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51 Professors judge high school debate
College Eye 9:21, p.8
3/6/1918 Debated whether the government should have permanent ownership of the railroads; Professors Eells, Mitchell, Charles, Fagan, Cable, and Buffum were the judges.
52 Miss Wild and Mr. Fagan
College Eye 9:12, p.8
12/19/1917 Were in an Illinois Central train wreck but not seriously injured.
53 Members of the faculty of the Extension Service
College Eye 9:4, p.2
10/10/1917 Extension faculty have traveled over 250,000 miles on the railroads in the course of their duties in the last year.
54 Cut out
College Eye 8:30, p.3
5/23/1917 Timetables for Cedar Falls railroads provided.
55 We are publishing in this issue
College Eye 8:30, p.4
5/23/1917 Reminder for students to cut out and use the railroad timetable published elsewhere in the issue.
56 Teachers will meet Drake; government ownership of railroads discussed
College Eye 8:21, p.1
3/7/1917 Teachers to debate with Drake.
57 Social Science Club
College Eye 8:19, p.5
2/21/1917 Railroad executive speaks on railway safety.
58 Cut out
College Eye 8:17, p.8
2/7/1917 Timetable for Cedar Falls railroad connections.
59 Some of the students and faculty members
College Eye 7:1, p.8
6/1/1915 Students and faculty members are fortunate to have survived a railroad wreck.
60 Triangular debate Friday evening; Teachers will meet Coe representatives on home floor; negative team will debate Morningside at Sioux City
College Eye 4:22, p.1
3/18/1915 Debate team will discuss whether or not the government should own and operate all interstate railroads.
61 Philos win triangular debate; pile up a maximum of six points; Orios receive two points; Aristos one; careful study of the question evident
College Eye 4:11, p.2
12/3/1914 Debate was held on whether or not the government should own and operate all railroads.
62 Miss Eva Waters
College Eye 3:2, p.48
9/11/1913 Along with Julia Lang, was in a rail car accident.
63 Ames debate will occur Friday evening, November 11; teams are ready
Normal Eyte 21:9, p.151
11/2/1910 The members of the I. S. T. C. debate team are preparing for their match with Ames; will debate railroad freight rates.
64 One of the Marshalltown papers
Normal Eyte 20:28, p.471
4/13/1910 Minnie Ashbrook died in a railroad accident.
65 Prof. Tompkins
Normal Eyte 20:26, p.439
3/30/1910 Is mourning the death of a friend, who was killed in a train wreck.
66 Awful wreck occurs; Professor L. W. Parish loses life in recent railroad catastrophe at Gladbrook
Normal Eyte 20:25, p.412
3/23/1910 Description of the wreck; Professor Parish survived the wreck, but died shortly after being removed.
67 The basketball team
Normal Eyte 20:19, p.321
2/2/1910 Could not make it to their game in Charles City due to a train wreck in Dyersville.
68 A tragic death
Normal Eyte 20:10, p.182
11/10/1909 Mayme Champlain killed by train in unusual accident near Manchester.
69 Two hundred and fifty students
Normal Eyte 19:30, p.476
5/19/1909 Took excursion to Dubuque.
70 Friends of Starr Wilson
Normal Eyte 19:11, p.172
11/18/1908 Escaped serious injury in railroad accident.
71 Improvement advances; many changes about Normal campus- new buildings rising; library and residence
Normal Eyte 19:6, p.83
10/14/1908 Freight rail lines being laid to the Normal School; work on President's House and new Library progressing.
72 Thirty cars of coal
Normal Eyte 19:6, p.94
10/14/1908 Waiting to be unloaded at the Normal School.
73 Normal trustees in sessions
Normal Eyte 18:29, p.453
5/6/1908 Trustees consider sidewalks, change in railroad tracks, location of President's House, late registration fees, school seal, museum collection expansion, library instruction, and college hospital.
