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1 End of an Era: Benítez departs from the NI
Benitez--Nixson (Class of 2023)
Northern Iowan 119:54, p.03
4/27/2023 Northern Iowan (NI) Executive Editor Nixson Benítez writes of his journey throughout his time at UNI and working at NI. He gives shout outs and thank you's to all UNI staff and faculty and his colleagues at Northern Iowan; photo.
2 Koehler bids farewell as Managing Editor
Koehler--Emma (Student--2021), Meyers--Trevor (Student-2021)
Northern Iowan 119:54, p.03
4/27/2023 Northern Iowan (NI) Managing Editor Emma Koehler writes a farewell piece talking about her experience working at NI and gives thanks to faculty and colleagues; photo.
3 Northern Iowan wins five awards at Iowa College Media Association
Northern Iowan Staff, Stark--Steph (Student--2022)
Northern Iowan 119:34, p.04
2/6/2023 The Norther Iowan staff received five awards at the annual Iowa College Media Association awards which took place in Des Moines, Iowa. The entire staff won the First Amendment Award which is a big honor; photo.
4 The great legacy of Christian Ogbondah
Benitez--Nixson (Class of 2023)
Northern Iowan 119:33, p.01
2/2/2023 Christian Ogbondah, professor of journalism and communication, retired from UNI in Spring of 2022. He received the Distinguished Scholar Award last April for the work and legacy he left at UNI. Nixson Benitez writes the history and impact of Christian Ogbondah; photo.
5 Fast Forward Workshop connects students to professionals at UNI
Koehler--Emma (Student--2021), Martin--Christopher R. (Communication Studies Faculty
Northern Iowan 119:26, p.04
12/1/2022 The Fast Forward Workshop sponsored by UNI's Department of Communication and Media and Iowa Broadcasters Association Foundation took place on November 4th. The workshop featured various professional speakers who spoke about their work experiences and the skills they needed/learned to be successful within the communications and media fields; photos
6 A toast to another 130 years
Benitez--Nixson (Class of 2023), Meyers--Trevor (Student-2021)
Northern Iowan 119:21, p.02
11/7/2022 Northern Iowan's Executive Editor Nixson Benitez writes an article about the events that will be held for the anniversary. He also explains and interviews fellow colleagues to answer the question of why journalism and newspapers are important in todays society; photo.
7 Managing Editor bids adieu after two and a half years with the NI
De Bruin--Karla (Class of 2022)
Northern Iowan 118:55, p.01
5/5/2022 Karla De Bruin shares her most memorable moments as Managing Editor for the Northern Iowan and gives thanks to the people who helped her accomplish everything she did during her time at UNI.
8 Sports editor bids farewell
Horning--Colin (Class of 2022)
Northern Iowan 118:55, p.07
5/5/2022 Colin Horning shares his experience as a sports writer/editor for Northern Iowan since 2018. He also gives thanks to the people who have helped him achieve his accomplishments.
9 UNI continues to grapple with O'Kane removal
Benitez--Nixson (Class of 2023), Alder--Theo (Student--2022), Christensen--Caroline (Student--2021)
Northern Iowan 118:14, p.1
10/14/2021 Students and faculty fight back against decision to discipline professor for requiring masks. Another meeting with Dr. O'Kane's students was held on October 7, where administrative faculty spoke with them about their class; photo.
10 News editor bids farewell to the NI
Kelsey--Elizabeth (Student--2019)
Northern Iowan 117:52, p.02
4/22/2021 News editor, Elizabeth Kelsey reflects about her time writing for the Northern Iowan; photo.
11 Lang Hall introduces historical exhibit
Christensen--Caroline (Student--2021), Witherow--Anthony (Student--2020)
Northern Iowan 117:32, p.01
2/11/2021 A new historical exhibit is unveiled in Lang Hall; photos.
12 Fast Forward trains in digital media
Legaspi--Sofia (Student--2018)
Northern Iowan 116:17, p.04
10/28/2019 UNI's digital media program hosted its 15th annual Fast Forward workshop on October 25th. College and high school students from across the state heard from nearly 30 industry experts, including keynote speaker and UNI alum, Ben Hagarty.
13 Fortepan Iowa wheat-pastes past
Whitehead--Zyrus (Student--2019), Legaspi--Sofia (Student--2018)
Northern Iowan 116:11, p.01
10/8/2019 College Hill wheat-pasting project was completed. Five images, that were pulled from Fortepan Iowa, an online archive of digitized photos based in Rod Library, were pasted onto exterior walls of three buildings on College Hill.
14 Fortepan Iowa wheat-pastes past
Whitehead--Zyrus (Student--2019), Legaspi--Sofia (Student--2018)
Northern Iowan 116:11, p.01
10/7/2019 Three buildings on College Hill have a new look after a wheat-pasting project was completed last week. Volunteer crews pasted five huge images onto the exterior walls in the district on Thursday, October 5, and Friday, October 4. The images were taken from Fortepan Iowa, an online archive of digitized photos based in Rod Library that launched in 2015. Photos in the Iowa archive , all of which are donated, are carefully curated to represent everyday life in Iowa in the 19th and 20th centuries; photo.
