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51 Library books will be moved on Monday
College Eye 40:24, p.8
4/1/1949 Hope to complete shift in a week.
52 Library needs student help; moving plans call for aid from students
College Eye 40:23, p.1
3/25/1949 Periodicals will be placed on first level; other books will be shifted for more efficient retrieval.
53 Campus library has come long way since 1876
College Eye 39:40, p.6
7/30/1948 Brief history of library services.
54 Murals can inspire students with good neck muscles
College Eye 39:33, p.6
6/11/1948 Description of the murals in the library.
55 Library
Old Gold 0:0, p.25
6/1/1948 Under the direction of Marybelle McClelland, the library has over 140,000 volumes, 600 current periodicals, 5000 small prints, and numerous wall pictures, along with a museum on the fourth floor; photo.
56 Progressive education today will provide for a strong and peaceful nation tomorrow
Old Gold 0:0, p.286
6/1/1948 Brief description of the school year; photo.
57 The Library
Old Gold 0:0, p.12
6/1/1948 The sanctuary for serious study, this photo shows a view of the Library with students outside; photo.
58 Bulletin board display features Latin America
College Eye 39:27, p.6
59 Photos to exhibit world nationalities
College Eye 39:9, p.1
11/14/1947 Will show nationalities at different periods in their history.
60 Library art exhibits vastly improved
College Eye 39:6, p.2
10/24/1947 Praises the new, less cluttered layout for the art display in the library.
61 Library
Old Gold 0:0, p.39
6/1/1947 Brief description of the building; photo.
62 Night Snow Scene
Old Gold 0:0, p.16
6/1/1947 Photo.
63 History of Iowa pictures in libe
College Eye 38:29, p.8
4/25/1947 On loan from Library of Congress to commemorate Iowa centennial.
64 Take pictures down to paint library walls
College Eye 38:24, p.7
3/21/1947 Not all will be re-hung; smaller groups will be hung periodically.
65 Teachers College library contains 140,000 volumes
College Eye 37:40, p.1
7/26/1946 A look at the various collections in the Library.
66 Untitled
Old Gold 0:0, p.2
6/1/1946 Library; photo.
67 "Briefing" for democracy's greatest mission--teaching
Old Gold 0:0, p.59
6/1/1945 A student recalls her experiences with the facilities of the Teachers College; photo.
68 Book worm's hangout - the "Libe"
Old Gold 0:0, p.12
6/1/1945 The Library Building; photo.
69 Honoraries pursue wisdom with happiness
Old Gold 0:0, p.82
6/1/1945 Torch and Tassel members push sales, Pi Gamma Mu listens to election returns, and students go to the library and find teaching positions; photo.
70 Marybelle McClelland, librarian
Old Gold 0:0, p.33
6/1/1945 The duties and responsibilities of librarian Marybelle McClelland; photo.
71 'Vacancies' in library reduced to zero
College Eye 36:25, p.4
3/23/1945 Miss McClelland notes that students are filling just about all of the seats in the Library.
72 Library door has hole
College Eye 36:24, p.3
3/16/1945 Library now has external book drop in front door.
73 Library streamlines old 'fenced in' desk
Benoit--Mary (Student--1945)
College Eye 36:16, p.1
1/12/1945 New streamlined service desk replaces old horseshoe-shaped desk.
74 Adventures lurk in Library stacks
College Eye 36:14, p.1
12/15/1944 Urges students to browse in the stacks, which have been open since February 14, 1944.
75 Student speaks on overdue books
Schlegel--Arlene R. (Class of 1948)
College Eye 36:5, p.2
10/6/1944 Discusses the problems encountered when people fail to return their books on time.
76 "Guinea pig' and light meter find library is 'in the dark'
College Eye 36:4, p.1
9/29/1944 Reporter with light meter finds library lighting inadequate; photo.
77 View your 210 acre college "home"
College Eye 36:1, p.6
9/8/1944 Aerial view of campus with a lengthy description of its features; photo.
78 Summer students really study, says McClelland
College Eye 35:38, p.3
7/14/1944 Marybelle McClelland is impressed by summer student study habits.
79 Taken time to enjoy library murals?
College Eye 35:36, p.1
6/30/1944 Lengthy description of the Seerley Hall murals.
80 Stacks at library are now available
College Eye 35:33, p.5
6/9/1944 Library stacks have been open to students for several months.
81 In the "Libe"
Old Gold 0:0, p.194
6/1/1944 Photo.
82 The Library
Old Gold 0:0, p.192
6/1/1944 Photo.
83 The Library Building
Old Gold 0:0, p.18
6/1/1944 Photo of the Library Building.
84 Library notes; from one reader to the next
Neff--Grace K. (Library Faculty)
College Eye 35:29, p.2
4/28/1944 Recommends good library books.
85 Open-shelf library system
College Eye 35:15, p.2
1/7/1944 Advocates open stacks system in library to increase accessibility of books.
86 Outstanding Library is Advantage of Every Student
Old Gold 0:0, p.151
6/1/1943 The library or "libe" as students called it, is not only a place to go to study, but also a gathering place for students to meet up for various reasons; photo.
87 'Watch us as we climb to fame and glory; we are here for victory'
College Eye 34:1, p.1
9/9/1942 Quick survey of campus buildings; photo.
88 For research, study--the library
College Eye 34:1, p.3
9/9/1942 Students study at the library; photo.
89 Murals in Library painted by Dodge of New York
College Eye 33:44, p.4
8/14/1942 Lengthy explanation of the meaning of the murals.
90 Bat disturbs 'students'
College Eye 33:31, p.1
5/8/1942 Bat flies around library reading room.
91 Library fans create coolness and comfort
College Eye 32:39, p.1
7/18/1941 Fans installed to help cool Library.
92 Dreams that won't come true
College Eye 32:38, p.3
7/11/1941 A vision of the library as a dance floor.
93 Library
Old Gold 0:0, p.33
6/1/1941 Brief description of the building; photo.
94 About air-conditioning
Schaffert--Katherine (Student--1940)
College Eye 31:42, p.2
8/9/1940 Believes that the library building should have an air-conditioner.
95 Library-goers make breezes
College Eye 31:41, p.1
8/2/1940 Students study in the library next to their own small electric fans brought from home; photo.
96 Variety of places used for study
College Eye 30:42, p.2
8/11/1939 Students find places other than the Library to study.
97 Tag pullers give trouble
College Eye 30:39, p.1
7/14/1939 Students pull labels off pictures in the Library.
98 Fire in library causes excitement
College Eye 30:38, p.1
7/7/1939 Small electrical fire causes little damage.
99 Flies and studies
College Eye 30:38, p.2
7/7/1939 Finds flies annoying when she is trying to study.
100 Students do use the library; but for what?
College Eye 30:34, p.2
6/5/1939 What students do in the library.


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