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101 What's up
Northern Iowan 92:18, p.3
10/27/1995 Meetings and activities; interpersonal relationships and self-esteem groups being held; MidAmerica TESOL Conference will be at UNI and the film "Purgastories" will be shown by the Student Moviemakers as their first movie of the year.
102 What's up
Northern Iowan 92:16, p.5
10/20/1995 Meetings and activities scheduled.
103 What's up
Northern Iowan 92:15, p.5
10/17/1995 Meetings and activities planned.
104 What's up
Northern Iowan 92:13, p.5
10/10/1995 Meetings and activities planned; AIDS Memorial Quilt will be on display; candid yearbook photographers will take pictures.
105 What's up
Northern Iowan 92:12, p.6
10/6/1995 Meetings and activities scheduled; former Kappa Delta Pi members talk about life after graduation; representation from US Probation Office talks about job opportunities.
106 What's up
Northern Iowan 92:11, p.6
10/3/1995 Meetings and activities are listed.
107 What's up
Northern Iowan 92:10, p.3
9/29/1995 Meetings, activities, depression screening planned.
108 What's up
Northern Iowan 92:9, p.3
9/26/1995 Meetings, activities listed.
109 What's up
Northern Iowan 92:8, p.3
9/22/1995 Meetings, activities, changes in services listed.
110 What's up
Northern Iowan 92:7, p.3
9/19/1995 Meetings and activities planned.
111 What's Up
Northern Iowan 92:6, p.5
9/15/1995 Meetings and activities planned.
112 What's up
Northern Iowan 92:4, p.4
9/8/1995 Meetings and activities planned.
113 What's up
Northern Iowan 91:59, p.3
5/5/1995 Activities listed.
114 What's up
Northern Iowan 91:58, p.5
5/2/1995 Meetings and activities are planned.
115 What's up
Northern Iowan 91:57, p.5
4/28/1995 Meetings, events, dinners planned; Student Social Workers Association will award student of the year and induction members into Alpha Delta Me.
116 What's up
Northern Iowan 91:56, p.5
4/25/1995 Meetings, activities planned; Student Moviemakers will premiere their 1995 movie; Women's Freedom Group discontinued for lack of interest.
117 Triumph over Tragedy
Northern Iowan 91:55, p.1
4/21/1995 New sculpture awaiting installation and dedication on May 6; photo.
118 What's up
Northern Iowan 91:55, p.5
4/21/1995 Meetings, activities planned; Department of Design, Family and Consumer Sciences will honor senior and Leighty Award recipients.
119 Triumph over Tragedy to replace time-worn Lutheran Center statue
Northern Iowan 91:54, p.1
4/18/1995 Lutheran Center will install new sculpture, From Tragedy to Triumph, to replace decayed elm sculpture, Monument to the Elm.
120 What's up
Northern Iowan 91:54, p.3
4/18/1995 Meetings and activities planned.
121 What's up
Northern Iowan 91:53, p.5
4/14/1995 Meetings, activities planned; Golden Key National Honor Society to hold new member initiation ceremony.
122 What's up
Northern Iowan 91:52, p.3
4/11/1995 Meetings, activities held.
123 What's up
Northern Iowan 91:51, p.6
4/7/1995 Meetings and activities planned.
124 What's up
Northern Iowan 91:50, p.5
4/4/1995 Meetings, activities planned; Beta Gamma Sigma to hold annual induction.
125 What's up
Northern Iowan 91:49, p.5
3/31/1995 Meetings, activities, and concerts planned; Students for World Trade to hold organizational meeting.
126 What's up
Northern Iowan 91:48, p.4
3/28/1995 Meetings and activities planned.
127 What's up
Northern Iowan 91:47, p.3
3/17/1995 Meetings and activities planned.
128 What's up
Northern Iowan 91:46, p.3
3/14/1995 Meetings and activities to be held.
129 What's Up
Northern Iowan 91:45, p.4
3/10/1995 Meetings and activities.
130 What's Up
Northern Iowan 91:44, p.4
3/7/1995 Meetings and activities;
131 What's up
Northern Iowan 91:43, p.3
3/3/1995 Meetings and activities to be held.
132 What's Up
Northern Iowan 91:42, p.2
2/28/1995 Meetings, speakers, and activities are planned.
133 What's Up
Northern Iowan 91:41, p.4
2/24/1995 Meetings and activities held.
134 Lutheran Center
Northern Iowan 91:32, p.2
1/24/1995 Activities planned.
135 Lutheran Center
Northern Iowan 91:29, p.5
12/6/1994 Activities planned.
136 Lutheran Center
Northern Iowan 91:21, p.3
11/4/1994 Activities planned.
137 Lutheran Center bids farewell to sculpture
Northern Iowan 91:20, p.1
11/1/1994 Lutheran Student Center will remove deteriorating elm tree sculpture and replace it with another sculpture; sketch.
138 Lutheran Campus Minstry and Lutheran Student Center
Northern Iowan 91:7, p.5
9/16/1994 Activities planned.
139 Lutheran Campus Ministry
Northern Iowan 91:5, p.5
9/9/1994 Discussion groups to be held.
140 Lutheran Center
Northern Iowan 91:5, p.5
9/9/1994 Activities planned.
141 The Lutheran Center
Northern Iowan 91:2, p.3
8/26/1994 Invitation to picnic.
142 Future of Lutheran Center statue currently unknown
Johnston--Krista L. (Class of 1992)
Northern Iowan 88:16, p.6
10/25/1991 Restored elm sculpture is again deteriorating; photo.
143 UNI students show concern for those less fortunate through community service jobs
Northern Iowan 88:10, p.6
10/4/1991 Survey of student and group efforts.
144 What's Up
Northern Iowan 88:1, p.8
8/30/1991 Meetings and activities.
145 Lutheran Student Center
Northern Iowan 86:58, p.7
5/4/1990 Offers study space and movies.
146 Lutheran Student Center
Northern Iowan 86:56, p.6
4/27/1990 Will hike and picnic.
147 Lutheran Student Center
Northern Iowan 86:50, p.7
4/6/1990 Will hold games night.
148 Lutheran Student Center
Northern Iowan 86:48, p.5
3/30/1990 Will hold scavenger hunt.
149 Lutheran Student Center
Northern Iowan 86:44, p.6
3/9/1990 Will discuss Habitat for Humanity.
150 Lutheran Student Center
Public Relations News Release 86:42, p.5
3/2/1990 Will offer Christian perspective on sexuality and homosexuality.


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