15 Clohesy Series invites S. Leo Chiang
Baxter--Nicole (Student--2017)
Northern Iowan 115:32, p.02
2/4/2019 Filmmaker S. Leo Chiang will visit campus and present two of his films as a part of the Clohesy Documentary Series.
16 Profs hold Constitutional roundtable
Dausener--Josh (Student--2017), Leitner--Gabrielle (Class of 2020)
Northern Iowan 115:8, p.01
9/20/2018 Several professors gave lectures as part of the #PanthersVote lecture series. The topics covered concerns over the current politic climate, like immigration and the economy.
17 UNI alum captures the "Blood Road"
Mazzarella--Allison (Student--2017), Dickerson--Andrew (Student--2017)
Northern Iowan 114:14, p.04
10/12/2017 Former UNI student Nick Schrunk directed the documentary "Blood Road". UNI held a screening of the film and Schrunk came to UNI to discuss his experience; photo.
18 Son of Pulitzer winner coming to UNI
Duax--Amelia (Student--2017)
Northern Iowan 114:4, p.02
9/7/2017 Tom Cullen is giving a talk about Storm Lake Times's Pulitzer Prize win. The newspaper won the prize for their work on the Des Moines Waterworks lawsuit; photo.
19 UNI sees surge in mumps cases
Coppock--Kiley (Student--2015)
Northern Iowan 112:24, p.01
11/19/2015 Cases of mumps on campus increase; photo.
20 Singing a working song
Krogman--Kayla Jean (Student--2014)
Northern Iowan 110:52, p.4
4/24/2014 Stonehill College professor Corey Dolgon had his UNI audience stand up and link hands while he sang "Solidarity Forever" as a part of his lecture on the U. S. labor movement.
21 'Singing lecture' will explore folk songs and the labor movement
Public Relations News Release 2013:244, p.1
4/10/2014 Corey Dolgon will use music to explore the role that folk songs had in the U.S. labor movement. His "singing lecture" is entertaining and informative. The event is free and open to the public.
22 3 UNI professors awarded Fulbright Scholarship
Peiffer--Amy Michelle (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 110:11, p.1
10/4/2013 Three professors were awarded the title of Fulbright Scholar. The award gives each recipient the opportunity to study abroad based on their academic merit and leadership potential; photo.
23 UNI repeats its success in the Fulbright Scholars Program
Public Relations News Release 2013:57, p.1
9/17/2013 Three UNI faculty have been named Fulbright scholars. These professors will be provided scholarships to do research or teach abroad. This is a very prestigious award to receive.
24 Panelists discuss voter ID laws
Campbell--Colby David (Student--2012)
Northern Iowan 109:10, p.1
9/28/2012 UNI students and members of the local community pack Lang Auditorium for a heated panel discussion entitled "Voter ID: Fraud or Voter Suppression?"; photo
25 UNI to host panel on voter ID laws
Public Relations News Release 2012:57, p.1
9/13/2012 UNI will host a panel to discuss "Voter ID: voter fraud or voter suppression?" Panelist will cover types of laws passed and proposed in various states, arguments for and against voter ID, registrations laws, forms of ID accepted, and changes recommended.
26 UNI professor's research discussed in national media
Phillips--Whitney Lea (Student--2011)
Northern Iowan 108:59, p.1
7/13/2012 Chris Martin, UNI professor of communication studies, and Peter Dreier of Occidental College researched the terms "job killing,job killer", or "kills, jobs". They found that these terms were used primarily in national elections; photo.
27 Faculty to 'retool' programs
Ta--Linh Mai (Student--2011)
Northern Iowan 108:49, p.1
4/10/2012 Since the announcement of a reduction in some academic programs and the elimination of others, faculty members are evaluating options to serve students still interested in the areas. Some see it as an opportunity to make education better; photo.
28 Members of the College Hill Partnership on Price Lab closing plans
Lorenz--Rose (University Book & Supply--Staff)
Northern Iowan 108:41, p.4
3/2/2012 Price Lab School has been one of the major attractions for families to locate in the College Hill area. College Hill Partnership desires to maintain a balance of single family homes and renter-occupied housing.
29 UNI faculty recognized for community engagement.
Public Relations News Release 2010:326, p.1
4/15/2011 The 2011 recipients of the Veridian Credit Union Community Engagement Award exemplify how community engagement can help put theory into practice, well as make their professional lives a little more personal.
30 UNI Nonprofit Leadership Alliance hosts 7th annual Cedar Valley Nonprofit Awards luncheon.
Public Relations News Release 2010:325, p.1
4/15/2011 The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance student association will recognize outstanding nonprofit organizations , board members, collaborating businesses and nonprofit professionals in the local area at "Celebrating Those Changing Lives in the Cedar Valley."
