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101 The B. A. s
Acheson--Eunice M. (Classes of 1919 and 1926)
Old Gold 0:0, p.91
6/1/1919 Illustrations of the earth with a mortarboard; history of the class; photo of sponsor Charles Meyerholz; informal student photos; photo.
102 May Day fete to be success; committees appointed
College Eye 10:25, p.1
4/30/1919 Roster of committee members.
103 Meyerholz "declam" judge
College Eye 10:22, p.3
4/9/1919 At Ottumwa-Independence competition.
104 Message from the Campanile Committee
Boardman--Benjamin (Business Manager)
Alumni News Letter 3:2, p.6
4/1/1919 The Campanile Committee, started in June 1914, reported that a memorial to the men and women who served in the Great War should be built in the form of a campanile. Money was raised, people approved, fundraisers are still being held.
105 President Seerley with fourteen of the faculty at Chicago National Education Association
College Eye 10:17, p.1
3/5/1919 President Seerley reported on meeting at chapel.
106 A number of members of faculty attending
College Eye 10:16, p.5
2/26/1919 Chicago N. E. A. conference.
107 President Seerley announces future chapel leaders
College Eye 10:16, p.6
2/26/1919 Schedule of speakers and their topics.
108 Many Teachers College instructors at study centers
College Eye 10:14, p.6
2/12/1919 Roster of assignments.
109 Referendum petition allowed by faculty; vote to remove present status of social functions. Petition made by Student Council
College Eye 10:14, p.1
2/12/1919 Dancing at formal social functions will now be allowed; President Seerley organizes Committee on Social Activities.
110 Professors Meyerholz, Miss Fesenbeck, and Professor Fullerton
College Eye 10:13, p.4
2/5/1919 Go to Washington, Iowa, next week to speak at a Study Center.
111 The flu epidemic has improved
College Eye 10:10, p.4
1/15/1919 Improvements in some sections of the state allow study center work to resume.
112 The staff has been kindly assisted
College Eye 10:9, p.4
1/8/1919 Credits for special World War I commemorative issue of the College Eye.
113 Senior B.A. party
College Eye 10:7, p.4
11/27/1918 Enjoyed party at home of Bernice Edleman.
114 T. C. celebrates international holiday; all classes excused to commemorate close of war Monday; students attended down town performance in afternoon
College Eye 10:5, p.1
11/13/1918 Lengthy description of campus and town Armistice Day activities.
115 Professor Meyerholz lectures to S. A. T. C.; his subject "How the war came about and how it developed" delivered interestingly
College Eye 10:4, p.1
11/6/1918 Lengthy excerpts from address; second in series as part of War Issues course.
116 Committee on national legislation on education
College Eye 10:3, p.4
10/30/1918 Several ISTC faculty will work on establishing a Cabinet-level Department of Education.
117 Former "Eye" editor safe in France; Capt. S. C. Jacobsen writes an interesting letter
College Eye 10:3, p.1
10/30/1918 Tells of his experiences in military service.
118 The alumni breakfast
Alumni News Letter 2:3, p.4
7/1/1918 Breakfast served to class of 1918. R. D. Daugherty sang alumni song he wrote. Acting president was Henrietta Radell. New class welcomed and report given on building Campanile. Officers elected for next year.
119 Department of Government
Old Gold 0:0, p.48
6/1/1918 Curious quotes from department members; photo.
120 Eulalian
Old Gold 0:0, p.263
6/1/1918 Eulalian members; photo.
121 Juniors
Old Gold 0:0, p.107
6/1/1918 Class roster; faculty sponsor; class officers; photos.
122 Publications
Old Gold 0:0, p.290
6/1/1918 Photos and roster of College Eye staff.
123 Social Science Club
Old Gold 0:0, p.276
6/1/1918 Roster of members and officers.
124 Dr. Meyerholz lectures at Iowa Falls and Davenport
College Eye 9:27, p.8
4/24/1918 Spoke about education to the Sons of the American Revolution and patrons of public schools.
