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101 Students have few ethical concerns about downloading MP3 files
Public Relations News Release 1999:397, p.1
5/15/2000 Currently, downloading most MP3 music files violates copyright laws, but many students have no problem in downloading these files.
102 Student group challenges TV dependency
Arbuckle--Amanda A. (Class of 2001)
Northern Iowan 96:53, p.10
4/21/2000 Events scheduled for national TV Turnoff Week; photo.
103 Mr. President, I have a question
Public Relations News Release 1999:0, p.1
1/24/2000 A look at the past to learn what to expect from the next President, and how the media have affected the election and the role of the President.
104 Network prime time game shows are showing a resurgence in popularity
Public Relations News Release 1999:173, p.1
1/3/2000 Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Chris Martin, will predict the fate of evening game shows.
105 Christopher R. Martin
Campus News Network 10:6, p.Insert 1
10/25/1999 Christopher R. Martin co-authored an article on labor studies and published review of a book on public journalism.
106 The intern and the president: the Internet's first big news story
Public Relations News Release 1998:262, p.1
2/22/1999 Chris Martin, assistant professor of communication studies, talks about how the Internet became a major news source during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the impeachment trial.
107 Midwest Film Fest spotlights Iowa's best
Northern Iowan 95:12, p.9
10/9/1998 Chris Martin and wife Bettina Fabos organized the Midwest Film Festival; festival kicks off tonight.
108 E-media, others moving across campus
Cremer--Justin A. (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 95:10, p.1
10/2/1998 Classes in the Electronic Media Division and Modern Language and Anthropology Departments are moving into their temporary home in East Gymnasium for Lang Hall renovation.
109 Electronic media classes remain in Lang
Arbuckle--Amanda A. (Class of 2001)
Northern Iowan 95:3, p.1
9/4/1998 Delays in East Gym renovations cause the Electronic Media Division to remain in Lang Hall; photo.
110 "Smile, you're on candid camera"
Public Relations News Release 1997:418, p.1
8/6/1998 The show "Candid Camera" debuted fifty years ago on August 10. Chris Martin will discusses the history and impact of the show.
111 Celebrating 35 years of daytime drama
Public Relations News Release 1997:271, p.1
3/25/1998 Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Chris Martin to discuss the drama of soap operas.
112 Foreign films brought to Cedar Valley
Greene--Kylie (Classes of 2001 and 2005)
Northern Iowan 94:44, p.10
3/13/1998 The Cedar Arts Forum will sponsor the Sunday Film Series, showing foreign films at the Oster Regent Theatre.
113 Networks putting the commercial squeeze on TV shows
Public Relations News Release 1997:217, p.1
2/12/1998 Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Chris Martin reports on increasing advertisements on television.
114 KGRK back on the air waves
Northern Iowan 94:32, p.3
1/30/1998 Station KGRK began operations again after being shut down for a month for Maucker Union construction; photo.
115 Changing the way we communicate: the first radio broadcast
Public Relations News Release 1997:171, p.1
1/8/1998 UNI Assistant Professor of Political Science Chris Martin remarks on the first radio broadcast.
116 Presentations/lectures/exhibitions: Christopher Martin
Campus News Network 8:9, p.Insert 1
12/8/1997 Christopher Martin presented paper on community journalism at workshop.
117 Recently/soon to be published: Christopher Martin
Campus News Network 8:9, p.Insert 1
12/8/1997 Christopher Martin co-authored article on General Motors in journal.
118 50 years of Meet the Press
Public Relations News Release 1997:94, p.1
10/30/1997 UNI Assistant Professor Chris Martin, Coordinator of the Electronic Media Division, will report on the impact of "Meet the Press."
119 Sunday Series offers variety of films
Northern Iowan 94:14, p.18
10/17/1997 Sunday Series offers independent and foreign films at Oster Regent Theatre.
120 Independent film, video fest to appear for production
Northern Iowan 94:12, p.12
10/10/1997 Iowa Independent Film and Video Festival will be on campus.
121 75th anniversary of the first radio commercial
Public Relations News Release 1997:5, p.1
8/21/1997 UNI Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Chris Martin reports after the initial appearance of radio commercials August 28, 1922, some communities reacted strongly against the practice briefly before it ballooned.
122 Is anyone paying attention to the television rating system?
Public Relations News Release 1996:468, p.1
7/10/1997 Professor Martin talks about the new television rating system.
123 Presentations/lectures/exhibitions: Christopher Martin
Campus News Network 7:19, p.Insert 1
5/27/1997 Christopher Martin presented paper.
124 Media coverage of the Oklahoma city bombing trial
Public Relations News Release 1996:415, p.1
5/15/1997 Professor Martin talks about the Oklahoma City bombing and the media cameras not being allowed in the courtroom.
125 KGRK will start its fall semester with new team
Hanson--Leslie J. (Class of 1997)
Northern Iowan 93:54, p.2
4/29/1997 Five new members will join KGRK for next year.
126 The Ethics of Hidden Cameras
Public Relations News Release 1996:281, p.1
2/20/1997 Professor Martin discusses the good and bad of hidden cameras when it comes to personal privacy.
127 Profile: Chris Martin
Campus News Network 7:11, p.3
1/27/1997 Profile of Communication Studies assistant professor Chris Martin; photo.
128 O. J. on trial: the sequel--is anyone watching?
Public Relations News Release 1996:151, p.1
11/11/1996 Chris Martin talks about the lack of media coverage of O. J. Simpson's trial.
129 Film festival tells all about scars
Department of Communication Studies
Northern Iowan 93:16, p.10
10/25/1996 Iowa Independent Film and Video Festival will present films tonight in Sabin Hall; photo.
130 "Why Same Old Journalism Doesn't Work Anymore" topic for University of Northern Iowa leadership series Wednesday, September 25
Public Relations News Release 1996:42, p.1
9/17/1996 Christopher Martin will be speaking at the Leadership Scholars Forum September 25.
131 Football as Carnival
Public Relations News Release 1995:361, p.1
5/13/1996 The Super Bowl half time entertainment outrated the game in 1993.
132 Christopher Martin
Campus News Network 6:13, p.Insert 2
3/11/1996 Presented a co-authored paper, "Rewriting the Super Bowl: From Cold War Spectacle to Postmodern Carnival".
133 TV guides
Public Relations News Release 1995:255, p.1
3/11/1996 TV industry will provide a rating system for programming by January 1997.
134 Presentations/lectures: Christopher R. Martin
Campus News Network 6:8, p.3
12/11/1995 Christopher R. Martin presented paper on media and the baseball strike at meeting.
135 Students go 'inside CNN'
Northern Iowan 92:19, p.3
10/31/1995 Anny Rey describes her job at CNN.
136 CNN news personality speaks at noon Friday
Northern Iowan 92:17, p.4
10/24/1995 Anny Rey will speak to international journalism class.
137 University of Northern Iowa to host guest speaker from CNN's International News Desk
Public Relations News Release 1995:95, p.1
10/16/1995 Anny Rey will speak at UNI on her work at CNN.
138 State of the Union
Public Relations News Release 1995:35, p.1
9/18/1995 Media tends to paint labor unions in a bad light.


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