photos of students working on KYTC projects; photos.
109 KYTC schedule
College Eye 49:24, p.4
110 KY adds Clark, others, as new staff members
College Eye 49:23, p.1
3/14/1958 List of new staff members.
111 KYTC cuts hours of programs
College Eye 49:20, p.1
2/21/1958 Cites lack of personnel and high quality programming.
112 SOS. . .Save our station
College Eye 49:20, p.2
2/21/1958 Students running KYTC are inexperienced, few in number, and lacking funding.
113 KYTC schedule
College Eye 49:19, p.5
114 Basketball games to air on KYTC tonight, Saturday
College Eye 49:16, p.1
1/17/1958 Will survey listener reactions; photo.
115 KYTC schedule
College Eye 49:16, p.7
116 KYTC to air away games! Board approves experiment
College Eye 49:14, p.1
12/20/1957 Will broadcast away basketball games.
117 Tonight: cake and candles for KYTC!
College Eye 49:11, p.3
11/22/1957 Two-year history of the student radio station.
118 KYTC birthday party to be next weekend
College Eye 49:10, p.3
11/15/1957 Will honor second birthday.
119 Official announcement
College Eye 49:10, p.3
11/15/1957 Proposed amendments to the KYTC constitution.
120 Splitting an Infinity
Schabacker--Marilyn A. (Class of 1958)
College Eye 49:10, p.2
11/15/1957 Lecture-Concert Series guest was enjoyable, KYTC will broadcast Student League Board meetings on the air, and Old Gold sales end in three weeks.
121 KYTC schedule
College Eye 49:9, p.8
122 Forward look carries KYTC from the heart to all parts
College Eye 49:3, p.7
9/27/1957 A look at the facilities, services, and programming of the student station; photo.
123 KYTC brings jazz world
College Eye 49:3, p.6
9/27/1957 Will broadcast "Jazz International" program.
124 Broadcasting resumed by student radio
College Eye 49:1, p.1
9/13/1957 Did not broadcast over summer but did make technical improvements.
125 Boards of Control
Old Gold 0:0, p.138
6/1/1957 The communications staffs, College Eye, OLD GOLD, and KYTC; they also are governed by the Board of Control of Student Publications and the Board of Control of the Student Broadcasting Association; photo.
126 KYTC
Old Gold 0:0, p.147
6/1/1957 KYTC now occupies Annex 41 and is composed of two studios, a control-room, and an office; over one hundred people are on the KYTC personnel staff and they're on the air eighty hours during the week; the station airs from noon until midnight; photo.
127 SCRA Sponsors Religion-in-Life Week
Old Gold 0:0, p.189
6/1/1957 The purpose and major responsibility of this week was to make students more aware of God in their lives; activities promoted by the Student Council of Religious Activities were done through commissions on worship, religion in life, and publicity; photo.
128 Remling joins KYTC staff
College Eye 48:31, p.1
5/29/1957 Al Remling appointed continuity director; list of other staff members.
129 Old Gold, KYTC, Eye plan frolic
College Eye 48:29, p.1
5/17/1957 Will hold picnic.
130 KYTC applications due
College Eye 48:28, p.1
5/10/1957 Seeking continuity director.
131 KYTC has open house
College Eye 48:26, p.7
4/26/1957 A look at the history and facilities of the station; photo.
132 Applications for KYTC staff due
College Eye 48:25, p.1
133 KYTC schedule
College Eye 48:24, p.7
134 Sticks and Stones . . .
Lakin--Robert (Class of 1958)
College Eye 48:24, p.2
4/5/1957 Comments on a trip to St. Paul for KYTC, the new College Eye editor, and his decision to purchase a Volkswagen.
135 KYTC Board jobs open
College Eye 48:23, p.6
136 KYTC schedule
College Eye 48:23, p.3
137 Sticks and Stones . . .
Lakin--Robert (Class of 1958)
College Eye 48:22, p.2
3/22/1957 Comments on hairstyles, the swallows on campus, the Conference on Middle East Tensions, KYTC's lengthened schedule and the literary supplement to the paper.
138 KYTC sets up spring schedule
College Eye 48:21, p.6
3/8/1957 Seeking anyone interested in working with a show.
139 KYTC schedule
College Eye 48:20, p.3
140 KYTC schedule
College Eye 48:18, p.5
141 Sticks and Stones . . .
Lakin--Robert (Class of 1958)
College Eye 48:18, p.2
2/15/1957 Comments on the effects of spring on one's thoughts, the Physical Plant activities, Lincoln's birthday, the new piano in the KYTC studios, and the new parking lot.
142 KYTC positions now available
College Eye 48:16, p.1
143 KYTC schedule
College Eye 48:16, p.3
144 KYTC schedule
College Eye 48:15, p.3
145 Sticks and Stones . . .
Lakin--Robert (Class of 1958)
College Eye 48:15, p.2
1/25/1957 Discusses smoking in public places, Bill Koll's frustration with the wrestling squad, and 'This is the Life?' on KYTC.
146 KYTC schedule
College Eye 48:14, p.3
147 Sticks and Stones . . .
Lakin--Robert (Class of 1958)
College Eye 48:14, p.2
1/18/1957 Comments on the yellow lights on both streets of an intersection, the permeating smell of popcorn in the dorms, and the extra space in the new KYTC studios.
148 KYTC notice
College Eye 48:13, p.1
1/11/1957 Will begin broadcasts from new facility.
149 KYTC off air for move
College Eye 48:12, p.3
12/14/1956 Will be off air until January 3; offering class for those interested in engineering and radio production.
150 KYTC, Old Gold, Eye will carol
College Eye 48:12, p.1


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