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501 Defends UNISA senate's action
Windmark--Bryan A. (Class of 1982)
Northern Iowan 75:51, p.3
4/27/1979 UNISA senator defends the organization's recent opposition to ROTC.
502 Demonstration May 1
Mixdorf--David W. (Classes of 1980 and 2002)
Northern Iowan 75:51, p.3
4/27/1979 Dave Mixdorf responds to a recent letter criticizing the actions of the UNISA in regard to ROTC.
503 May 1 anti-ROTC demonstration
Northern Iowan 75:51, p.1
4/27/1979 UNISA is sponsoring an anti-ROTC demonstration on May 1.
504 "Prepare for riots"
Northern Iowan 75:50, p.2
4/24/1979 Students think UNI is behind the times concerning the ROTC protests.
505 "Why pick on ROTC?"
Northern Iowan 75:50, p.2
4/24/1979 Rider Hall senator Mike Henderson believes the UNISA unfairly condemned the ROTC.
506 Military doesn't need officers
Northern Iowan 75:50, p.2
4/24/1979 Student believes ROTC does not belong on UNI campus.
507 UNISA opposes ROTC on campus; demonstration, student forum planned
Northern Iowan 75:49, p.1
4/20/1979 The UNISA has adopted a policy of opposition to the formation of an ROTC unit on campus.
508 UNISA senate begins term with action
Northern Iowan 75:49, p.2
4/20/1979 The new UNISA senate began its session with a resolution against the proposed ROTC.
509 "How can you be against ROTC?"
Taylor--William A.
Northern Iowan 75:48, p.3
4/10/1979 Graduate student takes ironic viewpoint; does not understand how the UNI student body can be against such things as the ROTC and the draft.
510 Proposed ROTC unit draws comments; universal military training program needed
Northern Iowan 75:48, p.3
4/10/1979 A former student believes that UNI needs a military training program.
511 Suggests UNISA candidates sign up for ROTC program
Hammers--Julie L.
Northern Iowan 75:48, p.3
4/10/1979 Student believes that the UNISA candidates should go through the ROTC program.
512 Anti-ROTC petition being circulated
Northern Iowan 75:47, p.1
4/6/1979 Don Carlson leads effort.
513 Candidates debate ROTC, SIIF, and other student issues
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 75:47, p.12
4/6/1979 Candidates state views; photo.
514 A reserve officers training corps (ROTC) unit may be established at UNI by the fall of 1980. Do you approve or disapprove? And you said:
Ruse--Thomas E. (Class of 1981)
Northern Iowan 75:45, p.3
3/30/1979 Students offer opinions; photo.
515 Objects to ROTC
Northern Iowan 75:45, p.2
3/30/1979 Student believes UNI doesn't need or want an ROTC unit.
516 ROTC unit at UNI under consideration; may begin fall, 1980
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 75:43, p.1
3/23/1979 Surveys of interest and curricular approval would be necessary; would initially be satellite of University of Iowa program.
517 Mature attitude shown
Wiederanders--Donald E. (Laboratory School Faculty)
Northern Iowan 67:44, p.3
4/13/1971 Believes students showed reasonable attitudes.
518 Fox says faculty should have taken a position on ROTC
Fox--Josef W. (Philosophy and Humanities Faculty)
Northern Iowan 67:40, p.3
3/19/1971 Believes ROTC ideals are incompatible with university environment.
519 Students agree on ROTC
Northern Iowan 67:40, p.2
3/19/1971 Should not be on campus.
520 University does not need any "toy soldiers"
Northern Iowan 67:39, p.2
3/16/1971 Against bringing ROTC to campus.
521 "Give some thought to ROTC"
Richter--Erwin W. (Chemistry Faculty)
Northern Iowan 67:38, p.3
3/12/1971 Would expose future officers to daily concerns of student life.
522 Calley course
Roberts--Ronald Edward (Sociology Faculty)
Northern Iowan 67:38, p.2
3/12/1971 Would support ROTC only if Lt. Calley teaches social ethics.
523 ROTC on campus seems to be a must
Northern Iowan 67:38, p.3
3/12/1971 ROTC is necessary if changes are to be made in the military.
524 ROTC position
Northern Iowan 67:37, p.2
3/9/1971 Reconsiders earlier strong position against ROTC; but still thinks that this is not the right time or the right place.
525 Two Party presents position paper
Wherry--Peg (Class of 1972)
Northern Iowan 67:37, p.5
3/9/1971 Humorous suggestion for a ROTC unit on campus.
