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201 UNI gets involved in recycling efforts
Northern Iowan 86:45, p.11
3/13/1990 Bill McKinley explains UNI's recycling of paper and other material.
202 University of Northern Iowa grant to study foundry sand reclamation system
Public Relations News Release 1989:360, p.1
1/24/1990 Professor John Konefes speaks on the nation's first commercial sand reclamation center built through cooperation of the Center for Applied Research in Metal Casting and the IWRC.
203 Used lead batteries must be recycled after July 1, says director of Iowa Waste Reduction Center at University of Northern Iowa
Public Relations News Release 1989:330, p.1
1/4/1990 John Konefes speaks on new ordinances regarding lead-acid battery disposal. These batteries will no longer be permitted in landfills, but must be taken to a battery retailer for recycling.
204 Big wheels a burnin'--tire recycling
Public Relations News Release 1989:317, p.1
12/21/1989 John Konefes discusses the use of unused tires in power plants. He states that burning shredded tires will help stretch coal supplies, as well as reduce harmful emissions.
205 Tomorrow's roads may be paved with today's recycled tires: University of Northern Iowa researchers explore shredding tires and plastic for use in road
Public Relations News Release 1989:93, p.1
9/21/1989 "We have high hopes of helping the state of Iowa solve the problem of plastic and tire recycling and landfill problems," says Mohammed Fahmy. "I have a dream of a 'Road of the Future' made completely of recycled tires and plastics.
206 UNI is meeting recycling standards
Northern Iowan 86:3, p.1
9/12/1989 Roxanne Conrad talks about purchasing recycled paper; Duane Anders notes that there is currently little market for used paper.
207 Markets for recycled materials must be developed to make Iowa's new recylcling requirments feasible, says Iowa waste reduction center director.
Public Relations News Release 1989:610, p.1
8/14/1989 Iowa legislature has responded to the looming threat of overflowing landfills by requiring cities and counties to recylce at least 25 percent of their solid waste by 1994. The most easily-recycled items of waste are paper, glass, plastic and metal.
208 6% biodegradable, 94% pollution
Northern Iowan 85:45, p.4
3/14/1989 Does not believe that "starch-based" bags go very far in the direction of recycling.
209 Process of recycling cans, bottles difficult to follow
Northern Iowan 85:43, p.10
3/7/1989 A look at the process of recycling material at local businesses.
210 Club thanks contributors
Larson--Dave (Student--1982)
Northern Iowan 78:54, p.2
5/4/1982 UNI Conservation Club thanks students for recycling.
211 Students asked to 'save those papers'
Northern Iowan 78:11, p.3
10/6/1981 Students are urged to recycle their old Northern Iowans.
212 Mail in bottle petitions
Cawelti--Gerald Scott (Classes of 1965 and 1968; English Faculty)
Northern Iowan 76:18, p.2
11/9/1979 Wants to remind students to get the signed pro-bottle petitions returned to him so he can get them mailed in.
213 Bottle Bill spreads responsibility evenly
Cawelti--Gerald Scott (Classes of 1965 and 1968; English Faculty)
Northern Iowan 76:8, p.3
9/28/1979 Feels the Bottle Bill would keep people from throwing their empty cans and bottles along roadsides and in parks.
214 Wasted Union Blues
Northern Iowan 74:50, p.3
4/14/1978 Student drinks bottled beer due to no deposit; discards bottle in the river.
215 Bottle Bill decision soon
Northern Iowan 74:36, p.2
2/7/1978 Supports bottle bill.
216 The democratic process
Scheldrup--Chris J. (Class of 1980)
Northern Iowan 74:33, p.2
1/27/1978 Does not like tactics of those who oppose the bottle bill.
217 Too bad, lobbyists
Northern Iowan 74:29, p.2
1/13/1978 The bottle bill has strong popular support.
218 In the public interest
Northern Iowan 74:25, p.3
12/2/1977 Latest information on the bottle bill.
219 Mandatory deposits could reduce litter by 95%, director says
Piwowarski--Roger J. (Class of 1981)
Northern Iowan 74:18, p.2
11/1/1977 Supports bottle bill.
220 Small turn-out for discussion of Bottle Bill
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 74:17, p.9
10/28/1977 Two people show up for discussion.
221 IaPIRG sponsors Bottle Bill forum
Northern Iowan 74:15, p.9
222 In the public interest
Northern Iowan 74:14, p.3
10/18/1977 Supports bottle bill.
