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51 UNI forensics students wrangle words
Braumann--Kari Sue (Student--2009)
Northern Iowan 107:52, p.6
4/22/2011 Members of the forensics team compete once or twice a month in contests across the Midwest. They compete in interpretive events, platform events, or limited preparation events. There are also two debate teams.
52 Jim McDonough concert has moved to UNI's Lang Hall Auditorium.
Public Relations News Release 2010:191, p.1
1/28/2011 A sprinkler pipe located above the GBPAC Great Hall stage was damaged and burst causing water to affect the stage, equipment and surrounding areas. Due to the need for extensive cleanup and equipment checking, the concert was moved.
53 UNI to host 'Call it Swing: A Jazz Bues Autoethnography'
Public Relations News Release 2010:84, p.1
10/5/2010 Tami Spry, a professor of performance studies at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, will perform "Call It Swing: A Jazz Blues Autoethnography," on Friday, Oct. 15, in the Interpreters Theatre, in Lang Hall.
54 UNI hosts 'Fast Forward' electronic media workshop, Oct. 1
Public Relations News Release 2010:67, p.1
9/22/2010 "Fast Forward: Eyes on the Future" opening remarks will be delivered by Joel Haack, dean of the Colleges of Humanities & Fine Arts and Natural Sciences. The keynote address will be given by Mark Steines, an Emmy-winning journalist.
55 UNI Speech and Debate Team to host special event
Public Relations News Release 2010:24, p.1
8/27/2010 The debate will take place in the Interpreter's Theatre, Lang Hall. Four members of the debate team will participate in a debate on the season-long resolution for the National Debate Tournament and Cross Examination Debate Association debate tournaments.
56 Paul Gorski working with UNI faculty on best ways to address and prevent bias-related issues
Public Relations News Release 2009:391, p.1
4/9/2010 Gorski will meet with faculty and staff members from a variety of departments during his three-day visit, and he will conduct workshops with other faculty groups for the remainder of his stay.
57 UNI textiles and apparel students present annual student fashion show April 10
Public Relations News Release 2009:382, p.1
4/7/2010 The theme for this year's show is Trendslation. Thirty-seven student designers will present four sections of different fashion trends from the past and present, including street warrior and old Hollywood.
58 Panther Portraits
Krueger--Jeffrey Allen (Student--2009)
Northern Iowan 106:44, p.3
3/26/2010 Lang Auditorium was the scene of "Dancing with the Cedar Valley Celebrities"; photo.
59 UNI hosts Emmy Award-winning commercial editor Josh Bodnar
Public Relations News Release 2009:347, p.1
3/22/2010 Bodnar will discuss and demonstrate how effect-heavy commercials are created. He will take attendees through the step-by-step development of the Guinness beer advertisement, "Spoken Word." To be held in Lang Hall Auditorium.
60 UNI hosts FAIR reporter and author Peter Hart
Public Relations News Release 2009:317, p.1
3/8/2010 Peter Hart, activism director from Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) will discuss media bias and censorship and the various forces that influence and shape the news media at Lang Hall Auditorium. "How Does Media Reporting Affect Citizenship?"
61 UNI celebrates Women's History Month
Public Relations News Release 2009:300, p.1
2/26/2010 To kick off Women's History Month, "Women in the Globalized World," a panel discussion sponsored by the Women's and Gender Studies Program, will be held in the Center for Multicultural Education, Maucker Union.
62 UNI Interpreter's theatre to present "Reefer Madness"
Public Relations News Release 2009:286, p.1
2/17/2010 Based on the 1936 documentary "Tell Your Children," the film was originally used as a tool for educators and parents to warn their children of the harms of marijuana.
63 UNI interpreters Theatre examines college like through performance
Public Relations News Release 2009:240, p.1
1/26/2010 The theatre is "Challenging Assumptions through Performance" this season with a variety of performances and showcases. Funding for the production is provided by the Department for Communications Studies, College of Humanities and Fine Arts.
64 Interpreters Theatre production to feature former UNI faculty member
Public Relations News Release 2009:194, p.1
12/2/2009 Leah White, communication studies professor at the Minnesota State University-Mankato, will perform in a one-woman show for the next production. "The Air that I Breathe," will be performed on Friday, Dec. 4 and Saturday Dec. 5 in Lang Hall.
65 UNI Individual Events team will host showcase Dec. 9
Public Relations News Release 2009:188, p.1
12/1/2009 The showcase, in the Interpreter's Theatre, Lang Hall Room 040, will feature events from the nationally competitive team's fall travel season, including a range of oral interpretation, public address and limited preparation performances. Students listed.
66 Debate Team to host special eventf
Public Relations News Release 2009:177, p.1
11/24/2009 The Debate Team will host a special event discussing nuclear weapons. Four members of the policy debate team will participate in the demonstration debate that will focus on the season-long resolution for the National Debate Tournament.
