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1 Better letter then never
Bovee--Eugene Cleveland (Class of 1939; Science Faculty)
Nonpareil 72:2, p.31
3/1/1988 Humorous recollection from student athlete who failed to receive letter until recently.
2 Cage letters awarded
Northern Iowan 77:46, p.19
4/10/1981 Athletic department awards varsity letters to ten members of the men's basketball team.
3 Varsity letters awarded in football
Northern Iowan 76:20, p.12
11/16/1979 Football team members were awarded varsity letters.
4 Awards given to UNI athletes
Northern Iowan 71:52, p.10
4/25/1975 Sixty-four varsity letter awards were given to students participating in winter sports.
5 Winter letters announced
Northern Iowan 68:42, p.6
3/21/1972 Letter winners for the winter season were announced; a list is given.
6 42 letters awarded at UNI
Northern Iowan 68:23, p.10
12/10/1971 List of letter winners.
7 51 varsity letters awarded at UNI
Northern Iowan 67:48, p.8
4/27/1971 Gymnastics, basketball, swimming, and wrestling awards were given.
8 Varsity sports letters awarded
Northern Iowan 66:46, p.6
4/7/1970 List of those who received letters.
9 Twelve frosh win wrestling awards
Northern Iowan 65:49, p.6
4/11/1969 Twelve freshmen were awarded wrestling certificates.
10 Forty-three sports awards given to winter athletes
Northern Iowan 65:48, p.9
4/8/1969 Varsity and freshmen award winners were named.
11 Football awards
Northern Iowan 65:29, p.7
12/20/1968 Varsity and freshmen letter-winners named.
12 Seventy athletes awarded letters
Northern Iowan 64:59, p.4
6/21/1968 Panthers involved in spring sports receive letters.
13 Varsity letter award winners announced
Northern Iowan 64:47, p.7
4/12/1968 Forty-three varsity letters and twenty-seven awards were received by UNI athletes; list of those honored.
14 65 athletes awarded winter sports awards
College Eye 63:44, p.10
4/7/1967 The banquet was held on Wednesday; list of those who won letters.
15 Lettermen--1967 captains named at football banquet
College Eye 63:19, p.7
11/18/1966 A summary of the banquet activities.
16 48 athletes given awards in basketball and wrestling
College Eye 60:46, p.4
4/12/1966 Forty-eight SCI students were honored for winter athletics participation; list of recipients.
17 Six more win letters
College Eye 60:21, p.3
11/23/1965 Names of six students are added to the list of SCI men who received letters for football.
18 Ray Eliot speaks at football banquet
College Eye 60:20, p.8
11/19/1965 List of award and letter winners.
19 Fall sports awards given to 66 gridders, harriers
College Eye 59:16, p.6
1/15/1965 Twenty-eight varsity football letter-winners, twenty-nine freshman football numeral winners, six varsity cross country winners, and three freshman cross country numeral winners.
20 Announce letter, numeral winners for winter sports
College Eye 58:24, p.6
4/10/1964 Twenty-four athletes received varsity letters, and twenty-three freshmen received numerals; list of recipients.
21 Sixty men receive letters, numerals
College Eye 58:11, p.7
12/6/1963 List of varsity and freshman who received letters and numerals for participating in football and cross country.
22 Sports awards presented to seventy-three athletes
College Eye 57:32, p.4
5/31/1963 List of letter winners.
23 42 athletes win awards in basketball, wrestling
College Eye 57:26, p.7
4/19/1963 List of letter winners.
24 62 Panthers awarded letters and numerals in fall sports
College Eye 57:14, p.6
1/11/1963 List of those honored.
25 43 basketball and wrestling awards presented to players
College Eye 56:26, p.6
4/6/1962 List of letter winners.
26 22 frosh given football numerals
College Eye 56:12, p.6
12/8/1961 Athletic department announces twenty-two freshmen will receive football numerals; list of award winners.
27 Kroemer gets oil can
College Eye 56:11, p.6
12/1/1961 List of those who won awards at football banquet.
28 Basketball, wrestling letters awarded
College Eye 52:25, p.7
4/7/1961 Forty-six basketball and wrestling awards have been announced for this year.
29 23 awards given to football team
College Eye 52:13, p.7
12/15/1960 Jim Witham awards twenty-three letters to ISTC football players.
30 14 receive cage letters
College Eye 51:24, p.4
3/26/1960 Letter winners for the 1959-1960 basketball season are listed.
31 28 win varsity football letters
College Eye 51:10, p.6
11/20/1959 Letter winners for the 1959 football season are announced.
32 78 letters awarded to spring athletes
College Eye 50:33, p.3
6/19/1959 List of letter winners.
33 50 given winter sports monograms
College Eye 50:26, p.5
4/10/1959 Lists letter winners.
34 Letter winners are announced
College Eye 50:12, p.6
12/5/1958 Gives a list of all those who received letters for football.
35 Heaton and Vovos win third awards
College Eye 49:28, p.4
4/18/1958 List of wrestling letter winners.
36 Basketball letters are given eight
College Eye 49:27, p.5
4/11/1958 List of letter winners.
37 Grid letters awarded to twenty-eight
College Eye 49:13, p.4
12/13/1957 Eleven seniors, six juniors, and eleven sophomores receive awards.
38 Baseball, track letters awarded
College Eye 48:32, p.3
6/21/1957 Letter winners for the 1957 baseball and track season are listed.
39 Basketball letters
College Eye 48:25, p.4
4/12/1957 List of letter winners for the 1956-57 season.
40 Wrestling awards
College Eye 48:25, p.5
4/12/1957 List of letter winners are announced for the 1956-57 season.
41 Mendenhall announces 21 grid letters
College Eye 48:12, p.4
12/14/1956 Letter winners for the 1956 football season are listed.
42 Winter sports letters awarded
College Eye 47:30, p.5
5/11/1956 Letter winners are announced.
43 Football letters awarded to 25
College Eye 47:13, p.4
12/16/1955 List of twenty-five TC football players who received letters.
44 Wrestling letterwinners
College Eye 46:31, p.4
5/20/1955 List of wrestlers who won letters.
45 Ten Panthers win letters
College Eye 46:23, p.4
3/11/1955 List of basketball letter winners.
46 Ten receive varsity letters
College Eye 45:29, p.5
5/7/1954 Varsity basketball letter winners are listed.
47 22 Tutors get football letters
College Eye 45:15, p.4
1/15/1954 The Iowa Teachers Athletic Board announces 22 letter winners for the 1953 season.
48 Winter sports awards to 24
College Eye 44:27, p.7
4/17/1953 List of recipients chosen by athletic director Mendenhall.
49 27 Tutors receive awards for winning title; four lead in statistics for 1952 season
College Eye 44:11, p.4
11/21/1952 Season statistics; list of letter winner.
50 52 get spring sports awards
College Eye 43:39, p.1
8/1/1952 List of award winners.


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