223 The myth of waste
UNI Century 5:4, p.4
10/1/1977 Environmental problems class studies better uses of waste material; photo.
224 Metro mayors Crews and Rooff discuss rent problems in forum
Northern Iowan 73:46, p.8
3/25/1977 Also express views on bottle bill, parking, sidewalks, and a half-way house.
225 IPIRG sponsors forum
Northern Iowan 73:45, p.5
3/22/1977 Urges support of bottle bill.
226 Bottle bill to ban pull top cans
Northern Iowan 73:44, p.6
3/18/1977 Description of bottle bill provisions and the prospect for passage.
227 Chem alumnus develops silver recovery process
UNI Century 5:2, p.7
3/1/1977 Craig Perman develops process to recover silver from industrial waste; photo.
228 Newspaper drive
Northern Iowan 73:42, p.7
3/1/1977 Conservation Club will sponsor drive with proceeds going to Biological Preserves.
229 Conservation Club
Northern Iowan 73:38, p.8
2/15/1977 Will discuss paper drive and canoe trip.
230 Recycle aluminum
Northern Iowan 72:21, p.5
11/11/1975 American Chemical Society will sponsor recycling effort.
231 Recycling defunct
Northern Iowan 72:11, p.1
10/7/1975 John Volker talks about the low prices for recycled paper which have curtailed paper recycling.
232 Environmental recycling program is renovated
Northern Iowan 71:23, p.1
11/19/1974 John Volker talks about the Office of Environmental Studies and campus recycling efforts; photo.
233 ISPIRG organizes pick-up
Northern Iowan 71:13, p.11
10/15/1974 Group picks up cans along Highway 20; cites potential benefits of deposits.
234 Beer pays
Northern Iowan 70:60, p.1
7/19/1974 Aluminum cans may be recycled.
235 Recycling is still alive and kicking
Carel--Barbara J. (Class of 1975)
Northern Iowan 70:44, p.11
4/5/1974 Students collect paper from offices; photo.
236 Recycling drive creates awareness; "relative success"
Carel--Barbara J. (Class of 1975)
Northern Iowan 70:9, p.4
10/12/1973 Has success on campus; photo.
237 Recycle!
Northern Iowan 70:7, p.2
10/5/1973 Urges students to support paper recycling.
238 Recycling drive set
Northern Iowan 70:6, p.1
10/2/1973 Will hold drive on Saturday; permanent sites will be set up later.
239 UNI begins recycling drive; environmental groups combine efforts
Northern Iowan 70:4, p.1
9/25/1973 Conservation Club will attempt to involve may UNI groups.
240 Student Senate examines UNI task force; recycling also on docket
Northern Iowan 69:52, p.1
5/4/1973 Considers committee attempting to increase enrollment.
241 UNISA offers local recycling support
Northern Iowan 69:41, p.1
3/16/1973 Would contribute up to $300; considering honors convocation.
242 Environmental no
Reece--Barry Lynn (Class of 1961; Business Education Faculty)
Northern Iowan 69:39, p.2
3/9/1973 Critical of Lee Miller's vote against proposed recycling center.
243 Don't throw away that Christmas tree--give it away
Northern Iowan 69:24, p.1
12/12/1972 Plan to redistribute trees to needy families.
244 Environmental Coalition working to establish recycling center
Northern Iowan 69:14, p.4
10/31/1972 Local center closed due to inability of volunteers to deal with volume of material.
245 Environment action in Cedar Falls
Northern Iowan 67:58, p.4
7/2/1971 Brief history of recycling efforts.
246 Student group acts against pop cans
Northern Iowan 67:17, p.9
11/13/1970 Attempts to figure out costs of cans versus bottles.
247 Ketter answers student petition on Union pollution
Ketter--John F.(Maucker Union Director)
Northern Iowan 66:58, p.2
6/12/1970 John Ketter outlines reasons for use of non-recyclable material.
248 Petition statement reveals concern for environment
Northern Iowan 66:54, p.2
5/5/1970 Urges Union not to use non-recyclable containers.
249 Douglas cleans house for current paper drive
College Eye 35:41, p.4
8/4/1944 Professor Douglas cleans out his storeroom.
250 Boys do "Can-Can" in campus shop
College Eye 35:33, p.1
6/9/1944 Students recycle cans.


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