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201 "NineDollarMelonBaller" gives us "¿Something to Cry About"
Brazelton--Thomas A. (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 95:15, p.11
10/20/1998 Review of "I'll Give You Something to Cry About" CD by "NineDollarMelonBaller".
202 Even in Spanish, CD captivates
Northern Iowan 94:23, p.14
11/18/1997 Review of Tish Hinojosa's music CD "Sonar del Labertinto".
203 Bill Miller reinvents alter-Native style at Stebs, in new CD
Northern Iowan 94:19, p.10
11/4/1997 Review of "Raven in the Snow" by Bill Miller; photo.
204 Williams' music displays honesty, beauty
Northern Iowan 94:19, p.9
11/4/1997 Review of music CD "End of Summer" by Dar Williams.
205 UNI Jazz Band will talk to you
Hicks--Benjamin H. (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 94:17, p.9
10/28/1997 Review of music CD "Conversations" by UNI Jazz Band One.
206 Behind those eyes, fans will find her hidden surprise
Hanson--Leslie J. (Class of 1997)
Northern Iowan 94:15, p.11
10/21/1997 Review of Amy Grant's CD "Behind the Eyes".
207 Ben Harper gives us "Will to Live"
Northern Iowan 94:11, p.9
10/7/1997 Review of Ben Harper's music CD "Will to Live".
208 Telepathically as tight as three people can be; native band, House of Large Sizes, releases new CD
Northern Iowan 94:10, p.12
10/3/1997 Profile of local band; photo.
209 CD Review
Northern Iowan 94:5, p.12
9/16/1997 Review of Dar Williams' "End of Summer" music CD.
210 Limp Bizkit defies its own name
Northern Iowan 94:3, p.14
9/9/1997 Review of recordings of Limp Bizkit.
211 Blues Traveler: "band that was born to play live"
Northern Iowan 92:60, p.4
7/19/1996 Review of new CD.
212 Porno for Pyros heats up summer, picks up where Jane's Addiction left off
Northern Iowan 92:58, p.5
6/28/1996 Review of new recording.
213 Remember Alice? Self-titled album: Post-Celtic rock punctuated by killer violin backgrounds
Northern Iowan 92:47, p.6
4/5/1996 Album review.
214 "Dying to Build a Bridge": epitome of Minneapolis music scene
Northern Iowan 92:41, p.14
3/5/1996 Review of CD by the Delilahs.
215 Flattops' "Hi-Fi Honey": technical problems; full of great music
Northern Iowan 92:27, p.8
12/5/1995 Review of new CD.
216 Pumpkins' "Mellon Collie" threatens to suffocate the unprepared listener
Northern Iowan 92:24, p.14
11/17/1995 Review of Smashing Pumpkins release.
217 UNI Jazz Band One struts its stuff
Northern Iowan 92:18, p.10
10/27/1995 Review of "That Big Band Thing".
218 "Indie bands" combine talents
Northern Iowan 92:13, p.9
10/10/1995 Review of record that includes independent label bands.
219 Who's playing at Stebs? Beats the hell out of me
Northern Iowan 92:11, p.13
10/3/1995 N. I. L. 8, Great Big Freak, and beats the hell out of me will be playing at Steb's.
220 "Jagged Little Pill" proves more like "a jagged little nuisance"
Northern Iowan 92:10, p.10
9/29/1995 Review of Alanis Morissette recording.
221 Sad, sexy vs. loose, crazy
Northern Iowan 92:8, p.10
9/22/1995 Review of Friends of Dean Martinez and 5ive Style.
222 Foo Fighters became band after cutting album
Northern Iowan 92:6, p.8
9/15/1995 Outlines history of band.
223 The Fall: challenging, provocative music
Northern Iowan 92:5, p.14
9/12/1995 Review of Cerebral Caustic by The Fall.
224 Feeding his ego again: Stuart Davis
Northern Iowan 92:4, p.9
9/8/1995 Review of Stuart Davis performance and recordings; photo.
225 Not just "another Nirvana"
Northern Iowan 92:4, p.15
9/8/1995 Review of Foo Fighters recording.
226 Flatlands lives up to name
Northern Iowan 92:2, p.12
8/29/1995 Review of Larry Myer's "Flatland".
