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251 The society reporters
Normal Eyte 12:8, p.123
11/2/1901 Schedule of society reports.
252 Some of the alumni
Normal Eyte 12:6, p.81
10/19/1901 Have sent news to the Normal Eyte.
253 The outlook for the success
Normal Eyte 12:5, p.66
10/12/1901 Plan for alumni column will fail without alumni support.
254 It now seems
Normal Eyte 12:4, p.55
10/4/1901 Plan to continue alumni column in the Normal Eyte will be dropped due to lack of alumni support.
255 Neither the students nor alumni
Normal Eyte 12:4, p.49
10/4/1901 Normal Eyte has not received the support from alumni that it had hoped for.
256 It is the intention
Normal Eyte 12:3, p.34
9/28/1901 Normal Eyte hopes to include illustrations if funds allow.
257 Are you taking the Normal Eyte?
Normal Eyte 12:2, p.26
9/21/1901 Urges alumni to subscribe.
258 It will be impossible to fill the Alumni columns
Normal Eyte 12:2, p.26
9/21/1901 Urges alumni to contribute news to the Normal Eyte.
259 We would say in self defense
Normal Eyte 12:2, p.18
9/21/1901 Normal Eyte was not published on first Saturday of school year.
260 Alumni columns
Normal Eyte 12:1, p.7
9/14/1901 Normal Eyte will publish news, letters, and articles by and relating to alumni; hope to issue an alumni register.
261 Father Time has wrought many changes
Normal Eyte 12:1, p.1
9/14/1901 A look back at the achievements of the Normal Eyte and a look ahead at what the staff hopes to accomplish.
262 This issue we send
Normal Eyte 12:1, p.2
9/14/1901 This issue of the Normal Eyte will be sent to all alumni.
263 To the alumni
Normal Eyte 12:1, p.7
9/14/1901 Normal Eyte will pay $.25 to Alumni Association for each alumni subscriber over 900.
264 We would call the attention
Normal Eyte 12:1, p.10
9/14/1901 Urges students to subscribe to the Normal Eyte.
265 Editorial
Normal Eyte 11:35, p.853
6/13/1901 Normal Eyte staff says thanks and good-bye; athletics operations doing well.
266 Official; beginnings of the Iowa State Normal School; the Students' Offering
Wright--David Sands (Mathematics Faculty)
Normal Eyte 11:34, p.830
6/1/1901 Professor Wright's account of the first student newspaper.
267 Editorial
Normal Eyte 11:33, p.805
5/25/1901 Misunderstanding with Missouri over oratorical contest cleared up; lack of support for Field Day; annoyed with description of crowd at Iowa game; will have special issue of the Normal Eyte.
268 Editorial
Normal Eyte 11:31, p.757
5/11/1901 Enrollment holding up despite new certification law that requires ISNS graduates to take the examination; managers of next year's Normal Eyte elected; comments on success of athletics teams.
269 Editorial
Normal Eyte 11:27, p.661
4/13/1901 Advice on what to look for in voting for the next Normal Eyte staff; applauds decision of Board to hire a physical director to be in charge of physical education and athletics.
270 Editorial
Normal Eyte 10:22, p.529
3/2/1901 U. G. Hayden wins local oratorical contest; will represent ISNS in interstate contest; considers difficulty in making judgments in these contests; will issue special number of the Normal Eyte devoted to literary societies.
271 Editorial
Normal Eyte 10:14, p.329
1/3/1901 Prospects for the oratorical contest; will likely not publish souvenir edition of the Normal Eyte.
272 Editorial
Normal Eyte 10:13, p.305
12/15/1900 Believes students should find time for good reading outside class; sympathy for ISU students after typhoid fever epidemic and fire; men will edit an issue of the Normal Eyte after the turn of the new year.
273 Editorial
Normal Eyte 10:5, p.101
10/13/1900 Looking forward to debate with Ames; hopes school will support the debaters; hopes that subscribers will pay their Normal Eyte subscriptions.
274 Official
Normal Eyte 10:3, p.54
9/29/1900 Will continue with Museum collections; Athletic Association granted instructor with director to follow; Auditorium Building work continues; extensive grading on northeast corner of campus in connection with extension of street railway onto campus.
