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51 Untitled
Alumnus 52:3, p.Inside Front Cover
9/1/1967 Signs showing the various names of the institution; photo.
52 Negative 'non-teaching' doesn't have official status
Jacobs--John L. (Classes of 1968 and 1974)
College Eye 63:64, p.2
8/18/1967 The university has begun to use the term "liberal arts" rather than 'non-teaching" and feels others should, too, so the school is thought of as a university rather than a teachers college.
53 Past, present and future is theme of Expo-UNI
College Eye 63:60, p.7
7/14/1967 Variety of events planned.
54 UNI colors to remain purple and old gold
College Eye 63:60, p.6
7/14/1967 Marshall Beard refutes rumor.
55 'I dreamed of a university . . . When I awoke, 'twas true!'
College Eye 63:59, p.1
6/30/1967 The university's name change is depicted on two different nightshirts.
56 Building a university, a look toward the future
College Eye 63:59, p.1
6/30/1967 Administrators speculate on what university status will mean.
57 No name change for summer Eye
College Eye 63:59, p.1
6/30/1967 Board of Control vetoes name change.
58 Contest for new name of College Eye
College Eye 63:58, p.4
6/23/1967 Wishes to change name of paper when the college name changes.
59 Name to change July 1 to University of Northern Iowa
College Eye 63:56, p.1
5/19/1967 Brief history of name changes.
60 Untitled
College Eye 63:56, p.1
5/19/1967 Recently cut tree stump with labels noting important institutional dates according to the tree rings; photo.
61 New bill changes name, expands goals, programs
Alumnus 52:2, p.03
5/1/1967 Text of legislation.
62 Untitled
Alumnus 52:2, p.Front Cover
5/1/1967 Governor Hughes signs bill changing name of SCI to the University of Northern Iowa; photo.
63 Says SCI pretending
Anderson--Bud (Student--1965)
College Eye 63:43, p.4
3/24/1967 Says that lack of student voice in university administration is preventing the institution from progressing.
64 No artificial academic barriers
Chabert--Henri L. (Modern Language Faculty)
College Eye 63:42, p.3
3/21/1967 Contends that some of the current academic 'standards' are limiting, pompous, and outdated.
65 Students-administration express their views on university status
College Eye 63:42, p.5
3/21/1967 Students and administrators tell what they believe the name change will bring and what the school needs.
66 Governor signs . . . Then shakes
College Eye 63:41, p.1
3/17/1967 Governor Hughes signs the bill for university status; photo.
67 Hughes signs bill: SCI to University of Northern Iowa
College Eye 63:40, p.1
3/14/1967 President Maucker talks about the upcoming changes.
68 We must have faith in ourselves
Peterson--Ned L. (Student--1966)
College Eye 63:40, p.2
3/14/1967 Directs students to prepare for the social changes which come with university status.
69 Traces origin of term university
Ahmad--Iqbal (Education Faculty)
College Eye 63:39, p.3
3/10/1967 Gives a brief history of the word 'University.'
70 Untitled
College Eye 63:38, p.1
3/7/1967 Students pose in shirts with 'Iowa Northern University' on them; shirts ordered before legislators changed the name.
71 Untitled
College Eye 63:37, p.2
3/3/1967 Depicts a student 'collecting' SCI merchandise.
72 Representatives pass bill on university status
College Eye 63:36, p.1
2/28/1967 Name will be University of Northern Iowa.
73 Untitled
College Eye 63:36, p.2
2/28/1967 Pokes fun at the difficulty in deciding on the name University of Northern Iowa.
74 Iowa State Senate defers action on university status
Davis--Bob (Student--1966)
College Eye 63:32, p.1
2/14/1967 Still considering appropriate name and mission for the school.
75 State committee approves bill on university status
College Eye 63:30, p.1
2/7/1967 State Senate approves Iowa Northern University name change.
76 Board of Regents selects 'Iowa Northern University'
College Eye 63:29, p.9
2/3/1967 Also approve plan to purchase power from Cedar Falls Utilities; approve $6.2 million budget for Towers Complex.