67 Interpreters Theatre to present 'Strong Enough for a Woman, Gentle Enough for a Man'
Public Relations News Release 2009:164, p.1
11/10/2009 Directed by Paul Siddens, associate professor of communication studies, the performance was created by Siddens and the fall 2009 Graduate Seminar in Performance Studies.
68 Quiet study places
French--Larissa A. (Student--2007)
Northern Iowan 106:19, p.5
11/3/2009 Rod Library, Lang Hall, Communication Arts Center, Towers Center, Hemisphere Lounge, and Panera Bread listed as the favorite quiet study places for students. All have plusses and minuses.
69 "Let's Talk" diversity program hopes to shed light on diversity
Botello--Jewelette (Student--2007)
Northern Iowan 106:18, p.7
10/30/2009 Department of Residence to sponsor diversity program in Lang Hall. A safe conversational forum will be provided to ask potentially awkward questions.
70 Paul Rusesabagina to speak at UNI Nov. 3
Public Relations News Release 2009:134, p.1
10/27/2009 Paul Rusesabagina, whose personal experiences of the Rwandan genocide inspired the 2004 film "Hotel Rwanda," will speak in Lang Hall Auditorium. His novel explores his personal journey while explaining the history behind Rwanda's Hutu and Tutsi tribes.
71 UNI Alumni Association to present Heritage Honours Awards during Homecoming
Public Relations News Release 2009:121, p.1
10/14/2009 The awards program honors the accomplishments of graduates and their service to the university. Awards will be presented to Bradley Block, Guang Jin, Sarah "Sally" Carbaugh Frudden, and Leonard Froyen.
72 UNI to host 'Fast Forward' electronic media workshop Oct. 2
Public Relations News Release 2009:86, p.1
9/29/2009 "Fast Forward: Building Momentum for the Future," is a workshop that brings together academics and media professionals. It is in its fifth year, and provides training opportunities for newsroom beginners and seasoned professionals.
73 'Cycle of Violence' lecture, two others at UNI Wednesday, Sept. 30
Public Relations News Release 2009:84, p.1
9/28/2009 David Lisak, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, will deliver the lecture, which is designed to offer cross disciplinary training to campus and community personnel who are working with student victims.
74 Building history
Northern Iowa Today 93:2, p.4
9/1/2009 Tribute to James E. Robinson, who planned many of the older buildings on campus; photo.
75 Len Froyen Alumni Service Award
Northern Iowa Today 93:2, p.25
9/1/2009 Profile of Professor Froyen; photo.
76 UNI Interpreters Theatre presents 'Sex Across the Curriculum'
Public Relations News Release 2008:463, p.1
4/10/2009 It is a one-woman show by writer, director and guest artist Jennifer Tuder, a 1996 bachelors degree graduate of the College in theatre arts. Tuder plays a disgruntled high school sex education teacher who throws the abstinence curriculum out the window.
77 Invisible Children Inc. Tour to visit UNI
Public Relations News Release 2008:455, p.1
4/9/2009 Invisible Children Inc. is a non-profit organization that began following three filmmakers' trip to Africa in the spring of 2003; the trio created the documentary "Invisible Children: Rough Cut," a film that exposes realitiesof northern Uganda.
78 UNI hosts 17th annual Textiles and Apparel Design Show
Public Relations News Release 2008:435, p.1
4/2/2009 The fashion show, "Chic International," will showcase designs to recognize students achievements and their talents. Throughout the year textiles and apparel students create original designs to enter into the annual design show.
79 UNI instructor presents one-man show, "Walt Whitman Live!"
Public Relations News Release 2008:423, p.1
3/27/2009 William Koch will be performing as Whitman and speaking on the poet's major themes, observations of American culture, experiences during the Civil War and his views on Abraham Lincoln.
80 UNI Interpreters Theatre presents "Daddy's Little Girl"
Public Relations News Release 2008:409, p.1
3/18/2009 A unique performance that examines the practice of father-daughter public v irginity pledging through rhetorical and performance theory will be presented in Lang Hall. The show is intended for mature audiences and contains strong language.
81 UNI to host Collegiate Enterpreneurs' Iowa Conference
Public Relations News Release 2008:372, p.1
3/4/2009 Each year this statewide conference brings together students, faculty and staff from throughout Iowa and its neighboring states for a day of networking, education and inspirational speakers.
82 UNI to host lecture on ethics of sexual consent
Public Relations News Release 2008:359, p.1
2/23/2009 "The Ethics and Erotics of Sexual Consent: Beyond 'But We Were Both Drinking!'" will be presented by Harry Brod, professor of philosophy and humanities and director of the Iowa Regent Universities Men's Gender Violence Prevention Institute.
83 UNI Forensics Squad will host showcase, Dec. 11
Public Relations News Release 2008:262, p.1
12/5/2008 The Squad will host its Speech and Debate Team in the Interpreter's Theatre. The showcase will feature events from the nationally competitive squad's Fall 2008 travel season. Students listed.
