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201 The Triangular Debate
Normal Eyte 20:27, p.443
4/6/1910 Lack of society and school spirit hindering Triangular Debate.
202 Editorial
Normal Eyte 20:26, p.427
3/30/1910 Acquaint yourself with the library; society work unsatisfactory this year as the societies try to interpret the new rules governing their programs.
203 Official
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 20:26, p.428
3/30/1910 Brief Commencement week schedule; contractor putting roof on new Library; Lecture Committee has done fine work; committee assignments for Parish funeral; literary society work must be protected..
204 Report of the intersociety basketball games, 1909-1910
Normal Eyte 20:26, p.441
3/30/1910 Financial report.
205 Society regulations; Prof. Tompkins explains faculty action in regard to society and rhetorical work
Tompkins--Seeley K. (English Faculty)
Normal Eyte 20:26, p.431
3/30/1910 Professor Tompkins explains the rationale behind the new regulations.
206 Editorial
Normal Eyte 20:24, p.395
3/18/1910 Uniformity among three state schools welcome; extensive entertainment during winter term hurt schoolwork; petty theft occurring on campus; get your reports to the paper on time; photo.
207 New plan of society work; more voluntary system adopted; account of faculty action on February 14, 1910
Normal Eyte 20:22, p.360
2/23/1910 Text of faculty rules governing participation in literary society work.
208 Editorial
Normal Eyte 20:19, p.311
2/2/1910 Debate outcomes should be decided by a judge; leave Saturday for literary society activities.
209 Intersociety basketball again; women's organizations to play annual tournament of nine games
Normal Eyte 20:17, p.290
1/19/1910 Tournament will begin next Friday.
210 Oratorical contest occurs; women's societies battle for school championship next Saturday evening
Normal Eyte 20:14, p.233
12/15/1909 Roster of speakers and their topics.
211 Editorial
Normal Eyte 20:9, p.151
11/3/1909 Forensics debate and football game this weekend; students should support their school above their society.
212 Editorial; what's in a name?
Normal Eyte 20:7, p.119
10/20/1909 Name change to Iowa State Teachers College is good; societies need to turn in reports for publication earlier.
213 Editorial
Normal Eyte 20:2, p.17
9/15/1909 New students must decide which societies to join; special issue boosts football team.
214 Society anniversaries; women's societies appear in annual parade
Normal Eyte 20:0, p.5
6/12/1909 Men's societies present programs; graduates receive pins; description of costumes.
215 Black Hawk County Fair
Old Gold 0:0, p.319
6/1/1909 Was held in September, brief description; photo
216 Calendar
Old Gold 0:0, p.363
6/1/1909 Monthly look at the events of last school year, 1908-1909.
217 Literary Societies
Ceperley--William A. (Student--1909)
Old Gold 0:0, p.183
218 The Commencement Parade
Old Gold 0:0, p.184
6/1/1909 Photo of women's literary societies.
219 Editorial
Normal Eyte 19:13, p.200
12/16/1908 Is intersociety men's basketball helping train new players for intercollegiate play, or is it hurting the school's unity?; photo.
220 Tennis championship; women's tournament already closed with Anne Shanewise winner--men's finals will be played this week
Normal Eyte 19:8, p.114
10/28/1908 Intersociety tournament shows good promise for return of intercollegiate play; results of the matches.
221 The Oratorical Association
Normal Eyte 19:6, p.85
10/14/1908 Must make arrangements for state contest to be held in Cedar Falls this year.
222 The past week
Normal Eyte 19:4, p.62
9/30/1908 Many women are undergoing hazing by the sororities and literary societies.
223 Football; the effect of inter-society games upon intercollegiate contests
Normal Eyte 19:2, p.20
9/16/1908 Challenges between men's societies last year created a good foundation for this year's intercollegiate team; photo.
224 Untitled
Normal Eyte 19:1, p.1
9/9/1908 Plans for the newspaper for the year; will include Professor Bender's column as well as news about alumni, literary societies, and athletics.
