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101 Tickets on Sale for UNI Fall Play
Public Relations News Release 1970:143, p.1
10/30/1970 Tickets for "The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail" are now sale in the Union. The play will be performed in the Auditorium from Nov. 4-7.
102 Thoreau Symposium to be presented at UNI Nov. 7
Northern Iowan 67:11, p.5
10/23/1970 In association with dramatic production.
103 Thoreau Symposium to be Given at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1970:110, p.1
10/21/1970 "Thoreau Today-A Symposium on Relevancy will be presented for area students from junior high through the college level at 10 a.m. on Nov. 7 in the Auditorium.
104 Panel Discussion on Students, Labor, and the Law to be Held
Public Relations News Release 1970:62, p.1
10/2/1970 Panel sponored jointly by the UNI local of the American Federation of Teachers and the campus chapter of the American Association of University Professors.
105 Behind the scenes
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.4
10/1/1970 Collection of short articles on campus activities; photo.
106 Environmental Studies office to open at UNI
Northern Iowan 66:63, p.1
7/17/1970 Will be housed in College of Natural Sciences; will serve as clearinghouse for efforts in environmental education.
107 Regents Approve UNI Environmental Studies Office
Public Relations News Release 1969:690, p.1
7/10/1970 The office will serve as an agency of communication between UNI and other institutions involved in environmental studies.
108 UNI prof to present symposium on Bertrand Russell
Public Relations News Release 1969:574, p.1
5/4/1970 The symposium will be held in the Music Hall Auditorium.
109 College of Natural Sciences
McCollum--Clifford G. (Science Faculty; CNS Dean)
Alumnus 55:2, p.6
5/1/1970 Brief history of organization of college; aims, objectives, opportunities, challenges; photo.
110 UNI faculty to attend NCATE meeting
Northern Iowan 66:46, p.4
4/7/1970 Professors Hult and McCollum will attend.
111 Approve separation of Earth sciences
Northern Iowan 66:35, p.8
2/17/1970 Department of Physics and Earth Science will be split as of September 1, 1970.
112 Regents Approve Establishment of Separate Departments of Physics and Earth Science at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1969:330, p.1
2/13/1970 During to its growth, McCollum has suggested that the Department of Physics be separate from the Department of Earth Science.
113 UNI Dean to Speaks to Graduates at Mid-Year Commencement
Public Relations News Release 1969:288, p.1
1/22/1970 McCollum to address "A Winter of Discontent" in the Men's Gym for the seventh annual Mid-Year Commencement; list of graduates and degrees
114 UNI Holds Seventh Annual Mid-Year Commencement
Public Relations News Release 1969:287, p.1
1/21/1970 McCollum to address "A Winter of Discontent" in the Men's Gym for the seventh annual Mid-Year Commencement; list of graduates and degrees
115 UNI to Hold Seventh Annual Mid-Year Commencement Jan. 21
Public Relations News Release 1969:285, p.1
1/19/1970 McCollum to address "A Winter of Discontent" in the Men's Gym for the seventh annual Mid-Year Commencement; biography
116 UNI Dean to Speak at Mid-Year Commencement
Public Relations News Release 1969:280, p.1
1/16/1970 McCollum to address "A Winter of Discontent" in the Men's Gym for the seventh annual Mid-Year Commencement; biography
117 January graduates
UNI Quarterly 1:2, p.72
1/1/1970 Description of the Commencement ceremony; Dean McCollum delivers address; photo.
118 Jones elected faculty head
Northern Iowan 65:59, p.8
5/16/1969 Professor Jones elected to position traditionally held by President Maucker; other election results announced.
119 KWWL features profs; discuss freedom
Northern Iowan 65:52, p.1
4/22/1969 Professors discuss academic freedom.
120 Academic freedom discussed on KWWL
Northern Iowan 65:51, p.6
4/18/1969 UNI faculty members will participate.
121 University appoints five new deans
Alumnus 54:1, p.5
2/1/1969 Allen Shields will head CHFA; Howard Knutson will head COE; Donald Howard will head (acting) CBBS; William Lang will head (acting) Graduate College; and Clifford McCollum will head CNS; short biographies.
122 New building delights science faculty
Alumnus 53:4, p.3
12/1/1968 Description of features of new building; photo.
123 Five new deans appointed
Northern Iowan 65:3, p.1
9/17/1968 Allen Shields will head CHFA; Howard Knutson will head COE; Donald Howard will be acting head of CBBS; William Lang will be acting head of the Graduate College; and Clifford McCollum will head CNS; short biographies; photo.
124 Grant of $186,000 enables scientific progress at UNI
Northern Iowan 64:63, p.1
7/26/1968 NSF grant will be used to improve instructional program.
125 McCollum named as dean of Natural Sciences College
Northern Iowan 64:56, p.1
5/14/1968 Administrative appointments announced.
