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1 What's really meant by mathematics?
Moeller--Jesse (Student--2015)
Northern Iowan 112:20, p.4
11/5/2015 Columnist Jesse Moeller discusses mathematics and what that field of study means to him. He believes that mathematics if focused on making arguments and exploring structure; photo.
2 UNI to host eighth annual Math Fair for elementary and middle school students.
Public Relations News Release 2013:221, p.1
3/27/2014 UNI's Teaching Educators About Mathematics (TEAM) organization will host its eighth annual Math Fair. The event is free and open to all fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-grade students in the Cedar Valley. This is a way to get students excited about math.
3 Regional physics competition at UNI
Public Relations News Release 2013:211, p.1
3/20/2014 UNI's Department of Physics will host the Area Education Agency 267 Regional Physics Competition on March 27. Area High Schools will participate in the competition. The event stresses creativity and ingenuity as well as physics-related principles.
4 UNI hosts Spotlight on STEM Day
Public Relations News Release 2013:178, p.1
2/17/2014 UNI will be hosting Spotlight on STEM Day. Teachers and students throughout the state will showcase their work through table displays and presentations. They will discuss the challenges of integrating science and math with technology in the classroom.
5 UNI workshop for Iowa high school science teachers
Public Relations News Release 2012:316, p.1
6/11/2013 UNI will host an Iowa Regents Modeling and Physics Resources and Instructional Strategies for Motivating Students (PRISMS) workshop this summer. Twenty-three Iowa high school physics and physical science teachers are in the program.
6 STEM-focused summer camps to be offered at UNI
Public Relations News Release 2012:297, p.1
5/15/2013 UNI is offering a variety of activities this summer to keep students learning in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), by offering summer camps for middle and high school students. Camps are one week, and located on campus
7 UNI to host Spotlight on STEM Day
Public Relations News Release 2012:214, p.1
2/26/2013 Teachers and students throughout the state, along with UNI faculty, will showcase their work integrating science in mathematics into the classroom.
8 Uinversity of Northern Iowa to serve as northeast Iowa STEM hub
Public Relations News Release 2011:314, p.1
5/11/2012 Lt. Governor and President Ben Allen will co chair the STEM Advisory Council. The primary goal of STEM is to crate greater student achievement in science and math.
9 UNI to host sixth annual math fair for middle school students
Public Relations News Release 2011:192, p.1
2/28/2012 UNI's Teaching Educators About Mathematics (TEAM) will host its sixth annual math fair for middle school students.
10 UNI to host Spotlight on STEM day
Public Relations News Release 2011:180, p.1
2/21/2012 UNI faculty members will present math and science projects that showcase the importance of integrating technology, math, and science into the classroom.
11 UNI partners with Waterloo Community Schools for mathematics teaching
Public Relations News Release 2011:154, p.1
2/1/2012 The Center for Teaching and Learning Mathematics has partnered with Waterloo Community Schools to work with Walter Cunningham and Irving Elementary Schools.
12 Iowa students demonstrate little improvement in math and reading
Zidon--Rachel Margaret (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 108:22, p.1
11/11/2011 American students have improved in math and reading over the past twenty years; Iowa students have not. This is one indicator. Several factors may contribute to these results.
13 UNI helping to improve mathematical instruction
Public Relations News Release 2011:121, p.1
11/1/2011 The UNI Center for Teaching and Learning Mathematics is offering the course "Making Sense Professional Development" to help elementary teachers in developing a high quality math program.
14 Discovery Channel to feature UNI's STEM initiatives
Findley--Blake Thurston (Student--2010)
Northern Iowan 108:16, p.1
10/21/2011 Lou Gossett, Jr., will host a half hour segment highlighting the university's work in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. Exposure will aid in achieving the goal of increased learning in these areas.
15 Math Club Partnership brings opportunities to high school students
Firman--Tehrene Victoria (Student--2010)
Northern Iowan 107:24, p.1
11/19/2010 The Math Club meets each Monday afternoon for two hours at West High School. Members use this time to assist high school students with homework or preparation for the ACT; photo.
16 UNI Academic Learning Center provides resources for students
Donovan--Maggie Mary (Student--2010)
Northern Iowan 107:16, p.5
10/22/2010 Help with math skills, writing, study skills, and test prep for the GRE and PPST are offered in the ITTC building on a walk-in basis or by class attendance; photo.
17 UNI-CUE seeks volunteers
Funk--Dakota John (Student--2009)
Northern Iowan 107:2, p.5
8/31/2010 Children attending UNI-CUE are looking for volunteers to help with reading, composition, social science, and math skills.
