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1 Pure as the driven snow
Schreck--Anna E. (Student--2009)
Northern Iowan 107:38, p.10
2/22/2011 Following the melting of the snow last week, the trash let behind by those who litter was revealed. It takes very little effort to walk to a trash can. Let's clean up the Hill and all areas with a little effort; photo.
2 The simplest of solutions
McPheron--Kristen Jenna (Student--2009)
Northern Iowan 106:54, p.4
4/30/2010 Keep America Beautiful has unbelievable statistics on littering. Iowa schools spend over three million dollars each year on litter cleanup.
3 I spy litter at UNI
Bohlke--Laura Catherine (Student--2009)
Northern Iowan 106:15, p.8
10/20/2009 Believes Homecoming brings out the worst in students. Littering on campus was terrible. Students urged to put trash in the proper receptacle.
4 "Bash the Trash" cleans up College Hill
Anderson--John David (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:51, p.4
4/21/2009 Team Connection will sponsor "Bash the Trash" in the College Hill neighborhood Saturday. Participants will spend the morning picking up garbage in the area, followed by a picnic catered by Hy-Vee; photo.
5 Learning responsibility
O'Loughlin--Emily (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:48, p.5
4/10/2009 Believes that cleaning up after yourself makes for neater dining areas, parks, and work areas. This simple act also appears to make those around you happier.
6 Trash clean up expensive
Bardsley--Laura Lee (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:14, p.1
10/17/2008 Cleaning up after football games takes nearly sixty man hours and $2000; photo.
7 Autumn: leaves or litter?
O'Loughlin--Emily (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:13, p.7
10/14/2008 Trash is a very unbecoming sight in yards, along streets and highways, or on our campus.
8 Talkin' trash
Northern Iowan 99:15, p.9
10/22/2002 Criticizes people for littering on and off campus.
9 Keeping our campus looking good
Northern Iowan 99:6, p.14
9/20/2002 Criticizes students and faculty for littering on campus.
10 Custodians not 'maids' to clean up after 13,000 students
Kirk--Amanda J.
Northern Iowan 94:37, p.7
2/17/1998 Student asks other students to put their trash where it belongs.
11 Spring cleaning UNI!
Wallendal--Heather M. (Class of 1995)
Northern Iowan 90:55, p.1
4/26/1994 Student picks up trash on campus; photo.
12 Adopt-a-highway travels to UNI
Northern Iowan 86:44, p.6
3/9/1990 Several UNI organizations looking into highway clean-up program.
13 Clean-up crew thanked
Northern Iowan 85:18, p.3
14 Community Pride Day named
Woelfel--Jodi (Student--1988-1990)
Northern Iowan 85:16, p.1
10/21/1988 UNISA and other groups will pick up litter around campus neighborhood.
15 UNISA encourages 'pride' participation
Schlobohm--Jack S. (Class of 1991)
Northern Iowan 85:16, p.2
10/21/1988 Hopes students will help with litter clean up around Hill.
16 Constitutionality debate continues
Dotseth--Keith (Class of 1987)
Northern Iowan 83:9, p.3
9/26/1986 The writer defends an earlier letter about a recently passed UNISA policy.
17 Letter writers 'woefully misinformed'
Northern Iowan 83:8, p.3
9/23/1986 Criticizes recent letters to the editor about a new UNISA policy.
18 Bill destroys freedom of speech
Dotseth--Keith (Class of 1987)
Northern Iowan 83:7, p.2
9/19/1986 Feels that a recent bill keeping flyers off campus violates the First Amendment.
19 Law limits excess
Northern Iowan 83:6, p.2
9/16/1986 Feels a recently passed decision barring students from posting notices outdoors on campus will limit organizations' ability to provide information.
20 UNISA flyer bill 'ridiculous'
Wheeler--Rebecca (Class of 1987; English Faculty)
Northern Iowan 83:6, p.4
9/16/1986 A student protests a recent bill banning flyers from being posted on campus
21 Outdoor posters, flyers seen as area pollution.
Northern Iowan 83:5, p.1
9/12/1986 Opinions split on whether public posting is necessary to advertise student events.
22 Students also responsible
Northern Iowan 82:45, p.2
3/28/1986 Encourages students to work to keep the campus clean.