125 Professor Meyerholz
College Eye 9:26, p.8
4/17/1918 Gave a lecture in Iowa Falls.
126 Brief Reports 34
Alumni News Letter 2:2, p.2
4/1/1918 Charles H. Meyerholz gave course of lectures at Camp Dodge on governments.
127 Prof. Peterson
College Eye 9:23, p.8
3/27/1918 Has enlisted and will be at Camp Funston.
128 Y. M. C. A.
College Eye 9:22, p.6
3/20/1918 Professor Fagan spoke about "Christ, the Supreme Individualist"; Professor Meyerholz will speak about "Christian Principles in Government".
129 Dr. Meyerholz goes to Camp Dodge this week
College Eye 9:21, p.1
3/6/1918 Will deliver six lectures about the principles of American government.
130 Scholarships to State University
College Eye 9:21, p.5
3/6/1918 Accepting applications for scholarships at the University of Iowa.
131 Faculty men are delegates to Congress of National Service in Chicago
College Eye 9:20, p.3
2/27/1918 Will discuss the greater repercussions of the war.
132 Professors McKitrick, Meyerholz, and Knoepfler attend meeting of National Security League Feb. 21 and 22
College Eye 9:20, p.8
2/27/1918 Meetings revolved around how people can take more responsibility for the war effort.
133 Faculty men will go to Congress of National Service at Chicago, Feb. 21st, 22nd and 23rd
College Eye 9:19, p.5
2/20/1918 Delegates were chosen to attend the Congress of National Service.
134 Dr. Meyerholz will lecture for two weeks at Camp Dodge
College Eye 9:16, p.5
1/30/1918 Will lecture on American and European history; will be touring the state to promote War Savings Stamps.
135 W. S. S. campaign in full sway; professors active in work
College Eye 9:16, p.1
1/30/1918 Teachers in Rural Education are encouraging their students to buy War Savings Stamps.
136 Dr. Charles H. Meyerholz
College Eye 9:10, p.2
11/28/1917 Credit classes for teachers around Iowa are being arranged by the Division of Extension.
137 Miscellaneous absences
College Eye 9:8, p.3
11/14/1917 Roster of faculty who will attend meetings.
138 Iowa State Teachers Association
College Eye 9:4, p.3
10/10/1917 Roster of faculty representing Teachers College.
139 Study Centers
College Eye 9:4, p.7
10/10/1917 Roster of faculty and the study centers and institutes where they will work.
140 Classes
College Eye 9:2, p.6
9/26/1917 Roster of class officers and sponsors.
141 Extension Service
College Eye 9:2, p.3
9/26/1917 Roster of faculty members who conducted study centers.
142 Getchell heads advisory board
College Eye 9:2, p.1
9/26/1917 Short profiles for members of the College Eye faculty advisory board; photo.
143 Hon. Gov. Harding gives Commencement address
College Eye 9:1, p.1
6/6/1917 Many old grads attended.
144 The following members of the faculty
College Eye 9:1, p.8
6/6/1917 Have given commencement addresses.
145 Department of Government
Old Gold 0:0, p.54
6/1/1917 Profile of Professor Meyerholz and a look at the curriculum; photo.
146 Dr. Charles H. Meyerholz
Old Gold 0:0, p.6
6/1/1917 1917 Old Gold dedicated to Professor Meyerholz; photo.
147 The College Eye
Old Gold 0:0, p.213
6/1/1917 Photos and information on the editorial staff of the college newspaper.
148 The Old Gold
Old Gold 0:0, p.214
6/1/1917 Photos and staff of the yearbook.
149 To Dr. Charles H. Meyerholz
Old Gold 0:0, p.7
6/1/1917 Annual is dedicated to the Head of the Department of Government.
150 Events of rare occurrence
College Eye 8:31, p.5
5/30/1917 Situations rarely seen on campus.


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