74 A wild engine
Boyd--Marion J. (Student--1908)
Normal Eyte 17:23, p.362
3/6/1907 Story of a runaway train.
75 Last Wednesday
Normal Eyte 17:10, p.156
11/14/1906 Overloaded coal car causes street railway problem.
76 A few days ago
Normal Eyte 15:27, p.429
4/12/1905 President Seerley and Cedar Falls businessmen spoke to Illinois Central official about improving the Cedar Falls depot.
77 Vacation railroad rates
Normal Eyte 15:11, p.173
11/16/1904 Rates for students and faculty who wish to take the railroad home for Thanksgiving.
78 Saturday morning, bright and early
Normal Eyte 14:35, p.564
6/4/1904 Excursion train left for track meet in Des Moines.
79 For Commencement and summer school
Normal Eyte 14:31, p.482
4/30/1904 Railroad extends special fares.
80 Popular excursion
Normal Eyte 14:21, p.333
2/13/1904 Special train will go to Des Moines so that students may attend a session of the General Assembly.
81 Untitled
Normal Eyte 14:9, p.140
10/30/1903 Train service to Cedar Falls through the Chicago Great Western Railroad will be reinstated.
82 Reduced rates to Cedar Falls
Normal Eyte 13:32, p.501
5/16/1903 Railroad offers reduced rates for those going to Cedar Falls for Commencement and summer session.
83 If the railroads
Normal Eyte 13:30, p.479
5/2/1903 Hopes that team from Kansas will stop in Cedar Falls.
84 Society
Normal Eyte 13:25, p.393
3/28/1903 Philos heard papers; Aristos enjoyed costume program; Orios held railroad program.
85 Football notes
Normal Eyte 13:4, p.61
9/27/1902 Outlook on upcoming season; railroad will run special train to Iowa City.
86 Rates have been secured
Normal Eyte 12:33, p.521
5/24/1902 Special railroad rates for those attending Commencement or summer school.
87 The legislature has accepted the invitation
Normal Eyte 12:17, p.257
1/25/1902 General Assembly will attend dedication of Auditorium Building; special train will bring the legislature from Des Moines; schedule of activities; description of planned program.
88 The teacher problem
Normal Eyte 12:17, p.258
1/25/1902 Assessment of providing enough high quality teachers for Iowa.
89 Major Hume and Col. Olmstead
Normal Eyte 11:31, p.764
5/11/1901 Injured in railroad accident.
90 B. J. Lambert
Normal Eyte 11:29, p.714
4/27/1901 Doing survey work for railroad.
91 There will be no special vacation rates
Normal Eyte 9:21, p.498
3/3/1900 Spring vacation will be short.
92 Editorial
Normal Eyte 9:7, p.149
10/28/1899 Making arrangements for train to Ames to watch debate.
93 Mr. Sullivan
Normal Eyte 9:6, p.132
10/21/1899 Railroad agent will make special arrangements for discounted trip to Ames for debate.
94 Misses Goodwin, Pierce, and Wild
Normal Eyte 8:34, p.485
6/3/1899 Went to see train wreck in Waterloo.
95 Our school has been spared a number of calamities
Normal Eyte 8:34, p.486
6/3/1899 Several students saved from Cedar River; Professor Rich and F. D. McIlravy escaped without injuries from train wreck.
96 The excursion
Normal Eyte 8:34, p.483
6/3/1899 Special train went to Des Moines with a large party of ISNS students.
97 Alumni and friends of the Normal School
Normal Eyte 8:32, p.450
5/20/1899 Railroads offering discounted fares for Commencement; brief schedule of the ceremonies..
98 The Western Passenger Association
Normal Eyte 8:29, p.404q
4/29/1899 Offering discounted rates.
99 The railroads
Normal Eyte 8:15, p.206
12/17/1898 Offering holiday discount fares.
100 Aristo
Normal Eyte 8:8, p.116
10/29/1898 Debate government ownership of railroads.


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