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901 Afghan resistance party reps and trainer for Afghan paramedics to be on UNI Campus
Public Relations News Release 1987:311, p.1
4/8/1987 Eshan Jan Areef, representative of the Jamiat-e-Islami Party of the Mujahideen, spoke in Maucker Union on the Afghan-Soviet war and its affect on Southern Asia. Nancy Aossey of the International Medical Corps discussed the training of Afghan paramedics.
902 Students want bookstore in Union add-on
Blake--Carl E.--III
Northern Iowan 83:50, p.3
4/7/1987 Favors a student-owned and -operated bookstore in the Union.
903 'Amateur Night' talent sought for Senior Week at UNI Monday-Saturday (April 6-11)
Public Relations News Release 1987:294, p.1
3/31/1987 Senior Week activities begin with a talent show hosted by comedian Jim Miller, and continue with a motivational speech by John Cassis on life after college. Other activities include a beach party, senior pictures, bowling, and a convocation banquet.
904 UNI 'Very Special Arts in Iowa' exhibit features work of handicapped artists
Public Relations News Release 1987:293, p.1
3/31/1987 The Ralph and Sylvia G. Green Charitable Foundation and Iowa Arts Council sponsored an exhibit featuring artwork from twelve disabled Iowans. The event was held in the Maucker Art Gallery.
905 UNI Spring Career Fair to acquaint students with job opportunities, options
Public Relations News Release 1987:293, p.1
3/31/1987 Representatives of twenty-six companies appeared at the Spring Career Fair. They spoke with students about internships, summer employment, and fulltime positions. The event was coordinated by the Department of Counseling, Placement and Career Services.
906 Inspirational speaker John Cassis to appear at UNI April 6
Public Relations News Release 1987:291, p.1
3/30/1987 Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, and the Senior Challenge Committee sponsor speech on life after college by author, John Cassis. Faculty members held speeches on motivation and leadership. The event was held at Maucker Union for Senior Week.
907 Register's Gannon to speak at UNI Wednesday (April 1) on role of print media in public affairs
Public Relations News Release 1987:290, p.1
3/30/1987 The Department of Political Science sponsors a presentation on the role of print media in public affairs by James Gannon in Maucker Union.
908 Robert Anderson to speak at UNI Wednesday noon (April 1) on Iowa Peace Institute
Public Relations News Release 1987:290, p.1
3/30/1987 The International Affairs Organization, directed by Scott Krebsbach, sponsors a speech on the Iowa Peace Institute by Lt. Governor Robert Anderson.
909 Comedian/singer Bud Andersen to perform at UNI April 2
Public Relations News Release 1987:278, p.1
3/24/1987 Comedian Bud Andersen performs his stand-up routine in Maucker Union. The show is sponsored by the Union Policy Board, and open free to the public.
910 Handicapped Awareness Week
Public Relations News Release 1987:275, p.1
3/23/1987 A "Disability Simulation" was held for Handicapped Awareness Week, where students pretended to be blind, deaf, paralyzed, or missing any of their limbs. Activities include a wheelchair obstacle course, and a performance from a blind and deaf guitarist.
911 UNI to hold Women's Awareness Week activities March 23-27
Public Relations News Release 1987:268, p.1
3/16/1987 Discussions on politics on the workplace, assertiveness, sexual assault, and harrassment were held in Maucker Union for Women's Awareness Week. Speakers include faculty members and students.
912 UNI Gallery of Art to close for Spring Break
Public Relations News Release 1987:261, p.1
3/12/1987 The Gallery of Art closes for spring break, while the Library and Maucker Union operate on reduced schedules. Daniel Stetson announces that the Annual Faculty Art Exhibition will remain open for two weeks prior to break.
913 Students, public may interact with science experts during March 11 satellite broadcast at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1987:246, p.1
3/3/1987 Students were able to communicate with leaders of the scientific community through the College Satellite Network. Experts who were featured live on the program include a Department of Defense Official, an astronaut, and the Australian Minister of Science.
914 UNI students, Sartori Hospital to sponsor organ donor awareness week, March 4-11
Public Relations News Release 1987:244, p.1
3/2/1987 The Dancer Hall staff and Sartori Hospital sponsor speaker, Alicia Smith, to talk about organ donation in Hemisphere Lounge in Maucker Union. Smith, an education coordinator of organ procurement, answered student questions.
915 It's all happening at Northern Iowa; renovations, additions, replacements
Northern Iowa Today 15:2, p.6
3/1/1987 Renovated Auditorium opened; construction expected to begin on Business Building in Fall 1987; architect will be selected for addition to Union; library addition, Latham and Wright hall renovations, new power plant, and new faculty lines await funding.
916 Alternative bookstore proposed; local bookstore owner unhappy
Hawes--Christine E. (Class of 1990)
Northern Iowan 83:41, p.5
2/27/1987 Bob Beach believes that a well-run bookstore will have difficulty offering discounted books; Carl Blake outlines his plans; would like space in Union, though administrators may already have plans for tht space.