84 UNI Interpreters Theatre to present "Until Someone Wakes Up"
Public Relations News Release 2008:249, p.1
12/2/2008 "Until Someone Wakes Up" confronts audiences with alarmingly true experiences of women who were victims of sexual assault and rape, as well as the role that society plays in fostering this kind of violence. Students listed.
85 NYC fashion industry brings artistic expression to campus
Andersen--Eva Elizabeth (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:24, p.1
11/21/2008 Nicole Lyricc, fashion designer and rap artist, featured in fashion show in Lang Hall Auditorium. Lyricc is a Waterloo native; photo.
86 UNI executive vice president and provost search narrows to four candidates Fourth Candidate to be on campus Nov. 17 and 18
Public Relations News Release 2008:218, p.1
11/13/2008 Gary Olson, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Illinois State University will interview in the two-day process, which will include meetings with students, faculty, and staff and a question-and-answer session with the campus community.
87 UNI executive vice president and provost search narrows to four candidates Third candidate to be on campus Nov. 13 and 14
Public Relations News Release 2008:211, p.1
11/11/2008 Hector Flores, dean and professor of biology in the College of Science at Texas State University in San Marcos, will be interviewed in a two-day process. This will include meetings with students, faculty, and staff and a question-and-answer session.
88 UNI executive vice president and provost search narrows to four candidates Second candidate to be on campus Nov. 6 and 7
Public Relations News Release 2008:195, p.1
11/4/2008 Gloria Gibson, dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Arkansas State University, will interview at UNI. The two-day interview process will include meetings with students, faculty, and staff and a question-and-answer session.
89 UNI executive vice president and provost search narrows to four candidates
Public Relations News Release 2008:191, p.1
10/30/2008 Four finalists will make campus visits and take part in public presentations. James Mackin, provost and vice president for academic affairs at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, will interview on Nov. 3 and 4.
90 UNI Interpreters Theatre to present "Wild at Heart" Oct 23-25
Public Relations News Release 2008:157, p.1
10/20/2008 "Wild at Heart" is the story of Sailor and Lula, unconditional lovers whose dreams always seem just out of their reach. They are on the run from Lula's disapproving mother and the private eye she has hired to steal Lula away from Sailor..
91 UNI hosts Fast Forward electronic-media workshop Oct. 17
Public Relations News Release 2008:120, p.1
10/3/2008 "Fast Forward: Distance Yourself from the Competition," is an electronic media workshop that brings together academics and journalists. It provides a training opportunity for newsroom beginners to experts. There are seven workshops being offered.
92 WorldCom whistle-blower to tell story at UNI
Public Relations News Release 2008:57, p.1
9/9/2008 Cynthia Cooper helped grow the company she worked for into a corporate behemoth, then assisted in its downfall by revealing massive internal fraud.
93 UNI to present lecture on the historical Jesus
Public Relations News Release 2008:39, p.1
9/3/2008 "The Kingdom of God in a Time of Terror: Jesus and the Roman Empire," will be the topic of a lecture by John Dominic Crossan in Lang Hall Auditorium.
94 ROTC student to be commissioned at May 2008 ceremonies
Public Relations News Release 2007:670, p.1
5/7/2008 Five seniors and cadets in the U. S. Army Reserve Officer Training Corps will be commissioned as second lieutenants during a ceremony on Saturday in Lang Hall Auditorium. Major General Ron Dardis of Johnston speaks at the ceremony. Brief profiles.
95 UNI Launches Multimedia Summer Camp for High School Students
Public Relations News Release 2007:646, p.1
4/29/2008 UNI will host Camp Multimedia, a week-long multimedia camp for high school students, June 9 - 14.
96 Panther News
Northern Iowan 104:52, p.5
4/25/2008 Weekly news program produced by and for UNI students; photo.
97 New game show makes stars
Conaway--Brandon U. (Student--2006)
Northern Iowan 104:40, p.1
3/4/2008 "Panther Shout Out" tapes on campus with students as contestants. Produced by Cedar River Productions, a student-run electronic media production group.
98 UNI V-Day sponsors activities
Northern Iowan 104:35, p.4
2/15/2008 V-Month includes a self defense seminar, poetry slam, music night, film night, and two performances of the "Vagina Monologues".
99 Sentence handed down for arsonists
Calcara--Sally A. (Student--2007)
Northern Iowan 104:16, p.4
10/19/2007 Aaron Lessmeier and Tanner Wilkens were sentenced to thirty years in prison and ordered to repay $2 million following their convictions of setting fire to Gilchrist Hall and other buildings in 2005.
100 Homecoming Out Day, Matthew Shepard vigil and other events educate students
Fleming--Rachel M. (Student--2006)
Northern Iowan 104:15, p.1
10/16/2007 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Ally Union holds events during Homecoming to educate the public; photo.


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