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51 T. C. alumnus in law firm
College Eye 16:11, p.5
11/11/1924 Paul James has joined a law firm partnership.
52 Moon and Mavrelis "Fording it" east
College Eye 16:2, p.8
9/10/1924 George Mavrelis and Glenn Moon will study at Harvard University.
53 We often have occasion
College Eye 14:52, p.2
7/20/1923 Claims that valuable teachers have been lost to the medical, law, and business professions.
54 Mr. Paul James
College Eye 14:46, p.4
5/23/1923 Paul James graduated from Harvard University and is practicing law in Des Moines.
55 William Todd
College Eye 13:31, p.8
4/19/1922 Visited friends; studying law at the University of Iowa.
56 T. C. alumnus becomes presiding judge of superior courts of Los Angeles county California
College Eye 13:28, p.5
3/29/1922 Profile of Frank R. Willis.
57 Ina D. Shuttleworth
Alumni News Letter 5:2, p.5
4/1/1921 Shuttleworth is member of law firm in Des Moines: Miller, Kelley, Shuttleworth, and Seeburger.
58 Law schools attract three students
College Eye 12:21, p.2
2/9/1921 Drake University Law school drew two students and one went to Iowa City.
59 Sophus Jacobsen
College Eye 12:4, p.8
9/22/1920 Will attend Harvard Law School.
60 New student to study law; through under physical handicap George Schnepf perseveres
College Eye 11:26, p.2
3/31/1920 George Schnepf, who came here from the school for the blind in Vinton, plans to continue his education in law school.
61 Dr. David Kline Bond
College Eye 8:22, p.6
3/28/1917 David K. Bond dies at age 60 in Waterloo.
62 Harry McDonald
College Eye 8:13, p.8
1/10/1917 Is studying law in Chicago; visited the Hill during Christmas break.
63 Lester Ary
College Eye 8:13, p.7
1/10/1917 Visited Cedar Falls; plans to study law at Yale University.
64 "Andy" Meyer
College Eye 8:12, p.8
12/13/1916 Is studying law at the University of Iowa.
65 Mr. Harry McDonald
College Eye 7:28, p.8
5/3/1916 Has decided to study law.
66 Mr. Lew McDonald
College Eye 7:28, p.8
5/3/1916 Is a superintendent and is practicing law.
67 Mr. Homer Veatch
College Eye 7:27, p.8
4/26/1916 Is studying law and returned home for Easter vacation.
68 Mr. Homer Veatch
College Eye 7:7, p.8
11/3/1915 Entered the law school at the Iowa State University.
69 Arben Young
College Eye 7:4, p.7
10/13/1915 Studying law in Iowa City.
70 Homer Veatch
College Eye 7:4, p.7
10/13/1915 Studying law at Iowa City.
71 Mr. Karl Knoepfler
College Eye 7:4, p.7
10/13/1915 Working at the Keefe law firm in Walthill, Nebraska.
72 Ole J. Kirketeg
College Eye 7:4, p.7
10/13/1915 Studying law in Iowa City.
73 Tom McDonald
College Eye 7:3, p.7
10/6/1915 Studying law at Iowa.
74 Miscarriage of Justice
Ary--Lester C. (Class of 1915; Extension Faculty)
Old Gold 0:0, p.241
6/1/1915 Story written by student Lester Ary.
75 Karl J. Knoepfler
College Eye 4:12, p.6
12/10/1914 Is on editorial staff of the Iowa Law Bulletin.
76 Lee Shillinglaw
College Eye 4:4, p.7
10/1/1914 Beginning his senior year of Law in Iowa City.
77 O. J. Kirketeg
College Eye 4:3, p.7
9/24/1914 Visited friends on campus before entering law classes at the state university.
78 D. Longstreth
College Eye 2:8, p.1
10/24/1912 Oscan Longstreth will practice law in Arkansas.
79 Mr. Chas. O. Basham
College Eye 2:4, p.3
9/26/1912 Studying law in Valparaiso, Indiana.
80 H. G. Martin
College Eye 1:19, p.6
2/21/1912 Is teaching junior year at a high school in Minneapolis while he is attending law school. He visited campus last week.
81 A card from Casper Schenk
College Eye 1:18, p.6
2/14/1912 Practicing law in Des Moines.
82 Frank R. Willis
College Eye 1:15, p.7
1/24/1912 Is currently a judge of the superior court of California.
83 C. S. Missildine
College Eye 1:10, p.8
11/15/1911 Studying law at Drake University.
84 C. W. Lyon
Normal Eyte 20:19, p.326
2/2/1910 Was a judge at a recent debate; has position as assistant attorney general in Des Moines..
85 Carl C. Magee
Normal Eyte 20:3, p.50
9/23/1909 Is practicing law in Oklahoma with his brother.
86 D. D. Schneider
Normal Eyte 19:25, p.394
4/14/1909 Attorney in Tacoma, Washington.
87 G. Carl Hoyt
Normal Eyte 19:25, p.394
4/14/1909 Studying law at University of Michigan.
88 J. J. McMahon
Normal Eyte 19:23, p.362
3/31/1909 Practicing law in Algona; also edits newspaper.
89 Ralph Hardie
Normal Eyte 19:23, p.363
3/31/1909 Attorney in Lebanon.
90 W. J. Bock
Normal Eyte 19:23, p.363
3/31/1909 County attorney in Dickinson County.
91 S. C. Smith
Normal Eyte 19:19, p.300
2/17/1909 Practicing law in Winterset.
92 Edward S. Tesdell
Normal Eyte 19:8, p.121
10/28/1908 Studying law at Drake University.
93 George Harris and Harry McNally
Normal Eyte 19:2, p.31
9/16/1908 Will study law at University of Minnesota.
94 Some of our alumni
Normal Eyte 18:19, p.296
2/12/1908 Clara McCullough received Ph. D. from University of Iowa; now studying law there.
95 Mr. Harry G. Hayes
Normal Eyte 18:6, p.92
10/16/1907 Enrolled as a law student at the University of Michigan.
96 A number of the alumni
Normal Eyte 18:2, p.22
9/18/1907 Roster of those who graduated from the University of Iowa this year.
97 Friends are in receipt of an announcement
Normal Eyte 17:30, p.475
5/1/1907 Casper Schenk is practicing law in Des Moines.
98 Galen G. Ripley
Normal Eyte 17:26, p.411
4/3/1907 Practicing law in Spokane, Washington.
99 C. W. Ramseyer
Normal Eyte 17:25, p.393
3/27/1907 Prosecuting attorney in Davis County.
100 Ernest C. Smith
Normal Eyte 17:20, p.314
2/13/1907 Hopes to complete law course at University of Michigan.


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