225 Literary societies
Denny--Milo Bennett (Student--1907)
Old Gold 0:0, p.165
6/1/1908 Drawing showing literary societies and scrolls on writers.
226 The Debating League
Normal Eyte 18:32, p.497
5/27/1908 Agree to hold annual dual debate with Emporia.
227 Women's Department of Physical Training; should girls' inter-society match games be played here?
Normal Eyte 18:26, p.413
4/15/1908 Still attempting to overcome bitter feelings engendered in last year's society basketball games.
228 The Saturday evening meetings
Normal Eyte 18:23, p.353
3/25/1908 Debaters for preliminary contest selected; will debate expansion of federal government authority.
229 Triangular results
Normal Eyte 18:23, p.355
3/25/1908 A look back at this competition among the three men's societies; scores this year were Philos 5, Aristos 3, Orios 1.
230 The banquet season is here
Normal Eyte 18:21, p.324
2/26/1908 Banqueting of one literary society by another is getting too expensive.
231 Women's Department of Physical Training
Bruce--Lillian H. (Physical Training Faculty)
Normal Eyte 18:20, p.314
2/19/1908 Lillian Bruce pleads with women to adopt good sportsmanship; unhappy that intersociety basketball was discontinued this year.
232 Official
Normal Eyte 18:16, p.249
1/22/1908 Harriet Fowler will substitute for Laura Falkler; two more literary societies will be organized; chapel talks about educational conventions were appreciated; encourages people to visit the greenhouse.
233 About thirty-five students
Normal Eyte 18:14, p.216
1/8/1908 Thirty-five students applied for literary societies by taking the test.
234 It is to be hoped
Normal Eyte 18:14, p.209
1/8/1908 Encourages men's societies to be more active during the winter term.
235 And now, further remarks are in order
Normal Eyte 18:8, p.113
10/30/1907 Explains why society news is often left out of Normal Eyte.
236 The literary societies
Normal Eyte 18:8, p.113
10/30/1907 Encourages literary societies to enter teams in intersociety athletics.
237 What's the matter
Normal Eyte 18:5, p.68
10/9/1907 Wants to have a joint meeting of all the men's' literary societies.
238 Official
Normal Eyte 18:4, p.51
10/2/1907 Faculty considering the role of Latin in the curriculum; debaters will receive college credit; physical examinations of students about done; ISNS infrastructure in good shape; band being reorganized; considering recognition of work done at ISNS.
239 About three hundred
Normal Eyte 18:2, p.29
9/18/1907 Took the society test.
240 The provisional literary societies
Normal Eyte 18:2, p.22
9/18/1907 Two hundred fifty students enrolled in literary societies; an additional society was formed to accommodate the students.
241 Societies
Denny--Milo Bennett (Student--1907)
Old Gold 0:0, p.163
6/1/1907 Two students.
242 If the reporters for the various literary societies
Normal Eyte 17:28, p.433
4/17/1907 Welcomes good submissions to the Normal Eyte from the literary societies.
243 The literary societies are choosing the men who are to represent them
Normal Eyte 17:27, p.418
4/10/1907 Spring triangular debate is to be held, societies are picking their representatives.
244 They say
Normal Eyte 17:26, p.402
4/3/1907 Believes some people are too long-winded.
245 When the leaves begin to turn
Normal Eyte 17:16, p.241
1/16/1907 Men's societies are preparing for debate.
246 The senior girls
Normal Eyte 17:10, p.157
11/14/1906 Will play series of basketball games; some literary societies are planning to play as well.
247 Intersociety oratorical contests
Pedagog 0:0, p.99
6/1/1906 Results of the intersociety contests, 1900, 1903-1905; photo.
248 An increasing number of students
Normal Eyte 16:28, p.433
4/18/1906 Many students are training themselves in public speaking.
249 The Provisional societies
Normal Eyte 16:21, p.334
2/21/1906 Planning joint session.
250 Alpha orator wins; Margaret Kelly, Alpha, first; Edith Ufford, Chresto, second; Helen Porter, Shake, third
Normal Eyte 16:14, p.209
12/20/1905 Women's literary societies hold oratory contest.


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