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451 The Minnesingers
Normal Eyte 16:20, p.306
2/14/1906 The Minnesingers will perform at Normal Auditorium.
452 The Minnesingers
Normal Eyte 16:19, p.302
2/7/1906 Will present annual concert.
453 Normal singers win; Minnesingers capture first honors in chorus--Warren Proctor in tenor solo
Normal Eyte 16:15, p.226
1/10/1906 At the Eisteddford contest, the Minnesingers brought home first honors; Warren Proctor received a first place tie in the individual contest
454 The Minnesingers
Normal Eyte 16:14, p.222
12/20/1905 Will sing at ISTA convention.
455 A double quartet
Normal Eyte 15:34, p.542
6/3/1905 Group from the Minnesingers performed in Waterloo.
456 The Cecilian Glee Club
Crary--Lucy J. (Class of 1906)
Normal Eyte Annual 0:0, p.52
6/1/1905 Group organized in 1888; unites yearly with the Minnesingers to perform at Commencement; photo.
457 The Minnesingers Glee Club
Wallace--George Edson (Classes of 1904--1905--and 1911)
Normal Eyte Annual 0:0, p.50
6/1/1905 Formed in the 1888 school year, it evolved and even joined the Cecilians to put on "Robin Hood" to much success; photo.
458 Robin Hood; opera presented by Cecilians and Minnesingers--a great success--it draws a very large house
Normal Eyte 15:33, p.516
5/24/1905 The hearty applause of the audience was a sign of their enjoyment of the opera.
459 A day in Chicago
Normal Eyte 15:32, p.499
5/17/1905 Twenty Normal students spent the weekend in Chicago.
460 Iowa wins; the victory is ours--orator, track and field team winners--interstate records broken; the inter-state contests as seen by a member of the
Normal Eyte 15:32, p.497
5/17/1905 ISNS representative Macy Campbell won the interstate oratorical contest; photo.
461 Off to the inter-state contest
Normal Eyte 15:31, p.484
5/10/1905 John Cherney, the oratorical business delegate, the Minnesingers, the Cecilians, and the track team left for Milwaukee.
462 Robin Hood opera; greatest musical treat of year to be given May 19; preparations are underway to make it even a greater success than two year ago
Normal Eyte 15:31, p.484
5/10/1905 Robin Hood will be presented May 19th.
463 All those who were fortunate enough to see the production of Robin Hood
Normal Eyte 15:26, p.403
4/5/1905 Robin Hood will be performed again by the Cecilian and Minnesingers Glee Clubs.
464 Mr. and Mrs. Davison
Normal Eyte 15:23, p.366
3/8/1905 Came to visit their daughter and attend concert.
465 Mr. Briggs
Normal Eyte 15:23, p.367
3/8/1905 Visited on Friday and attended Minnesinger concert.
466 Mr. Raymond French
Normal Eyte 15:23, p.366
3/8/1905 Attended concert.
467 The seventh annual Glee Club concert
Normal Eyte 15:23, p.367
3/8/1905 Program for the concert.
468 The seventh annual Glee Club concert
Normal Eyte 15:23, p.367
3/8/1905 Concert given by Cecilians and Minnesingers was last Friday.
469 A pipe organ
Normal Eyte 15:21, p.321
2/22/1905 The Minnesingers and Cecilians are trying to purchase a pipe organ for the auditorium.
470 A week from Friday
Normal Eyte 15:21, p.335
2/22/1905 Cecilians and Minnesingers concert approaching.
471 The convention of the third district of Women's Federated Clubs
Normal Eyte 15:12, p.191
11/23/1904 Meet at Cedar Falls.
472 Northwestern has put her glee club under the control of the School of Music
Normal Eyte 15:7, p.110
10/22/1904 Northwestern University and the University of Michigan are giving college credit to their glee club singers.
473 There have been many April showers
Normal Eyte 14:33, p.530
5/21/1904 Women's Relief Corps honors Minnesingers and track team with reception.