227 A House: Wide Eyed and Ignorant
Northern Iowan 92:1, p.18
8/25/1995 Review of A House's Wide Eyed and Ignorant.
228 This album sucks! Heh, heh, heh
Northern Iowan 91:65, p.6
7/14/1995 Music review of album "Menace to Sobriety" by Ugly Kid Joe.
229 Debbie Gibson singing punk? Alright dude!
Northern Iowan 91:64, p.4
7/7/1995 Music review of album "Oddities, Abnormalities and Curiosities" by the Circle Jerks.
230 Disappointing album still has potential
Northern Iowan 91:63, p.7
6/30/1995 Music review of 'Junior Citizen' by the Poster Children.
231 "Self Untitled" tackles social issues
Northern Iowan 91:61, p.3
6/16/1995 Music review of "Self Untitled", an album by Stuart Davis.
232 Mudhoney turns out best album of year, remains true to Seattle sound
Northern Iowan 91:60, p.6
6/9/1995 A review of music by the band Mudhoney.
233 Kill Mice Elf: best of Drovers' orchestral, pseudo-pop music; although too short¿
Northern Iowan 91:59, p.13
5/5/1995 A review of the group The Drovers.
234 Truck Stop Love should ditch country, pseudo-rock style; although speeding with hard rock energy¿
Northern Iowan 91:56, p.11
4/25/1995 A review of the band "Truck Stop Love"
235 Mad Season adds new creativity to old Seattle sound; bland builds on Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains influences
Northern Iowan 91:54, p.10
4/18/1995 A review of the band "Mad Season."
236 Zellar's album finds niche in realm of musical genius; a blend of Lou Reed and Bruce Springsteen
Northern Iowan 91:50, p.14
4/4/1995 A review of "Born Under" by Martin Zellar.
237 What every student should know; ten all-time favorite discs vital to any CD collection
Northern Iowan 91:49, p.8
3/31/1995 Reviews favorite recordings.
238 "Birds at the end of the Road": pure rock 'n' roll
Northern Iowan 91:45, p.10
3/10/1995 A review of the music group "Birds at the End of the Road" and their CD "Chowderbox"
239 Honeydogs rock your free world
Northern Edition 3:8, p.5
3/8/1995 Review of Honeydogs.
240 Reviewer predicts winners of 1994 Grammy music awards; and the winner will be¿
Northern Iowan 91:42, p.10
2/28/1995 Predictions.
241 Honeydogs' debut disc more bland than sweet
Northern Iowan 91:41, p.9
2/24/1995 A review of the music group "Honeydogs".
242 Get in the van: Rollins recalls life in Black Flag
Northern Edition 3:4, p.19
2/8/1995 Review of Henry Rollins "Get in the Van".
243 Big Hat's final disc helps heal absence; with hypnotic instrumentals, explosions of rock
Northern Iowan 91:36, p.10
2/7/1995 Review of latest album.
244 Two songs gems, rest unpolished
Northern Iowan 91:32, p.9
1/24/1995 A review of the Psychedelic Furs new album "World Outside."
245 Mojo Nixon breaks from traditional rehash
Northern Iowan 91:30, p.10
12/9/1994 Review of Mojo Nixon's "Horny Holidays".
246 Past, present, future fuse in Native Sons' Lost in Time
Bildner--Josiah J. (Class of 1997)
Northern Iowan 91:29, p.10
12/6/1994 Review of Native Sons' "Lost in Time".
247 Chris Duarte's Texas Sugar Strat Majik out of this world
Northern Iowan 91:26, p.10
11/22/1994 Review of Duarte's album.
248 Tea Wire trio heavy; drum solos, bass lines powerful
Bildner--Josiah J. (Class of 1997)
Northern Iowan 91:25, p.8
11/18/1994 Review of Tea Wire's "Up Your Sleeve".
249 Wah Wah: collection of jams, spontaneous snippets of inspiration
Northern Iowan 91:24, p.12
11/15/1994 Review of James' "Wah Wah".
250 Posthumously released Nirvana disc tribute to immense talent
Northern Iowan 91:22, p.15
11/8/1994 Review of "Unplugged in New York".


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