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201 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 3:27, p.212
4/7/1894 Meeting leaders announced; Sunday School discontinued so that students may attend services in town.
202 Mrs. Loughridge
Normal Eyte 3:26, p.207
3/31/1894 Speaks to women students.
203 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 3:23, p.181
3/3/1894 Meeting leaders announced; Professor Loughridge speaks.
204 Mrs. Loughridge and Mrs. Arey
Normal Eyte 3:21, p.167
2/17/1894 Are sick.
205 The library party
Normal Eyte 3:21, p.162
2/17/1894 Description of party at Frank Cotton's home in which students wore badges hinting at book titles; faculty and senior class were guests.
206 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 3:15, p.117
1/6/1894 Sunday School officers elected; attendance figures reported.
207 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 3:13, p.101
12/2/1893 Thanksgiving prayer meeting well-attended.
208 At the home of Prof. Loughridge
Normal Eyte 3:10, p.78
11/11/1893 W. W. Campbell, an old missionary friend, died there.
209 Prof. Loughridge
Normal Eyte 3:8, p.63
10/28/1893 Has been away.
210 Mrs. Loughridge
Normal Eyte 3:7, p.54
10/21/1893 Visiting mother.
211 The professors and instructors
Normal Eyte 3:3, p.24
9/23/1893 Form Cottage Literary Circle; Mrs. Loughridge is president of thirteen member group; Prof. Arey spoke to them on his Bahamas trip.
212 Prof. Loughridge
Normal Eyte 3:2, p.15
9/16/1893 Notes that his Latin class today has more members than the total of classes graduated nine years ago.
213 Alumni
Normal Eyte 2:37, p.282
6/17/1893 Program, meeting, and banquet of Alumni Association meeting at 1893 Commencement; President Seerley hopes that they will soon meet in a "new building".
214 Class Day
Normal Eyte 2:37, p.283
6/17/1893 Representatives of classes give their orations.
215 The faculty
Normal Eyte 2:36, p.274
6/10/1893 Faculty plans for the summer; most include trip to World's Fair in Chicago.
216 The military work this year has been eminently successful
Normal Eyte 2:36, p.273
6/10/1893 Praise for work of battalion and band this year; plan pending to lighten drill load for advanced students.
217 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 2:36, p.278
6/10/1893 Meeting leaders announced.
218 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 2:35, p.270
6/3/1893 Meeting leaders announced; delegates for Geneva meeting selected.
219 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 2:34, p.264
5/27/1893 Meeting leaders announced; Mrs. Loughridge will address missionary group on India.
220 Mr. and Mrs. Loughridge
Normal Eyte 2:33, p.257
5/20/1893 Called to home of sick friend in Waverly.
221 Y. M. & Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 2:32, p.248
5/13/1893 Meeting leaders announced; YWCA officers elected.
222 Philo open session
Normal Eyte 2:28, p.216
4/15/1893 Detailed description of program.
223 Prof. Loughridge
Normal Eyte 2:24, p.191
3/11/1893 Delivers lecture on mission work at Reinbeck.
224 The Philo open session
Normal Eyte 2:22, p.177
2/25/1893 Program for session.
225 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 2:22, p.178
2/25/1893 Meeting leaders announced; Sunday School attendance has been down.
226 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 2:21, p.170
2/18/1893 Leaders announced; Mrs. Young speaks on Alaska work.
227 The State Teachers Association
Normal Eyte 2:15, p.115
1/7/1893 Description of the program and the reunion of Normalites at the state meeting; list of those who attended.
228 The reunion of Normalites
Normal Eyte 2:13, p.101
12/6/1892 Will meet at ISTA convention; meeting program.
229 The social at Professor Loughridge's house
Normal Eyte 2:10, p.79
11/15/1892 Enjoyed a good time.
230 The lecture by Prof. Loughridge
Normal Eyte 2:4, p.31
10/4/1892 Praised for address in Wapello.
231 Thirty-one class leaders
Normal Eyte 2:2, p.17
9/20/1892 Meet Professor Loughridge in his Bible study class.
232 How our instructors spent the summer
Normal Eyte 2:1, p.9
9/13/1892 Account of vacation and work undertaken by faculty during summer 1892.
233 Some changes
Normal Eyte 2:1, p.9
9/13/1892 Changes come from closing of boarding department; three levels of Central Hall remodeled; North Hall remodeled into home for Custodian; smokestack torn down and replaced by new one.
234 The term reception
Normal Eyte 2:1, p.4
9/13/1892 Detailed description of the term reception in the Chapel which included music, brief addresses, and socializing.
235 Prof. Loughridge
Normal Eyte 1:17, p.133
5/10/1892 Will conduct chapel service.
236 Miss Lizzie Hughes
Normal Eyte 1:14, p.111
4/19/1892 Superintendent of Louisa County visits the Loughridges.
237 Mrs. Loughridge
Normal Eyte 1:14, p.109
4/19/1892 Addressed the young ladies.
238 Prof. and Mrs. Albert Loughridge
Normal Eyte 1:13, p.101
4/12/1892 Entertain their Sunday School classes at their home.
239 The Philo victory
Normal Eyte 1:11, p.87
3/29/1892 An Aristo's account of the big joint debate.
240 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 1:11, p.86
3/29/1892 Schedule for prayer meetings; term reception for new students.
241 Mrs. Loughridge
Normal Eyte 1:9, p.70
3/8/1892 Will lead YWCA meeting.
242 Professor Loughridge
Normal Eyte 1:7, p.53
2/23/1892 Delivered address at state YMCA convention.
243 The second lecture
Normal Eyte 1:5, p.38
2/9/1892 Professor Loughridge delivers second lecture in AAOW series.
244 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A
Normal Eyte 1:5, p.40
2/9/1892 Meeting leaders announced; delegates to state convention; meeting reports.
245 Y. M. and Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 1:2, p.15
1/19/1892 News of upcoming events; description of term reception.
246 One of the most enjoyable events
Normal Eyte 1:1, p.2
1/12/1892 Normal reunion held at ISTA convention; agree to meet every year at the convention and elect officers to make arrangements; at least eighty alumni and ten faculty attended the convention.


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