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1 'JESUS IS KING' falls short of collective potential
Mitchell--Cecilia (Student--2018)
Northern Iowan 116:18, p.03
10/31/2019 Cecilia Mitchell writes a review about Kanye West's ninth studio album recently released entitled, 'JESUS IS KING.' It is a gospel album, something not expected of the rapper/songwriter and lacks when compared to other music both in the genre and other Kanye West works. Mitchell gave it 3/5 paw prints.
2 The Copper Smoke Trials releases promising EP
Hofmeyer--Sarah (Student--2014)
Northern Iowan 114:29, p.04
1/18/2018 The band The Copper Smoke Trials has released their first EP entitled "Bird" on SoundCloud; photo.
3 NF's "Perception" slays industry
Barikor--Leziga (Student--2015)
Northern Iowan 114:16, p.07
10/19/2017 Barikor reviews the album "Perception" from Christian rap artist Nathan "NF" Feuerstein; photo.
4 Adele's "25" shatters records (and hearts)
Rekemeyer--Kyle (Student--2014)
Northern Iowan 112:25, p.04
12/3/2015 Columnist Kyle Rekemeter reviews Adele's album "25" (2015); photo.
5 "Badlands" achieves lyrical masterpiece
Rekemeyer--Kyle (Student--2014)
Northern Iowan 112:12, p.4
10/8/2015 Kyle Rekemeyer reviews the musician Halsey's new album "Badlands".
6 Cyrus experiment gone wrong
Rekemeyer--Kyle (Student--2014)
Northern Iowan 112:8, p.4
9/24/2015 Student Kyle Rekemeyer reviews the Miley Cyrus free-to-stream album; photo.
7 A classic still relevant 40 years later
Rekemeyer--Kyle (Student--2014)
Northern Iowan 112:5, p.5
9/14/2015 Student Kyle Rekemeyer reviews Fleetwood Mac's album "Rumors".
8 A different Atmosphere
Carolan--Nick (Student 2014)
Northern Iowan 111:23, p.4
11/17/2014 Student Nick Carolan reviews a new album by the rap collective "Atmosphere"
9 Lana Del Rey's chaotic album
Carolan--Nick (Student 2014)
Northern Iowan 111:17, p.1
11/3/2014 Student Nick Carolan reviews Lana Del Ray's new album.
10 One-man band, Unknown Component, releases new album
Tjossem--Kirsten Ruth (Student--2011)
Northern Iowan 109:18, p.6
10/26/2012 Profile of Keith Lynch and the Iowa-based band, Unknown Component.
11 "Northern Iowan" staff choices for top albums of 2010
Cassidy--Anthony Joseph (Student--2010)
Northern Iowan 107:27, p.7
12/10/2010 The music industry in 2010 had many contenders for top album of the year. Students rank top five; photo.
12 Cracking the stereotypes
Lorenzen--Tyler James (Class of 2009)
Northern Iowan 105:53, p.8
4/28/2009 The new album of Mastodon reviewed; photo.
13 Astronauts of Antiquity create new sound
Toenjes--John D. (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:48, p.8
4/10/2009 Group a rare mixture of genres. The group tries hard to create their own distinctive sound; photo.
14 "Mercury said 65" knows how to have fun
Toenjes--John D. (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:45, p.8
3/31/2009 Review of the latest CD from the Minneapolis based Dazy Head Mazy band; photo.
15 Band plays it safe
Toenjes--John D. (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:33, p.9
2/6/2009 The band "Verona Grace" plays it safe with its first album. Hopefully their next endeavor will move from their comfort zone and create a characteristic style for themselves; photo.
16 More than a way to sleep
Mack--Kelly Marie (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:26, p.7
12/9/2008 A look at the work of the band Sleeping Naked; photo.
17 Legendary musicians return
Heiple--Jonathon David (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:19, p.15
11/4/2008 AC/DC's latest album, "Black Ice", reviewed; photo.
18 LoDeck and OmegaOne
Heiple--Jonathon David (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:17, p.10
10/28/2008 Music is a combination of Hip-Hop with a 1970's influence; photo.
19 Music raises controversy
Mulfinger--Dylan John (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:17, p.10
10/28/2008 The music of the group Caesar Pink and The Imperial Orgy is for the open-minded. Their music has been banned from several college radio stations. They have received bomb threats during their live performances; photo.
20 Cheap Nothing to release two albums
Mulfinger--Dylan John (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:14, p.8
10/17/2008 Music of "Cheap Nothing" reviewed; photo.
21 Lewis' debut album full of "spirit"
Frieske--Mark Steven (Student--2006)
Northern Iowan 104:48, p.10
4/11/2008 Leona Lewis' album, "Spirit", reviewed; photo.
22 "Pretty. Odd" is pretty odd
Frieske--Mark Steven (Student--2006)
Northern Iowan 104:47, p.10
4/8/2008 Panic at the Disco's album, "Pretty Odd" reviewed; photo.
23 The Dogg is back
Frieske--Mark Steven (Student--2006)
Northern Iowan 104:43, p.11
3/14/2008 "Snoop Dog's" ninth album reviewed; photo.
