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101 Misses Seals, Hutchinson, Oliver, and Prof. and Mrs. Parish
Normal Eyte 12:32, p.506
5/17/1902 Entertained those who traveled to Emporia.
102 The Tuesday Club
Normal Eyte 12:31, p.490
5/10/1902 Entertained PEOs.
103 The Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 12:28, p.443
4/19/1902 Discussed current events and the Revolution of 1688.
104 A very pleasant surprise
Normal Eyte 12:27, p.426
4/12/1902 Professor Parish and his wife celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.
105 The following finished courses at the Normal
Normal Eyte 12:23, p.365
3/15/1902 Roster of those who finished courses at the end of the winter 1901-1902 term.
106 Miss Drenning
Normal Eyte 12:21, p.331
2/22/1902 Entertained friends; Jennie Hutchison also served as hostess.
107 The program to be given
Normal Eyte 12:21, p.324
2/22/1902 Program of musical performers and their work.
108 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 12:20, p.315
2/15/1902 Professor Parish spoke on Thomas Nun and Josiah Child.
109 One of the choicest musical programs
Normal Eyte 12:14, p.220
1/4/1902 Everyone enjoyed the performance of the Oberlin Glee Club.
110 Some of our faculty members
Normal Eyte 12:14, p.219
1/4/1902 Attended ISTA convention.
111 Aristo
Normal Eyte 12:10, p.152
11/16/1901 Enjoyed Halloween party with Shakespeareans.
112 When it was known
Normal Eyte 12:7, p.106
10/26/1901 John Parish took over his father's class for a week while his father attended a reunion at Yale.
113 Mr. Parish
Normal Eyte 12:5, p.74
10/12/1901 Spoke at YMCA.
114 The Athletic Board held a called meeting
Normal Eyte 12:1, p.14
9/14/1901 Athletic Board to change sports constitution as it relates to team managers; Clem Seerley authorized to purchase football equipment.
115 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 11:29, p.716
4/27/1901 Mrs. Parish spoke on wood engraving.
116 The Board meeting
Normal Eyte 11:27, p.662
4/13/1901 Karl F. Geiser has been promoted to professor.
117 Athletic
Normal Eyte 10:21, p.516
2/23/1901 Athletic Board of ten members is set up to help bring athletics under better management.
118 Miss Mary Stewart
Normal Eyte 10:19, p.463
2/9/1901 Visited sister, Mrs. Parish.
119 Mrs. Parish
Normal Eyte 10:19, p.462
2/9/1901 Has the grippe.
120 The juniors were royally entertained
Normal Eyte 10:19, p.464
2/9/1901 Faculty host series of parties for the juniors.
121 Prof. Parish
Normal Eyte 10:18, p.437
2/2/1901 Addressed YMCA in Independence.
122 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 10:18, p.438
2/2/1901 Continued discussion of Ruskin.
123 Untitled
Normal Eyte 10:11, p.257
11/24/1900 Professor Parish's tribute to Mrs. Garghill Beecher.
124 Athletic
Normal Eyte 9:34, p.814
6/9/1900 Account of baseball game between faculty and seniors.
125 Official
Normal Eyte 9:32, p.756
5/26/1900 Professor Parish named to State Historical Board; tally of upcoming graduates; program for Commencement.
126 The reading circle
Normal Eyte 9:29, p.689
5/5/1900 Professor Parish spoke on diplomatic relations.
127 Prof. Parish
Normal Eyte 9:26, p.618
4/14/1900 Healthy again and meeting classes.
128 Prof. Parish
Normal Eyte 9:25, p.595
4/7/1900 Health improving.
129 Prof. Parish
Normal Eyte 9:24, p.568
3/31/1900 Health slowly improving.
130 Prof. Parish
Normal Eyte 9:23, p.549
3/24/1900 Still sick.
131 In general: the oratorical contest
Normal Eyte 9:22, p.517
3/10/1900 Account of recent contest with speakers and their topics; held reception afterwards.
132 Shakespearean open session
Normal Eyte 9:12, p.285
12/9/1899 Description of the program that included music and drama.
133 The third story
Normal Eyte 9:9, p.211
11/11/1899 Professor Parish's house nearing completion.
134 Pres. Seerley
Normal Eyte 9:7, p.157
10/28/1899 The president and many faculty attended a meeting in Independence.
135 On the program
Normal Eyte 9:3, p.62
9/30/1899 Several Normalites will make presentations at conference.
136 Professor Parish
Normal Eyte 9:1, p.12
9/16/1899 Building house at corner of 24th and Olive Streets.
137 The excursion
Normal Eyte 8:34, p.483
6/3/1899 Special train went to Des Moines with a large party of ISNS students.
138 Prof. Parish
Normal Eyte 8:27, p.378
4/15/1899 Purchased lot and will build house.
139 Mr. Parish
Normal Eyte 8:22, p.310
2/25/1899 Judged oratory contest.
140 Prof. Parish
Normal Eyte 8:20, p.280
2/11/1899 Attended funeral of Helen Poor.
141 We are glad to state
Normal Eyte 8:14, p.197
12/10/1898 Professor Parish recovering from ankle injury.
142 J. H. Schroeder
Normal Eyte 8:13, p.182
12/3/1898 Principal at Akron; adopts Seerley and Parish book.
143 Mr. Parish
Normal Eyte 8:13, p.184
12/3/1898 Injured ankle.
144 The growth of college spirit in the Normal
McElmeel--Owen P. (Class of 1896)
Normal Eyte 8:11, p.147
11/19/1898 Owen P. McElmeel cites extraordinary growth of college spirit between 1894 and 1898, especially in light of the important victories in football against the University of Iowa and in debate against Iowa State University.
145 The State Teachers Association
Normal Eyte 8:11, p.152
11/19/1898 Many Normal faculty and alumni on program; President Seerley is to address the subject, "Does the School meet the demands of the people?".
146 L. W. Parish
Normal Eyte 8:9, p.129
11/5/1898 Visited University of Iowa.
147 Prof. Parish
Normal Eyte 8:8, p.113
10/29/1898 Went to football game in Cedar Rapids.
148 Athletic
Normal Eyte 8:4, p.61
10/1/1898 Following financial problems last year, faculty requires Association to have $100 on hand before scheduling football games; money has been raised; game against Cornell College scheduled.
149 The faculty and how they spent vacation
Normal Eyte 8:1, p.9
9/10/1898 Lengthy summary of faculty activities for the summer of 1898.
150 Authorship and publications in the Normal School
Normal Eyte 7:35, p.7
6/11/1898 Bibliography of publications by faculty.


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