275 Editorial
Normal Eyte 10:2, p.29
9/22/1900 Steady growth in summer session enrollment; appears to meet needs of teachers to keep up to date; seeking contributions to the Normal Eyte.
276 Editorial
Normal Eyte 10:1, p.5
9/15/1900 Normal Eyte plans for the year; enrollment is 938.
277 Editorial
Normal Eyte 9:34, p.803
6/9/1900 Thanks everyone for support over the year; faculty-senior baseball game raises $105; unable to put out a special Commencement issue of the Normal Eyte.
278 We are pleased
Normal Eyte 9:33, p.788
6/2/1900 Professor Colegrove will continue Bible Study outline.
279 Editorial
Normal Eyte 9:30, p.707
5/12/1900 Professor Fullerton is compiling a songbook; new Normal Eyte staff elected; praise for Mary Arnold even though she did not win the oratorical contest.
280 The Normal Eyte election
Normal Eyte 9:30, p.715
5/12/1900 William Schregardus will be editor-in-chief; Emma Shoudy will be local editor; William Magee will be business manager.
281 Editorial
Normal Eyte 9:28, p.659
4/28/1900 Will soon elect staff for 1900-1901 Normal Eyte.
282 The mission of the Normal Eyte
Normal Eyte 9:27, p.635
4/21/1900 Purposes of the various sections of the student newspaper.
283 Editorial
Normal Eyte 9:25, p.587
4/7/1900 Turmoil on board of University of Iowa student newspaper; will open one issue of the Normal Eyte for public editorials.
284 Editorial
Normal Eyte 9:22, p.515
3/10/1900 Orator selected for contest; corrections to YWCA article; would like articles from non-resident subscribers.
285 Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 9:19, p.455
2/17/1900 Hold day of prayer; clear $25 on special issue of the Normal Eyte; many engaged in mission work.
286 Editorial
Normal Eyte 9:18, p.421
2/10/1900 Would like subscribers to pay their fees; women's issue of the Normal Eyte was a success; recent Aristo program was particularly good; Roger Leavitt will succeed the late Edward Townsend as school treasurer.
287 Editorial
Normal Eyte 9:17, p.397
2/3/1900 Women edited this issue of the Normal Eyte; Christian organizations need support.
288 That women's issue
Normal Eyte 9:16, p.374
1/27/1900 Women will prepare next week's issue of the Normal Eyte in order to raise money for a YWCA secretary on campus.
289 Buy an extra copy
Normal Eyte 9:15, p.356
1/20/1900 Women's edition of the Normal Eyte will be published February 3.
290 Editorial
Normal Eyte 9:14, p.325
1/13/1900 Appreciated December concert; hopes that students are ready to study again after the Christmas vacation; getting ready for oratorical competition.
291 Society
Normal Eyte 9:14, p.336
1/13/1900 Schedule of society reporters for the Normal Eyte.
292 Editorial: Ames wins debate by two to one
Normal Eyte 9:8, p.173
11/4/1899 Full report next week. Boards at ISNS and University of Iowa offering free tuition to students who are veterans of the Spanish-American War; Normal Eyte will not publish resolutions of sympathy this year.
293 Editorial
Normal Eyte 9:6, p.125
10/21/1899 Men selected for debate against Ames; asks for news to be sent to the newspaper; controversy over possible reduced rates on the street railway.
294 Many of our alumni
Normal Eyte 9:4, p.77
10/7/1899 Asking about 1899 Commencement issue.
295 With this, the fourth issue
Normal Eyte 9:4, p.77
10/7/1899 Would appreciate it if subscribers would pay their bills.
296 In the niche between the window and the lost cupboard
Normal Eyte 9:3, p.54
9/30/1899 Normal Eyte maintains a box in which students may place submissions for the newspaper.
297 Society reporters
Normal Eyte 9:3, p.63
9/30/1899 Schedule of articles on the societies.
298 In another column
Normal Eyte 9:2, p.29
9/23/1899 Believes some chapel orations are of special merit and will be published in the Normal Eyte from time to time.
299 On the north side of the library
Normal Eyte 9:2, p.29
9/23/1899 Urges students to read some of the newspapers that the Normal Eyte receives in exchange.
300 The Normal Eyte makes its bow
Normal Eyte 9:1, p.5
9/16/1899 Newspaper staff outlines its plans and organization for the year.


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