474 The musical features
Normal Eyte 14:32, p.498
5/11/1904 Kansas and Wisconsin brought musical groups to the contest.
475 On Friday evening
Normal Eyte 14:31, p.491
4/30/1904 Minnesingers and Cecilians presented "H. M. S. Pinafore"; did a good job.
476 Notes On Music
Fullerton--Charles Alexander (Class of 1890; Music Faculty)
Normal Eyte 14:26, p.410
3/26/1904 Professor Fullerton offers a list of men's glee club music performed at ISNS in recent years.
477 Mr. Levi Clark
Normal Eyte 14:25, p.399
3/19/1904 Went to see performance of "H. M. S. Pinafore" in preparation for the local production.
478 Joe Stein and John Wooley
Normal Eyte 14:24, p.382
3/5/1904 Joined the Minnesingers.
479 The Minnesingers and Cecilians
Normal Eyte 14:24, p.383
3/5/1904 Began work on H. M. S. Pinafore.
480 Fishers of men
Normal Eyte 14:23, p.365
2/27/1904 Northern Conference of Iowa YMCA met in Waterloo; many Normalites attended; Minnesingers and Robert Fullerton performed.
481 Ariel Parish and Arthur Logan
Lovitt--Ethel (Music Faculty)
Normal Eyte 14:22, p.349
2/20/1904 Have joined the Minnesingers.
482 Governor Van Sant of Minnesota
Normal Eyte 14:21, p.323
2/13/1904 Will speak at YMCA meeting.
483 The biennial conference
Normal Eyte 14:21, p.334
2/13/1904 Northeastern Iowa YMCA will meet in Waterloo; the Fullertons and the Minnesingers will perform.
484 Ethel Agnes Edwards
Normal Eyte 14:20, p.318
2/6/1904 Ethel Agnes Edwards attended the Minnesinger concert.
485 Prof. and Mrs. C. A. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 14:20, p.319
2/6/1904 The Fullertons entertained the Minnesingers in honor of George Samson, Jr.
486 The most popular entertainment
Normal Eyte 14:20, p.319
2/6/1904 The Minnesingers gave a great performance on Friday.
487 Mr. C. A. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 14:19, p.302
1/30/1904 C. A. Fullerton put up Minnesinger posters in the cold.
488 The Minnesingers
Normal Eyte 14:18, p.286
1/23/1904 The Minnesingers and Cecilians had their pictures taken to appear in the Des Moines Register.
489 The Minnesingers will warble
Normal Eyte 14:18, p.282
1/23/1904 Minnesingers will perform next Friday night.
490 At the last meeting
Normal Eyte 14:17, p.270
1/16/1904 The Minnesingers performed in Des Moines.
491 Coming
Normal Eyte 14:17, p.268
1/16/1904 A schedule of upcoming events on campus.
492 On Jan. 29
Normal Eyte 14:17, p.269
1/16/1904 The Minnesingers will give annual concert.
493 The Minnesingers
Normal Eyte 14:17, p.269
1/16/1904 The Minnesingers were photographed yesterday.
494 Wandering minstrels
Normal Eyte 14:17, p.258
1/16/1904 Glee Clubs often tour during the Christmas break.
495 One of the Minnesingers' most enjoyable trips
Normal Eyte 14:16, p.254
1/9/1904 The Minnesingers performed in Nashua.
496 State Teachers' Association
Normal Eyte 14:15, p.236
12/19/1903 President Seerley and Professors Gist, Walters, and Fullerton will speak during meeting.
497 The Minnesingers
Normal Eyte 14:14, p.221
12/12/1903 The Minnesingers will give a concert in Nashua next week.
498 The Cerro Gordo County Republican
Normal Eyte 14:9, p.143
10/30/1903 The Minnesingers captured their audience.
499 Who and what are Minnes are
Normal Eyte 14:9, p.129
10/30/1903 The Minnesingers performed at the Teachers Association meeting.
500 It was Buddy Wallace
Normal Eyte 14:8, p.123
10/24/1903 Minnesingers visited Mason City.


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