77 Iowa Northern University is name Regents chose
Alumnus 52:1, p.01
2/1/1967 Doubt remains about name.
78 Committee recommends plan for university departments
College Eye 63:27, p.1
1/10/1967 Recommends four colleges made up of appropriate departments; rationale for college choices and potential for future development.
79 Likes 'Hawkeye State University'
College Eye 63:26, p.3
1/6/1967 Makes suggestion for the new university name.
80 Alumnus proposes new name
Huelsbeck--Charles J.
College Eye 63:25, p.3
12/15/1966 Suggests incorporating the word 'Northern' into the new university name.
81 Claus suggests Commonwealth University
College Eye 63:25, p.4
12/15/1966 Professor Claus outlines reasons for his suggestion.
82 Faculty Senate discusses status rationale
College Eye 63:24, p.4
12/13/1966 Discuss name change and university status.
83 University status for SCI
Alumnus 51:4, p.4
12/1/1966 Regents approve university status October 7; will be medium scope institution emphasizing undergraduate and first year graduate work.
84 Analogy 'grossly misinterpreted'
Jacobs--John L. (Classes of 1968 and 1974)
College Eye 63:19, p.2
11/18/1966 Feels that SCI is not ready to become a university.
85 Ready for university status in ten years
Fox--Josef W. (Philosophy and Humanities Faculty)
College Eye 63:19, p.2
11/18/1966 One concern Josef Fox has is the proposed increased use of graduate assistants.
86 Yesterday's thoughts concerning:
College Eye 63:19, p.4
11/18/1966 A display of past editorial cartoons.
87 SS submits prospective future titles
College Eye 63:18, p.8
11/15/1966 Three possible university names were chosen by the Student Senate.
88 Refutes duck analogy
Longnecker--John C. (Class of 1961; Mathematics F)
College Eye 63:17, p.3
11/11/1966 Comments on the decision to change SCI into a university.
89 Request increase in state funds for next biennium
College Eye 63:17, p.5
11/11/1966 Will seek 50% increase.
90 Gives administration reorganization proposal
Wilson--Lora Lee (Public Relations Staff; English Fac
College Eye 63:16, p.2
11/8/1966 Discusses ideas that need to be considered before SCI changes to a university.
91 Dr. Fox suffers from 'logos on the bogus'
Knievel--William R. (Psychology Faculty)
College Eye 63:14, p.2
11/1/1966 Disagrees with Dr. Josef Fox's belief that SCI should not become a university.
92 Orchids to Jacobs
Reninger--H. Willard (English Faculty)
College Eye 63:14, p.3
11/1/1966 Thanks John L. Jacobs for his letter to the editor in the October 25 issue of the College Eye.
93 Fox University?
College Eye 63:13, p.3
10/28/1966 Students suggest a new name for SCI once it becomes a university.
94 Athletics should upgrade present program
Sheriff--Stanley B. (Athletics Staff)
College Eye 63:12, p.2
10/25/1966 Discusses changes that should be made to the athletic program if SCI becomes a university.
95 Untitled
College Eye 63:12, p.5
10/25/1966 Float depicting SCI's various name changes won the President's Trophy for its depiction of SCI spirit.
96 McCollum endorses university status
McCollum--Clifford G. (Science Faculty; CNS Dean)
College Eye 63:11, p.4
10/21/1966 Defends the decision to change SCI from a college to a university.
97 School has great need for sharp criticism
Fox--Josef W. (Philosophy and Humanities Faculty)
College Eye 63:11, p.2
10/21/1966 Voices opinions about SCI's change from a college to a university.
98 Reality dictates university status
Reninger--H. Willard (English Faculty)
College Eye 63:9, p.3
10/14/1966 Discusses the process used by the Advisory Committee on Future Development to decide that SCI should be made into a university.
99 Untitled
College Eye 63:9, p.2
10/14/1966 Comments on student attitude toward SCI's change from a college to a university.
100 Dr. Fox feels like weeping
Fox--Josef W. (Philosophy and Humanities Faculty)
College Eye 63:8, p.2
10/11/1966 Expresses unhappiness at the plan to change SCI from a college to a university.


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