23 Untitled
Northern Iowan 81:14, p.4
10/23/1984 Grade school students noticed a lot of litter after Homecoming.
24 Tomahawk pledge class
Northern Iowan 80:50, p.7
4/10/1984 Will hold all-campus clean-up.
25 Litter-acy on campus
Northern Iowan 80:20, p.2
11/8/1983 Requests that student dispose of garbage in waste baskets.
26 RHA begins fall events
Northern Iowan 80:17, p.7
10/28/1983 Will include campus clean-up and Halloween activities.
Robst--Elizabeth L. (Class of 1984)
Northern Iowan 80:17, p.4
10/28/1983 Opposes US presence in Lebanon; seeks more trash bins around campus.
28 Campus Clean-up
Northern Iowan 79:10, p.7
10/1/1982 Groups will clean up campus.
29 Cleanup on Sunday
Koehler--Catherine (Class of 1985)
Northern Iowan 79:10, p.3
10/1/1982 Campus groups will clean up campus.
30 Between UNI
Northern Iowan 79:9, p.2
9/28/1982 Editor encourages people to use trash receptacles for their intended purpose.
31 Garbage: a trashy problem
Northern Iowan 77:47, p.2
4/14/1981 Rebecca Strohbehn asks for a little consideration from those who play with people's garbage.
32 Thanks Greeks
Northern Iowan 75:55, p.2
5/11/1979 C. Hugh Pettersen thanks the Greeks for cleaning the College Hill area.
33 Great Iowa Clean-up day
Cahill--Mary E. (Class of 1981)
Northern Iowan 75:52, p.6
5/1/1979 Governor Robert Ray is sponsoring the "Great Iowa Clean-up" on May 5.
34 Greek clean-up
Northern Iowan 75:51, p.12
4/27/1979 UNI fraternities are planning a clean up of College Hill on May 3.
35 Pitch in . . . Throw away . . .
Northern Iowan 75:8, p.3
9/26/1978 Trash strewn around a trash receptacle shows the messier side of UNI; photo.
36 Make the trash cans reappear
Scheldrup--Chris J. (Class of 1980)
Northern Iowan 74:56, p.2
5/5/1978 Asks that those who borrowed the litter barrels to return them to the Hill.
37 Survey shows metro residents think there is litter problem
Northern Iowan 74:48, p.8
4/7/1978 Results of CBBR survey released.
38 Think--don't litter
Northern Iowan 74:20, p.9
11/8/1977 As part of Parents Weekend, students and their families took part in a massive clean up of the campus; photo.
39 Trash cans get a new look
Northern Iowan 74:20, p.1
11/8/1977 A contest for decorating garbage cans to be placed on the Hill was held, and the winners are displayed; photo.
40 Football fans rowdy at Shrine game
Northern Iowan 74:11, p.13
10/7/1977 Crowd sailed paper airplanes and left a great deal of litter.
41 Think--don't litter tomorrow
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 74:11, p.10
10/7/1977 Part of campaign to keep Hill clean.
42 Yesterday's treasures . . . today's trash
Northern Iowan 74:11, p.2
10/7/1977 A look at litter.
43 Too busy to litter
Northern Iowan 74:10, p.2
10/4/1977 UNISA and RHA are too busy with other activities to get involved with the College Hill clean-up.
44 Merchants begin litter campaign
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 74:7, p.1
9/23/1977 College Hill business leaders, city officials, and campus groups will attempt to clean up litter on the Hill.
45 Campus litter problem
Northern Iowan 72:51, p.2
4/13/1976 Chris Taylor urges students to put an end to the litter problem on campus.
46 Butt out!
Northern Iowan 70:5, p.3
9/28/1973 Dislikes litter on campus.
47 Project Pitch-In winners announced
Northern Iowan 69:51, p.1
5/1/1973 Several clean-up teams awarded kegs of beer.
48 Untitled
Bodnar--Edward W. (Class of 1974)
Northern Iowan 69:51, p.4
5/1/1973 UNI students help clean up UNI as part of Project Pitch-In; photo.
49 Register for Project Pitch In
Northern Iowan 69:49, p.8
4/24/1973 Groups will clean up areas on and around campus; best workers will receive keg of beer.
50 Project: Pitch In
Northern Iowan 69:44, p.5
4/6/1973 Seeking campus clean-up teams.


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