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Minkel--Lewis H. (Classes of 1894 and 1895)

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51 Lewis H. Minkel
Normal Eyte 9:27, p.639
4/21/1900 Is now principal of Van Horne schools.
52 L. H. Minkel
Normal Eyte 9:1, p.9
9/16/1899 Visited campus.
53 O. J. McManus . . . and L. H. Minkel
Normal Eyte 8:26, p.362
4/8/1899 Visited campus.
54 L. H. Minkel
Normal Eyte 8:12, p.167
11/26/1898 Doing well at Van Horne.
55 Lewis H. Minkel
Normal Eyte 7:33, p.9
5/21/1898 Will continue as principal at Van Horne.
56 That our alumni are enthusiastic
Normal Eyte 7:21, p.11
2/12/1898 Lewis Minkel organizes literary society in Van Horn.
57 L. H. Minkel
Normal Eyte 7:4, p.42
10/2/1897 Candidate for superintendent in Tama County.
58 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 6:26, p.306
4/17/1897 Review of recent meetings.
59 L. H. Minkel
Normal Eyte 6:25, p.292
4/10/1897 May run for superintendent in his county.
60 Lewis Minkel
Normal Eyte 5:13, p.113
12/14/1895 Teaching at Dysart.
61 Mr. L. H. Minkel
Normal Eyte 5:3, p.18
10/5/1895 Teaching in Dysart.
62 The museum
Normal Eyte 5:1, p.4
9/21/1895 Lewis Minkel donates specimens of the skink.
63 Fourth Year class
Normal Eyte 4:36, p.590
6/19/1895 Composite class photo on two pages; photo.
64 Military officers
Normal Eyte 4:36, p.598
6/19/1895 Group photo; photo.
65 Mr. L. H. Minkel
Normal Eyte 4:35, p.554
6/8/1895 Will be assistant principal in Dysart.
66 Inter-Society debate
Normal Eyte 4:33, p.521
5/25/1895 Extensive coverage of the debate.
67 In order to test the ability
Normal Eyte 4:31, p.490
5/11/1895 Aristos give program and elect officers.
68 The following persons
Normal Eyte 4:24, p.380
3/16/1895 Speakers and topics.
69 Y. W. & Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 4:21, p.328
2/23/1895 Meeting leaders and new officers announced; highlights of state YMCA convention.
70 Y. W. & Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 4:20, p.312
2/16/1895 Meeting leaders announced; delegates selected for state convention.
71 Y. W. & Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 4:15, p.233
1/12/1895 Meeting leaders announced; description of term reception.
72 On account of sickness
Normal Eyte 4:14, p.218
1/5/1895 L. H. Minkel will miss some school.
73 School Directory
College Eye 4:11, p.169
11/24/1894 Roster of organizations and officers.
74 Y. W. & Y. M. C. A.
College Eye 4:11, p.167
11/24/1894 Meeting leaders announced; week of prayer; tea.
75 Speakers for the third intersociety debate
Normal Eyte 4:5, p.76
10/13/1894 Roster of speakers.
76 Y. W. & Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 4:4, p.55
10/6/1894 Meeting leaders announced; detailed description of meeting of missionary circle.
77 L. H. Minkel
Normal Eyte 4:3, p.42
9/29/1894 Parents visit.
78 School Directory
Normal Eyte 4:1, p.9
9/15/1894 Roster of student organizations and their officers.
79 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 3:35, p.276
6/2/1894 Meeting leaders announced; urges students to attend even in the season of distractions; delegates selected for Geneva meeting.
80 L. H. Minkel
Normal Eyte 3:34, p.270
5/26/1894 Returned to school.
81 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 3:34, p.268
5/26/1894 Meeting leaders named; Miss Seever visits; Lewis Minkel elected president.
82 L. H. Minkel
Normal Eyte 3:33, p.263
5/19/1894 Has the mumps.
83 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 3:31, p.245
5/5/1894 Meeting leaders announced; bad weather holds down attendance.
84 Base ball benefit
Normal Eyte 3:29, p.226
4/21/1894 Detailed description of program.
85 The Aristo officers
Normal Eyte 3:28, p.223
4/14/1894 Elect officers.
86 Base Ball benefit
Normal Eyte 3:27, p.213
4/7/1894 Program for performance which will attempt to raise money for baseball equipment.
87 The following students
Normal Eyte 3:27, p.215
4/7/1894 Classes select representatives for Class Day.
88 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 3:24, p.190
3/10/1894 Members give impression of recent convention; YWCA and YMCA elect officer; report on Detroit volunteer meeting.
89 An unusually large crowd
Normal Eyte 3:21, p.168
2/17/1894 Aristos debate relative merits of ill-natured tidy woman versus good-natured untidy woman; elect new officers.
90 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 3:20, p.157
2/10/1894 Meeting leaders announced; more song books ordered; many expect to attend Davenport meeting.
91 The Aristo public
Normal Eyte 3:18, p.139
1/27/1894 Detailed description of program.
92 Aristo Public, Jan. 19, 1894
Normal Eyte 3:16, p.128
1/13/1894 Program for session.
93 Aristos
Normal Eyte 2:34, p.261
5/27/1893 Short description of recent program; election of officers; will give pins to graduates.
94 The Aristo 'Doings"
Normal Eyte 2:24, p.187
3/11/1893 Description of the Aristo meeting in which society members played the roles of political figures and discussed political issues.
95 The national game
Normal Eyte 2:7, p.57
10/25/1892 The Aristos play the Philos in a baseball game; description of the game; Aristos win, 19-5.
96 Base Ball
Normal Eyte 2:2, p.18
9/20/1892 Detailed account of campus ball game between the Spinners and the Sprinters.


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