24 "Negativland" transforms ordinary noise into song
Abbott--Tristan E. (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 104:15, p.11
10/16/2007 Review of the album," Escape from Noise"; photo.
25 A look at contemporary guitar pop
Abbott--Tristan E. (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 104:12, p.7
10/5/2007 Six guitar pop albums reviewed; photo.
26 'Haints:' Music's newest guilty pleasure
Abbott--Tristan E. (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 104:3, p.7
8/31/2007 Review of album of the Haints of Dean Hall; photo.
27 Hella experiments with being less experimental
Abbott--Tristan E. (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 104:1, p.9
8/24/2007 Believes Hella has changed its style without selling out; photo.
28 Acoustic Ladyland obscure but accessible
Abbott--Tristan E. (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 103:59, p.5
6/29/2007 Review of Acoustic Ladyland's latest album; photo.
29 Global musical available online
Abbott--Tristan E. (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 103:57, p.7
6/15/2007 Sublime Frequencies musical genres reviewed; photo.
30 Caesar Pink and the Imperial Orgy
Calcara--Sally A. (Student--2007)
Northern Iowan 103:45, p.10
3/23/2007 Album entitled, "Gospel Hymns for Agnostics and Atheists", is reviewed; photo.
31 Yeah Yeah Yeahs latest full of rock
Moorehead--Billie (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 102:54, p.13
4/25/2006 "Show your bones", the latest CD, from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs receives a positive review.
32 Shannon Brown embraces roots with "Corn Fed"
Smith--Amy (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 102:45, p.14
3/24/2006 Review of CD "Corn Fed".
33 Blunt's debut is beautiful
Smith--Amy (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 102:40, p.14
2/24/2006 Review of CD "Back to Bedlam" by James Blunt.
34 New Train CD full of one-liners
Smith--Amy (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 102:35, p.16
2/7/2006 Review of CD by Train, entitled, "For Me, It's You".
35 West late, still great
Smith--Amy (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 102:32, p.10
1/27/2006 Review of album by Kanye West, 'Late Registration.'
36 Lambert hot with 'kerosene'
Smith--Amy (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 102:29, p.10
1/13/2006 Review of 'Kerosene," an album by Miranda Lambert; photo.
37 Newest Nelly album includes song from 'The Longest Yard,' re-released hits
Smith--Amy (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 102:27, p.9
12/6/2005 Review of new album from Nelly, entitled 'Sweatsuit'; photo.
38 Kenny Chesney's latest album hits the top of the charts
Smith--Amy (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 102:25, p.8
11/22/2005 Review of new Kenny Chesney album, "The Road and the Radio;" photo.
39 Newest from Cabrera shows emotional breakup
Smith--Amy (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 102:23, p.9
11/15/2005 Review of new Ryan Cabrera album, "You Stand Watching"; photo.
40 Fall Out Boy's album surrounded by assumptions, proves creative genius
Moorehead--Billie (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 102:21, p.14
11/8/2005 Review of "From Under the Cork Tree" by Fall Out Boy; photo.
41 tATu's latest album leaves listeners wondering
Smith--Amy (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 102:19, p.7
11/1/2005 Review of new tATu album, 'Dangerous and Moving;" photo.
42 Ashlee Simpson's new album 'I am Me' proves differences from pop icon sister
Smith--Amy (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 102:17, p.12
10/25/2005 Review of new 'I am Me;' photo.
43 Sheryl Crow shows growth on newest album
Smith--Amy (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 102:15, p.10
10/18/2005 Review of Sheryl Crow's new album, 'Wildflower;' photo.
44 Singer/songwriter's voice does not impress
Meeker--Georgia Kaye (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 102:15, p.10
10/18/2005 Review of David Jacobsen's new album 'Footprints;' photo.
45 Damon Dotson knows that some things are 'Better Left Unsaid'
Fasselius--Jon (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 101:54, p.10
4/26/2005 A review of Damon Dotson's new album, "Better Left Unsaid"; photo.
46 Smith lost style he first found; new album can stay hidden
Fasselius--Jon (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 101:52, p.12
4/19/2005 A review of Will Smith's new album, "Lost and Found"; photo.
47 Hook, line, sinker; Big Fish will 'reel' you in
Fasselius--Jon (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 101:50, p.15
4/12/2005 Review of Reel Big Fish's new album, "We're Not Happy 'Till You're Not Happy"; photo.
48 22-20s are just that good
Fasselius--Jon (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 101:48, p.13
4/5/2005 A review of 22-20's newest self-titled album; photo.
49 Dropkick Murphys keep Irish spirit fresh after St. Patrick's Day
Fasselius--Jon (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 101:46, p.12
3/29/2005 A review of Dropkick Murphys' new album, "Singles Collection Volume 2 1998-2004 B-sides, Covers, Comps, & Other Crap"; photo.
50 'Pass It On': Catch it on the 9Flip6 side
Fasselius--Jon (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 101:43, p.8
3/8/2005 A review of 9Flip6's new album, "Pass it On"; photo.


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