917 Regents approve improvements
Bingham--Elizabeth (Class of 1915)
Northern Iowan 83:40, p.5
2/24/1987 Will renovate Redeker plaza; recommends funding for boiler; John Ketter will retire; Rollin Evers will resign; approve appointment of Lowell Norland; approve phased retirement for five faculty; approve PDLs; photo.
918 Suicide/Life Awareness Week Feb. 23-27 at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1987:230, p.1
2/20/1987 The InterFraternity and Panhellenic Councils sponsor a series of events in Maucker Union for Suicide/Life Awareness Week. Events include a presentation by Dr. Norm Story, and a showing of "Animal House." The event was coordinated by Russel Phelps.
919 Gay Pride Week to be Feb. 22-28 at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1987:223, p.1
2/18/1987 The Church of New Hope, UNI-GLO, and the Gay/Lesbian Outreach hosted a series of informative programs in Maucker Union for Gay Pride Week. Activities include a film on gays and religion in the Embassy Room, and a panel discussion on AIDS.
920 National champion fingerpicker Chris Proctor to perform at UNI Tuesday (Feb. 17)
Public Relations News Release 1987:219, p.1
2/13/1987 Guitarist, Chris Proctor, made a performance at the Union Policy Board Coffeehouse, displaying his skill with six and twelve-string guitars. Proctor's performance incorporates a mix of blues, folk, and Irish melodies.
921 'Drugs: Why not?' is next college satellite program at UNI Feb. 18 (Wednesday)
Public Relations News Release 1987:211, p.1
2/9/1987 Drug abuse was the topic of the third College Satellite Network broadcast displayed in Maucker Union. The program featured a number of celebrities and legislators, who spoke on the accomplishments of Congress against drug use.
922 Political reporter to discuss 'Politics and the Press' Thursday (Feb. 12) at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1987:210, p.1
2/9/1987 David Yepsen of the Des Moines Register appeared in Maucker Union to discuss the media's relationship with politics. The event was sponsored by the Political Science Club.
923 Little lights... of knowledge and hope
Public Relations News Release 1987:208, p.1
2/6/1987 Brigitte Broom and Carl Boyd led a candlelight march in from Maucker Union to the Ethnic Minorities Cultural and Educational Center, in memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. Marchers sang "This Little Light" before holding their reception at the Center.
924 Civil rights and Forsyth County, Georgia
Public Relations News Release 1986:198, p.1
1/30/1987 East High School history teacher, Orlando Dial, spoke in Hemisphere Lounge on his participation in a Georgian civil rights march. The presentation was sponsored by the Department of Social Work and the Ethnic Minorities Cultural and Educational Center.
925 U. S. Airspace command officers to speak at UNI on 1st anniversary of space shuttle disaster, Jan. 28 (Wednesday)
Public Relations News Release 1986:176, p.1
1/21/1987 Two Air Force Academy officers, Lt. Jerry Sellers and Lt. Ivan Thorsos III, visited Maucker Union to speak on the impact of the space shuttle disaster on the scientific community. The event was sponsored by the University Speakers Committee.
926 UNI's Shull Hall Escorts to host benefit dance Jan. 31
Public Relations News Release 1986:178, p.1
1/21/1987 Maucker Union hosted a benefit dance to raise funds for the Shull Hall Escort Service. The service was created for women who don't feel safe traveling across campus after dark. The Shull Hall Escorts are lead by Scott Williams, vice president of Shull.
927 Popcorn time
Morse--Julie A. (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 83:30, p.1
1/20/1987 A student sells a bag of popcorn at the Union popcorn stand; photo.
928 Waubeek Trackers 'back by popular demand' at UNI's Maucker Union
Public Relations News Release 1986:171, p.1
1/19/1987 The musical trio, "Waubeek Trackers", appeared in Maucker Union at the Hemisphere Lounge. They also performed live for KUNI at the Communication Arts Center. The show was funded by the Iowa Arts Council.
929 Regents approve program, architect for UNI union addition, other business
Public Relations News Release 1986:139, p.1
12/18/1986 The Board of Regents approved the construction of a multipurpose room, food area, and lobby in Maucker Union. They also approved the destruction of the Anthropology Building, and the appointment of new directors of conference services and financial aids.
930 Crash room offers cots for sleeping
Bingham--Elizabeth (Class of 1915)
Northern Iowan 83:29, p.6
12/12/1986 In Union during finals week.
931 Handmade crafts
Morse--Julie A. (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 83:28, p.6
12/9/1986 Two women show their products at the Arts and Craft Show in the U-Hall; photo.
932 Tree lighting ceremony, related festivities kick off the holiday season at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1987:131, p.1
12/8/1986 The annual tree lighting ceremony was held at Maucker Union, conducted by President Curris. The Mixed Chorus, Folk Dancers, and Price Lab student choir performed for the occasion with appearances by Mr. and Mrs. Claus.
933 Nationally-known conservationist to speak at UNI Dec. 11
Public Relations News Release 1987:129, p.1
12/5/1986 Mack S. Prichard, archaeologist and conservationist, appeared in Maucker Union to perform a slide show presentation on the naturalist movement. The event was sponsored by the Recreation and Conservation Clubs, as well as the Speakers Committee.