526 "No" to ROTC
Northern Iowan 67:36, p.2
3/5/1971 Urges students to let faculty know that ROTC is not wanted on campus.
527 Air force ROTC may locate here; Faculty Senate to decide fate Monday
Ogden--James Herbert (Class of 1971)
Northern Iowan 67:36, p.1
3/5/1971 President's office receives form letter which identified UNI as a possible site; Senate will consider the matter.
528 Untitled
Northern Iowan 67:36, p.2
3/5/1971 ROTC is morally wrong, but the Air Force uniforms are nice.
529 Report on causes of campus unrest finalized
Northern Iowan 67:28, p.1
2/5/1971 Partial text of report including student comments on ROTC student governance, textbooks, housing, tuition and fees, and drugs.
530 ROTC visits UNI
Northern Iowan 66:32, p.5
2/6/1970 Representative for UI will visit.
531 PMS & T at the ISNS
Alumnus 37:2, p.10
5/1/1953 Short history of military training at ISNS and short biography of Major Dinwiddie; photo.
532 Drake and Grinnell selected as Air Force ROTC sites
Alumnus 35:2, p.25
5/1/1951 ISTC bid not accepted.
533 No ROTC unit here according to Nelson
College Eye 42:28, p.6
4/27/1951 ISTC will not receive an ROTC unit.
534 ISTC will know ROTC action in April
Public Relations News Release 1950:267, p.1
3/19/1951 President J. W. Maucker said the announcement date was included in a defense department letter from Major General Earl S. Hoage, special assistant to the chief of staff for reserve forces.
535 ROTC will give answer by July
College Eye 42:21, p.8
536 College officials apply for ROTC
College Eye 42:20, p.6
2/23/1951 Two ROTC officials visit campus.
537 Air Force officers visit ISTC
Public Relations News Release 1950:230, p.1
2/20/1951 Colonel George Bosch and Lieut. Colonel Woodrow B. Wilmot visited the college to assist college officials in filing application for an Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps unit.
538 Students, faculty vote strong yes in ROTC poll
College Eye 42:19, p.3
2/16/1951 Over 90% favor establishment of Air Force unit on campus.
539 ISTC votes largely favorable in ROTC poll
Public Relations News Release 1950:213, p.1
2/13/1951 President J. W. Maucker said he felt the "clear cut" majority was an honest expression of opinion because "we leaned over backward to present the outlook impartially." Almost 800 men students and 400 women students voted.
540 ISTC votes largely favorable in ROTC poll
Public Relations News Release 1950:214, p.1
2/13/1951 An Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps unit appeals favorably to the overwhelming majority of the students and faculty who voted on the matter at the college.
541 Poll is conducted on ROTC issue
College Eye 42:18, p.3
2/9/1951 Air Force is considering adding new units.
542 ISTC poll required in R. O. T. C. application
Public Relations News Release 1950:198, p.1
2/5/1951 The faculty and student body are being polled on the desirability of an Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps unit being established. President J. W. Maucker explained that the poll is necessary as a preliminary step.
543 Action on ROTC application may not be known until July
Public Relations News Release 1950:196, p.1
2/2/1951 Dean of Faculty Martin J. Nelson said that two officers on campus Tuesday (Feb. 2) had assured him Air Force officials would notify the college if the application is approved.
544 Training program might return uniforms to I. S. T. C
College Eye 39:20, p.8
2/20/1948 Should a universal service act be passed, military training might return to ISTC.
545 Officers will explain Army college problem
College Eye 38:29, p.8
4/25/1947 Will talk about ROTC.
546 Survey of Campus Opinion
College Eye 38:17, p.6
1/24/1947 Students respond to the questions: " Would you favor establishment of a ROTC unit on out campus? Do you favor a year of compulsory military training for all able-bodied men in the U.S.A?"
547 Letter to the editor
Murphy--Edward James (Classes of 1949 and 1950)
College Eye 38:16, p.2
1/17/1947 Reflects on R.O.T.C training and how the vets are tired of hearing about it, they just want to get an education.
548 Roger's Rambling Remarks
Blake--Roger O. (Class of 1948)
College Eye 38:15, p.2
1/10/1947 Offers suggestions for improvement around the college.
549 Students strike against war
College Eye 27:34, p.2
3/13/1936 Description of nationwide protest.
550 Snappy uniforms sell college R. O. T. C.
College Eye 20:6, p.4
10/18/1928 A look at ROTC on the national level.


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