126 Dr. Clifford McCollum to present Eiseley's prose
Northern Iowan 64:48, p.8
4/16/1968 Will read selections.
127 Committee recommends plan for university departments
College Eye 63:27, p.1
1/10/1967 Recommends four colleges made up of appropriate departments; rationale for college choices and potential for future development.
128 McCollum endorses university status
McCollum--Clifford G. (Science Faculty; CNS Dean)
College Eye 63:11, p.4
10/21/1966 Defends the decision to change SCI from a college to a university.
129 Dr. McCollum announces biology curriculum change
College Eye 60:11, p.1
10/19/1965 Outline of the changes.
130 150 students enrolled in 3 conservation camp sessions
College Eye 59:48, p.4
131 Twenty staff members elected to Faculty Senate
College Eye 59:31, p.3
4/9/1965 List of those elected to Faculty Senate, Graduate Council, Committee on the Administration of Faculty Personnel, Educational Policies Commission, Committee on Committees, and the Student Loan Fund.
132 Enrollment cramps science, education
Alumnus 49:4, p.6
12/1/1964 Professor McCollum outlines needs for better facilities; photo.
133 McCollum at Waverly High as 'Iowa Visiting Scientist'
College Eye 59:10, p.5
11/13/1964 Will appear as part of Iowa Visiting Scientist Program.
134 Science subject of booklist discussion
College Eye 59:7, p.8
10/23/1964 Professors TePaske and McCollum will lead discussion.
135 Science in the early sixties at SCI
Alumnus 49:3, p.2
9/1/1964 Curriculum, programs, personnel, and opportunities in Department of Science; photo.
136 McCollum directs institute for junior high teachers
College Eye 57:34, p.4
6/28/1963 Will direct eight-week institute in life sciences.
137 General education courses to be reviewed, KYTC
College Eye 56:31, p.4
5/18/1962 Faculty will talk about their classes.
138 Dr. McCollum to address meet tomorrow
College Eye 56:5, p.8
10/13/1961 Will speak at science workshop in Emmetsburg.
139 81 science instructors study at SCI
College Eye 52:37, p.4
7/7/1961 Sponsored by NSF.
140 ISTC scientists to visit Iowa high schools
Public Relations News Release 1960:421, p.1
5/22/1961 Professors Leland Wilson, J. W. Kercheval, Dorothy Matela, Clifford McCollum, and Robert Rogers take part in the Iowa Visiting-Scientist Program. The program is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.
141 McCollum is film editor
College Eye 52:13, p.2
12/15/1960 Professor McCollum will work for Coronet Instructional Films.
142 T. C. faculty in PTA Aerospace Program
Public Relations News Release 1960:144, p.1
12/6/1960 Professors Clifford Bishop, Clifford McCollum, Randall Bebb, and Paul Mahon attend the Aerospace Education program held by the United States Air Force Civil Air Patrol in Wichita, Kansas.
143 NSF $295,500 grant awarded to ISTC
Public Relations News Release 1960:117, p.1
11/10/1960 The National Science Foundation awards a grant of $295,500 to the Teachers College institute. Professor Robert Rogers directs the institute program. Other officials include Professors H. C. Trimble, Clifford McCollum, and Dorothy Matala.
144 ISTC to host junior college math and science conference
College Eye 52:8, p.1
11/4/1960 Thirty teachers will attend.
145 Lambda Delta Lambda is Among Oldest Fraternities
Old Gold 0:0, p.178
6/1/1960 Lambda Delta Lambda is an honor society for physical science students and one of the oldest fraternities on campus. The group is sponsored by Dr. J. W. Kercheval of the science department and Kenneth Bridges is the president of the organization.
146 Science Department Continues Academic Year Institute
Old Gold 0:0, p.105
6/1/1960 Under the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation, the science Department continued the Academic Year Institute and brought together fifty experienced teachers. The department also sponsored the Seventh Annual Science Fair and education programs for junior high math and science teachers.
147 Holidays also meant work for faculty
College Eye 51:14, p.5
1/8/1960 Faculty attended many meetings over the Christmas holidays.
148 The Faculty Pen; faculty opinion polled on quiz show scandals
College Eye 51:8, p.3
11/6/1959 Faculty members discuss the recent controversy on dishonesty in television.
149 37 on faculty promoted; 17 to "full prof"
College Eye 50:34, p.1
6/26/1959 Roster of promotions.
150 Kappa Theta Psi Witnesses Active Year
Old Gold 0:0, p.207
6/1/1959 Kappa Theta Psi strive to develop strongly knit friendships, and promote better relationships on campus both socially and scholastically; they were kept busy with Homecoming Coffee Hour, the Sweetheart Dinner and Dance, and other events; photo.


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