31 Boston College professor to discuss how to transition to a sustainable economy.
Public Relations News Release 2010:259, p.1
3/25/2011 Juliet B. Schor will speak on how millions of Americans are transitioning to a sustainable economy.
32 E. Patrick Johnson's appearance in Hearst Lecture series rescheduled
Cassidy--Anthony Joseph (Student--2010)
Northern Iowan 107:41, p.2
3/4/2011 March 8 is the new date for presentation based on the book, "Sweet Tea". Johnson is a professor and chair of the Department of Performance Studies and professor of African American Studies at Northwestern.
33 Postponed: African-American film director's talk at UNI.
Public Relations News Release 2010:227, p.1
2/21/2011 Julie Dash's visit had to be canceled due to weatherthat cancelled flights. The talk will be rescheduled.
34 Influential filmmaker Julie Dash to speak at UNI
Davis--Caroline Julia (Student--2011)
Northern Iowan 107:37, p.4
2/18/2011 Hearst Lecture Series to feature multi-award winning film director. Julie Dash's presentation will be in the Center for Multicultural Education.
35 Online course development proposal deadline draws near
Spory--Karyn Kathleen (Student--2010)
Northern Iowan 107:30, p.1
1/25/2011 Continuing and Distance Education has a $1000 stipend available to instructors who create an online class from an existing class. February 7, 2011 is the deadline for the proposals.
36 Auction aims to have community screaming, "Hill, Yes!"
Anderson--John David (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 106:51, p.9
4/20/2010 Will include Panther sports memorabilia; proceeds will go to College Hill Partnership to improve College Hill.
37 United Faculty accepts $520,000 in pay cuts in exchange for no layoffs
Anderson--John David (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 2010:29, p.1
1/22/2010 There will be no layoffs of faculty in this fiscal year, thanks to an agreement between the Board of Regents and United Faculty. Salaries will be adjusted downward; much like a progressive tax.
38 United Faculty votes to receive salary cut
Anderson--John David (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 2008:28, p.1
1/15/2010 United Faculty has accepted a Memorandum of Understanding reached with the Board of Regents. The agreement will end on June 30, 2010. A salary reduction was deemed a fair way to address the needed reduction in expenditures; photo.
39 Faculty requires other cuts before furloughs
Anderson--John David (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 106:23, p.1
11/17/2009 Eighty-eight per cent of the faculty union members surveyed opposed the idea of furloughs unless similar cuts are made in programs including athletics, Gallagher-Bluedorn, and the Wellness Center; photo.
40 UNI faculty considers furloughs
Zidon--Rachel Margaret (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 106:22, p.1
11/13/2009 Survey of faculty members shows that faculty are open to a number of solutions to resolve the current budget crisis. United Faculty met with Board of Regents to negotiate a deal to enact cost savings.
41 Healthy, fresh, made-from-scratch meals to be served at UNI's laboratory school
Public Relations News Release 2008:593, p.1
6/29/2009 This new model school lunch program focuses on student health and will provide educational experiences for students and for school administrators across the state.
42 Iraq War issues discussed
Cook--Lindsey K. (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 104:47, p.2
4/8/2008 Reprinted coverage of the Iraq War debate due to reporting errors.
43 Latest Iraq War debate
Cook--Lindsey K. (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 104:45, p.1
4/1/2008 Two hundred attended a debate on the Iraq War. Four members of the Vets for Freedom group traveled to UNI for the debate; photo.
44 Media portrayed Edwards as angry
Conaway--Brandon U. (Student--2006)
Northern Iowan 104:40, p.1
3/4/2008 News talk discussion, led by Christopher Martin, determines that the media labeled former Presidential candidate John Edwards as an angry populist; photo.
45 UNI's Martin to lead "News Talk" discussion on campaign of John Edwards
Public Relations News Release 2007:452, p.1
2/22/2008 Christopher Martin will be speaking March 1.
46 New Iraq War forum proposed
Cook--Lindsey K. (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 104:36, p.1
2/19/2008 Three UNI students and veterans of the Iraq War are trying to sponsor another discussion on the war. They are planning on bringing the Vets For Freedom National Bus Tour to UNI in March; photo.
47 Iraq forum analyzes war
Calcara--Sally A. (Student--2007)
Northern Iowan 104:24, p.1
11/16/2007 Six UNI professors led a forum to discuss Iraq War issues. War opposed from six different perspectives; photo.
48 Forum on the Iraq War at UNI today
Northern Iowan 104:23, p.3
11/13/2007 A panel of UNI faculty will discuss the effects of the war in Iraq.
49 Forum on the Iraq War at UNI
Public Relations News Release 2007:278, p.1
11/8/2007 How the Iraq War has affected U. S. politics and society is the topic of the forum November 13.
50 Reality TV genre on its way out, says UNI professor
Public Relations News Release 2004:0, p.1
11/22/2004 Christopher Martin believes that viewers are losing interest in reality tv; thinks more shows like "Desperate Housewives" will be popular soon.


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