934 Union expansion to start in spring
Hines--Carmel J. Schoenfelder (Class of 1990)
Northern Iowan 83:27, p.1
12/5/1986 Architectural firm will be announced soon; Anthropology Lab will be demolished.
935 Austrian press service diplomat to visit UNI Dec. 4 (Tuesday)
Public Relations News Release 1987:124, p.1
11/25/1986 Irene Freudenschuss-Riechl, deputy director of the Austrian Press, performed two presentations on Austrian political trends, and art of Twentieth-Century Vienna. Her first speech was held in Maucker Union, and the second was held in the Art Building.
936 Union director retires after 20 years at UNI
Northern Iowan 83:26, p.1
11/25/1986 John Ketter has been director since July 1967; photo.
937 UNI colloquiem (Dec. 2) to spur discussion of welfare reform before January Reagan task force report
Public Relations News Release 1987:122, p.1
11/24/1986 A colloquiem on welfare reform was held in the Embassy Room of Maucker Union. The event featured a panel of discussion on possible Iowan reforms, as well as a documentary on New York welfare. Three university professors participated in the discussion.
938 Art as survival: On recent Romanian poetry and music
Public Relations News Release 1987:121, p.1
11/21/1986 Poet and prose writer, Nina Cassian, appeared in the Maucker Union to deliver a lecture on the influence of political pressure on Romanian art and literature. The event was sponsored by the Department of English Language and Literature.
939 'World's greatest trick shot artist' to perform at UNI Dec. 3
Public Relations News Release 1987:116, p.1
11/20/1986 World record holder, Paul Gerni, presented a workshop on billard trick shots in the Maucker Games Room. Gerni had been the World Trick Shot Champion since 1975. The workshop was held free of charge, and was sponsored by the Union Policy Board.
940 UNI debaters host top British team for lively public debate Monday (Nov. 24)
Public Relations News Release 1987:112, p.1
11/20/1986 Mark Malcomson and Gary Bell, a two-man debate team from Great Britain, were invited to University Hall to engage in a debate on the policies of the McCarthy era. The event was meant to inspire an interest in debate within the students.
941 UNI's holiday tree lighting, craft sale open to the public Dec. 4 (Thursday)
Public Relations News Release 1987:114, p.1
11/20/1986 Holiday festivities were hosted in Maucker Union, including dance performances, a choir, and a Christmas themed market of thirty booths. Speakers included President Curris, along with student Mary Hog, who read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'.
942 Broadcasts, concerts supported
Northern Iowan 83:24, p.3
11/18/1986 Praises the Cable Satellite Network programs aired on campus.
943 Music group Hawkins and DeLear to appear on UNI campus Nov. 20
Public Relations News Release 1987:103, p.1
11/13/1986 A musical performance of Hawkins and Delear was held in the Hemisphere Lounge, where they played jazz, blues, folk, and rock music. The event was sponsored by the Maucker Union Programs Office, Women's Studies Program, and Women's Action League.
944 Tickets on sale for 19th Annual Christmas Madrigal Dinner Dec. 8-10
Public Relations News Release 1987:100, p.1
11/12/1986 The University Hall hosted the nineteenth Christmas Madrigal, directed by Professor Les Hale. The dinner featured strolling minstrels, a recorder trio, a string quintet, and a vocal mixed quartet. All music was performed by the Northern Iowa High School.
945 Next UNI satellite program to feature 'The Presidency' Wednesday (Nov. 12)
Public Relations News Release 1987:93, p.1
11/5/1986 The Presidency was a program broadcast to Maucker Union via the College Satellite Network. It featured commentary from former U.S. presidents and Washington observers, who spoke on the evolution of the executive branch, and election of 1988.
946 National Space Institute Director Ben Bova to forecast future of technology at UNI Tuesday (Nov. 11)
Public Relations News Release 1987:95, p.1
11/4/1986 Ben Bova, technical editor for the Vanguard project, delivered a presentation on the future use of technology in obtaining natural resources found in space. The speech was held in Maucker Union, and sponsored by the University Speakers Committee.
947 Soviet view of American political system is topic of UNI panel Wednesday (Nov. 5)
Public Relations News Release 1987:83, p.1
10/29/1986 University professors were joined to discuss the variety of relationships shared between the Soviet Union and the U.S. since 1917. The lecture series was presented by the Historical Association and Phi Alpha Theta, and held in Maucker Union.
948 UNI joins national push to educate, entertain via satellite; first of five broadcasts to air Oct. 29
Public Relations News Release 1987:77, p.1
10/23/1986 The College Satellite Network allowed the university to utilize five live educational programs, which students could view in Maucker Union. Students were able to interact with panelists by phone to ask about politics, culture, and science.
949 Expansion appreciated
Northern Iowan 83:9, p.2
9/26/1986 20,000 square feet are to be added to Maucker Union.
950 Regents approve expansion of Union
Bingham--Elizabeth (Class of 1915)
Northern Iowan 83:8, p.1
9/23/1986 UNI may now seek bids from architects; description of proposed facility.


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