18 UNI confers first Yager Exemplary Teaching and Learning Recognition Awards
Public Relations News Release 2009:448, p.1
5/4/2010 This year's recipients are: Jonnie Becker, Melissa Hesner, and Matt Robie. Awardees are selected on the basis of teaching materials and student performance. The award recognizes exemplary science and mathematics teaching by UNI graduates.
19 Iowa Math and Science Education Partnership (IMSEP); one year later
Northern Iowa Today 93:3, p.21
4/1/2010 A look at the collaborative effort of the Regents universities to enhance education in mathematics and science; photo.
20 UNI's TEAM invites fourth, fifth and sixth graders to explore and have fun at Math Fair
Public Relations News Release 2009:297, p.1
2/24/2010 Teaching Educators About Mathematics (TEAM) student organization will host its fourth-annual Math Fair in Maucker Union. The Math Fair provides elementary students with an opportunity to experience mathematics through fun, hands-on activities.
21 UNI students nominated for prestigious Goldwater Scholarship
Public Relations News Release 2009:282, p.1
2/16/2010 Cassandra Hayne of Fairfield and Joseph Winder of Waterloo were nominated for the nationally competitive program that aims to identify students with outstanding potential for research careers in mathematics, natural sciences, or engineering.
22 UNI project reaches out to early math and science educators
Public Relations News Release 2009:120, p.1
10/13/2009 Efforts to create a national center that will bring together early childhood and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (EC-STEM) educators in Iowa, and across the nation, are under way.
23 GRE: easy as 2r
Fagle--Tess Ann (Student--2009)
Northern Iowan 106:12, p.5
10/9/2009 Questions the value of the Graduate Record Examination. A third of the exam is mathematics-based. The GRE is an unavoidable step in admission to graduate school.
24 UNI College of Natural Sciences to hold summer poster session for undergraduate researchers
Public Relations News Release 2008:614, p.1
7/29/2009 The eighth annual Summer Undergraduate Research Poster Session will be heald in the Great Reading Room in Seerley Hall. Darrell Wiens, professor of biology, will welcome the participants. Dwight Krehbiel, will present the keynote address. Students listed.
25 The real world for math and science teachers
Northern Iowan 105:60, p.1
7/24/2009 Iowa teachers matched with willing businesses to address issues from water quality to monitoring the performance of wind turbines. UNI is the leader of the Iowa Mathematics and Science Education Partnership; photo.
26 UNI's Lockhart to attend competitive professional development program
Public Relations News Release 2008:604, p.1
7/14/2009 Amy Lockhart was selected to attend the 2009 Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy, July 19-24, at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey. The academy was founded in 2005.
27 UNI hosts summer research program
Public Relations News Release 2008:582, p.1
6/18/2009 As part of the National Alliance for Doctoral Studies in the Mathematical Sciences, the College is currently hosting nine students to participate in the summer research program, which includes a four-week analysis and linear algebra course.
28 Games, puzzles and math to be topic of next Citizen Science talk at UNI
Public Relations News Release 2008:492, p.1
4/23/2009 Doug Shaw, associate professor of mathematics, will explore some games and puzzles that can be analyzed mathematically. "Some of the games have had and will continue to have far-reaching implications in widely diverse fields.
29 UNI, MSETI-AREA work to promote math & Science education in local schools
Public Relations News Release 2008:482, p.1
4/21/2009 The MSETI-AREA project received a grant from the Iowa Math and Science Education Partnership in the fall of 2008 and is led by Recayi "Reg" Tecen, associate professor of industrial technology.
30 Hari Shankar Memorial Lecture to be held at UNI April 14
Public Relations News Release 2008:450, p.1
4/7/2009 "The Iowa Core Curriculum for K-12 Mathematics: Important Mathematics, Effective Teaching and Deep Learning" will be the topic of the lecture. Eric Hart, adjunct associate professor of mathematics at Maharishi University will explore the math part of ICC.
31 Computer security to be topic of next Citizen Science talk at UNI
Public Relations News Release 2008:311, p.1
1/20/2009 Sometimes users' desire for computers to "just work" is at odds with the need to preserve privacy. "Common-sense Computer Security," will examine this issue. Paul Gray, associate professor of computer science, will discuss security issues.
32 Iowa Mathematics & Science Education Partnership directs study on women and minorities in science, technology, engineering and math fields for Regent
Public Relations News Release 2008:273, p.1
12/15/2008 The report states that currently, women and some U. S. minorities are under-represented in some STEM majors, reflective of a national challenge of under-representation in these fields of study. Iowa's Regent universities have seen steady improvement.
