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151 Tuesday evening
Normal Eyte 16:15, p.240
1/10/1906 Margaret Oliver celebrated Levi Clark's birthday.
152 Miss Oliver
Normal Eyte 16:13, p.205
12/13/1905 Visited Eulalie Turner.
153 Miss Oliver
Normal Eyte 16:12, p.189
11/29/1905 Will visit Quasqueton.
154 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 16:12, p.190
11/29/1905 Met and discussed music.
155 The Cottage Reading Circle met Monday
Normal Eyte 16:9, p.141
11/8/1905 Topic for discussion was "Wise and Otherwise".
156 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 16:8, p.126
11/1/1905 Met at the Wright's house; enjoyed program on fads.
157 Miss Oliver
Normal Eyte 16:1, p.5
9/13/1905 Margaret Oliver's father comes to live with her for the year.
158 Miss Oliver
Normal Eyte 16:1, p.7
9/13/1905 Visited her sister at Kenton, Ohio.
159 Oratory at Normal
Hayes--Harry Gordon (Class of 1905)
Normal Eyte Annual 0:0, p.67
6/1/1905 Students participating in oratory strive to do their best, as exemplified by Macy Campbell, who won top honors in an interstate contest; photo.
160 The Cecilian Glee Club
Crary--Lucy J. (Class of 1906)
Normal Eyte Annual 0:0, p.52
6/1/1905 Group organized in 1888; unites yearly with the Minnesingers to perform at Commencement; photo.
161 Miss Oliver
Normal Eyte 15:26, p.414
4/5/1905 Visited her brother and sister in Chicago.
162 Saturday afternoon
Normal Eyte 15:19, p.303
2/8/1905 Margaret Oliver entertained her Sunday School class at the A. K. Wallace home.
163 In honor of the birthday
Normal Eyte 15:12, p.190
11/23/1904 Miss Oliver entertained a friends in honor of T. E. Jones' birthday.
164 Ethel Edwards
Normal Eyte 15:9, p.143
11/5/1904 Visited Margaret Oliver.
165 Thursday evening
Normal Eyte 15:5, p.79
10/8/1904 Professors Patt, Call, Simmons, and Oliver greet new women faculty.
166 In response to an invitation
Normal Eyte 15:2, p.31
9/17/1904 Group enjoys a long picnic.
167 New faculty faces
Normal Eyte 15:1, p.10
9/10/1904 Brief profiles of new faculty members.
168 On Wednesday evening last
Normal Eyte 14:29, p.459
4/16/1904 Ethel Agnes Edwards gave a party for Blanche Renne.
169 In the absence of Mr. Condit
Normal Eyte 14:23, p.366
2/27/1904 Margaret Oliver conducted Bible study class.
170 Miss Katherine Oliver McCoy
Normal Eyte 14:21, p.334
2/13/1904 Spoke at Baptist church.
171 Miss Katherine Oliver McCoy
Normal Eyte 14:21, p.334
2/13/1904 Visited sister Margaret.
172 Miss Oliver
Normal Eyte 14:21, p.334
2/13/1904 Gave birthday party.
173 Dr. and Mrs. Gist
Normal Eyte 14:11, p.174
11/14/1903 The Gists entertained.
174 Miss Oliver and Miss Lovitt
Normal Eyte 14:4, p.61
9/26/1903 Miss Oliver and Miss Lovitt spent Sunday in Waterloo.
175 Philo
Normal Eyte 14:2, p.26
9/12/1903 Thirty Philos attend first meeting.
176 Thursday evening
Normal Eyte 13:34, p.539
5/30/1903 Elocution class went on picnic.
177 Miss Oliver
Normal Eyte 13:23, p.361
3/4/1903 Uncle died.
178 Last Saturday afternoon
Normal Eyte 13:22, p.345
2/28/1903 Celebrated Margaret Oliver's birthday.
179 Society
Normal Eyte 13:22, p.348
2/28/1903 Chrestos enjoy Lincoln-Washington program; Philos present literary program; Clios present patriotic program; Aristos hold Roman program; Zetas consider quotations; Shakes present Indian program.
180 Triangular debate
Normal Eyte 13:21, p.322
2/21/1903 Aristos defeat Philos; Orios defeat Philos.
181 Wednesday afternoon
Normal Eyte 13:21, p.331
2/21/1903 Students of Professors Oliver and Fullerton perform.
182 But another "recital" we must speak of
Normal Eyte 13:20, p.318
2/14/1903 Enjoyed performance of Katherine Oliver.
183 Monday evening
Normal Eyte 13:20, p.317
2/14/1903 Gave dinner for Katherine Oliver.
184 Mr. Willis Summers
Normal Eyte 13:20, p.318
2/14/1903 Entertained friends.
185 The stay of Mrs. Katherine Oliver-McCoy
Normal Eyte 13:20, p.318
2/14/1903 Professor Thornton entertained local women.
186 The reading circle
Normal Eyte 13:19, p.301
2/3/1903 Had a Scottish theme.
187 The next meeting of the Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 13:18, p.285
1/31/1903 Will feature a Scottish program.
188 Y. W. C. A. benefit
Normal Eyte 13:18, p.283
1/31/1903 Margaret Oliver's sister Katharine will present entertainment.
189 Monday evening
Normal Eyte 13:14, p.220
12/18/1902 Margaret Oliver entertained elocution classes.
190 Athletic department; Normal 6, Penn 6
Normal Eyte 13:12, p.182
11/22/1902 Normal held a banquet after the game for all the participants.
191 Saturday evening
Normal Eyte 13:12, p.192
11/22/1902 Margaret Oliver entertained football team.
192 Every society member, who can possibly find time; should write for the coming oratorical contest
Normal Eyte 13:11, p.161
11/15/1902 Urges students to compete in the oratorical contest.
193 Society oratorical contest; three men's societies contest for points--Orio five points--Aristos four points--Philos one point--an interesting program
Normal Eyte 13:11, p.164
11/15/1902 Account of the contest; score sheet.
194 Mr. and Mrs. Hubbell and Mr. and Mrs. Curkeet
Normal Eyte 13:10, p.159
11/8/1902 Entertained friends.
195 Frances Eakhart
Normal Eyte 13:8, p.123
10/25/1902 Visited cousin Margaret Oliver.
196 Last Saturday, Misses Oliver, Wallace and Mr. George Wallace
Normal Eyte 13:8, p.124
10/25/1902 Entertained football team.
197 A splendid entertainment
Wallace--George Edson (Classes of 1904--1905--and 1911)
Normal Eyte 13:7, p.104
10/18/1902 Praise for Margaret Oliver's work in Ackley.
198 Ames preliminary debate; fierce forensic struggle- large audience--societies attend in bodies--colors, yells, etc.
Normal Eyte 13:6, p.91
10/11/1902 Account of the debate.
199 With her usual originality and charm
Normal Eyte 13:4, p.59
9/27/1902 Margaret Oliver entertained former students.
200 A handsome gift; the literary societies presented with gavels by Miss Oliver, assistant professor of elocution
Normal Eyte 13:3, p.34
9/20/1902 Professor Oliver presents specially designed gavels to the societies.


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