33 New grant for education students
Sloma--Joseph Noble (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:24, p.2
11/21/2008 Prospective teachers planning on working in high-need fields of education for low income schools may be eligible for a new grant. The grant provides $4000 per year for four years of undergrad work and two years of graduate school.
34 Iowa Mathematics & Science Education Partnership gives funding for 13 grants to improve the state's math and science education system
Public Relations News Release 2008:66, p.1
9/11/2008 The three goals of IMSEP are: to improve mathematics and science performance of Iowa students; to prepare more high-quality mathematics and science teachers for Iowa's schools; and to promote statewide collaboration and cooperation.
35 University of Northern Iowa plans fifth early childhood education summit 'Focus on Quality: Quality Math and Science Curriculum for Preschool Teachers
Public Relations News Release 2008:7, p.1
8/12/2008 The summit is intended for early childhood education teachers and curriculum leaders in Iowa. Participants will learn how to implement quality pre-school math and science curriculum that engages young children in learning.
36 UNI math professor publishes work linking math and astrophysics
Public Relations News Release 2007:751, p.1
7/7/2008 The article recently appeared in Notices of the AMS. "From the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra to Astrophysics: A 'Harmonious' Path," by Genevra Neumann, of UNI, and Dmitry Khavinson, of the University of Florida, appears in the June/July issue.
37 University faculty prepare Regent Universities Mathematics Transitions Guide
Public Relations News Release 2007:740, p.1
6/26/2008 The guide gives high school teachers the math competencies students need to enter university math and science courses. It also addresses the mindset and learning experiences of students at the high school and college levels.
38 Director named for Mathematics and Science Education Collaborative Initiative
Public Relations News Release 2007:711, p.1
6/4/2008 Weld, associate professor in the University of Northern Iowa Department of Biology, has been named director of the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, Mathematics & Science Education Collaborative Initiative which has three basic goals.
39 Director named for Mathematics and Science Education Collaborative Initiative
Public Relations News Release 2007:711, p.1
6/4/2008 Jeff Weld, Associate professor in the University of Northern Iowa Department of Biology, has been named director of the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, Mathematics & Science Education Collaborative Initiative.
40 UNI receives federal grant for new math and science program
Public Relations News Release 2007:588, p.1
4/14/2008 UNI received a federal grant for a new science and matematics program, "Engaging Iowa in Science and Mathematics."
41 Five UNI Upward Bound Math and Science Center students presented at Junior Science and Humanities Symposium
Public Relations News Release 2007:567, p.1
4/8/2008 The students presented research in the areas of nanoscience, engineering, plant biology, pharmaceutical science and alternative fuels.
42 University faculty prepare Regent Universities Mathematics Transitions Guide
Public Relations News Release 2007:563, p.1
4/8/2008 Last November, state educators, legislators and business leaders met to discuss the challenges facing students and teachers in mathematics.
43 Upward Bound Math and Science accepting applications for enrichment program
Public Relations News Release 2007:568, p.1
4/8/2008 Fifty-eight students will be accepted into UNI's Upward Bound Math and Science summer enrichment program.
44 Board of Regents to present mathematics and science education proposal to Iowa Legislature
Public Relations News Release 2007:442, p.1
2/21/2008 The Board of Regents will present information to the Iowa House education committee February 27.
45 Math and science education proposal to be presented to Iowa Legislature
Public Relations News Release 2007:399, p.1
2/4/2008 The $5.5 million proposal includes five projects.
46 Passion and talent needed to fill math and science teacher shortage
Public Relations News Release 2007:356, p.1
1/8/2008 More math and science teachers are needed to overcome the shortage.
47 Carver grant enhances teaching of science and math for children with motor and sensory impairments
Public Relations News Release 2007:275, p.1
11/8/2007 The two-year program will be led by Greg Stefanich.
48 UNI to host Mathematics Transitions Congress
Public Relations News Release 2007:267, p.1
11/5/2007 The Mathematics Transitions Congress will be held November 14.
49 University of Northern Iowa to host mathematics and science education summit
Public Relations News Release 2007:44, p.1
7/2/2007 An "Iowa Mathematics and Science Education Summit" will be hosted on campus Wednesday, July 11.
50 UNI president presents math and science education initiative to Board of Regents, State of Iowa
Public Relations News Release 2006:0, p.1
5/2/2007 Benjamin Allen presented an overview of the mathematics and science education collaborative at the Board of Regents meeting May 1.


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