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351 Professor and Mrs. George W. Samson, Jr.
College Eye 16:10, p.8
11/5/1924 Parents of a new baby girl.
352 Faculty
Old Gold 0:0, p.45
6/1/1924 Photos and names of faculty members.
353 Organ recital
College Eye 16:1, p.7
5/28/1924 Program for performance by Professor Samson.
354 Messiah program to be given by choral union; program will be given next Sunday in auditorium
College Eye 15:15, p.7
12/12/1923 Will include about 150 performers.
355 College Orchestra makes big hit at Waterloo; gives first of concerts at Plaza theatre; conductor Gundry is lauded
College Eye 15:13, p.1
11/28/1923 Full houses enjoy performances.
356 Mr. George W. Samson, Jr.
College Eye 15:3, p.8
9/19/1923 Will be teaching pope organ here.
357 Irving
Old Gold 0:0, p.256
6/1/1923 Officers, honorary members, members, colors, flower, motto, and mascot; photo.
358 Sometimes the College Eye
Samson--George W.--Jr. (Music Faculty)
College Eye 14:36, p.4
3/14/1923 Glad to see his College Eye newspaper.
359 George W. Samson
Alumni News Letter 6:1, p.3
1/1/1922 George W. Sampson attends the reception of Marshal Foch in Detroit, as well as the concerts of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.
360 Prof. G. W. Samson
Alumni News Letter 5:4, p.2
10/1/1921 Professor G. W. Samson resides in Toledo, Ohio where he makes a hobby keeping bees.
361 Department of Natural Science
Old Gold 0:0, p.28
6/1/1921 Roster of Natural Science and Public School Music faculty; photo.
362 Faculty to give graduating addresses
College Eye 12:23, p.6
2/23/1921 Twenty-three instructors will give Commencement addresses.
363 Homerian
Old Gold 0:0, p.190
6/1/1920 Colors, flower, motto, mascot, emblem, honorary members, presidents, and members of Homerian Society; photo.
364 Irving
Old Gold 0:0, p.207
6/1/1920 Colors, mascot, motto, flower, candid photos, presidents, honorary members, and members of the Irving Literary Society; photo.
365 Bartlett Hall
College Eye 11:4, p.8
10/8/1919 Had Sunday evening music.
366 Women's issue! Faculty issue? Men's issue?
College Eye 10:22, p.2
4/9/1919 The special issues of the College Eye are free and were very good.
367 What will the faculty and men do?
College Eye 10:21, p.2
4/2/1919 There will be a men's issue of the College Eye.
368 Staffs for special numbers elected; staffs for three special numbers provided for
College Eye 10:18, p.1
3/12/1919 Staffs announced for men's, women's, and faculty issues of the College Eye.
369 Irving banquet
College Eye 10:7, p.4
11/27/1918 At Black Hawk Hotel dining room.
370 Department of Education
Old Gold 0:0, p.38
6/1/1918 Members of department; photos.
371 Department of Music
Old Gold 0:0, p.51
6/1/1918 Roster of faculty members; photo.
372 Mr. Sampson's class
College Eye 9:30, p.8
5/16/1918 Visited the Little Brown Church in Nashua.
373 Delphians entertain
College Eye 8:4, p.7
10/11/1916 Delphians hold banquet at Hotel Russell Lamson.
374 Homerian
Old Gold 0:0, p.208
6/1/1916 Colors, flowers, presidents, members, and honorary members.
375 Warren Proctor gives splendid recital; delights audience by pleasing and well rendered program
College Eye 4:24, p.5
4/1/1915 Review of alumnus performance.
376 Senior physical training in Des Moines program; seniors and juniors in physical training department will give symbolic play, "Pandora's Box"
College Eye 4:9, p.1
11/5/1914 Physical training students will perform play at meeting of the Iowa State Teachers Association.
377 I. S. T. C. Association at Des Moines
College Eye 4:5, p.3
10/8/1914 Alumni and faculty will speak as representatives of I. S. T. C.
378 Untitled
College Eye 4:3, p.5
9/24/1914 Comments on faculty, students, and happenings on campus.
379 Education
Old Gold 0:0, p.28
6/1/1914 Photos of faculty members.
380 Homerian
Stryker--Veda (Class of 1915)
Old Gold 0:0, p.263
6/1/1914 Illustration of one room schoolhouse; society motto, colors, emblem, and yell provided; roster of officers, society members, and honorary members; poem by Veda Stryker; Photos.
381 Christian Associations
College Eye 3:30, p.497
5/14/1914 Y. W. C. A. will discuss summer plans; hold vesper service.
382 Notes to public
Old Gold 0:0, p.270
6/1/1912 Inside jokes about ISTC students and faculty.
383 Schillerverein
Old Gold 0:0, p.232
6/1/1912 Roster of officers and members.
384 Death is always an unwelcome visitor
College Eye 1:11, p.182
5/31/1911 Lengthy obituary of Bertha Morrison, who died after an extended illness.
385 Mr. G. W. Samson
Normal Eyte 21:13, p.230
12/14/1910 Left for Leon, Iowa, to deliver a lecture on the Passion Play.
386 G. W. Samson
Normal Eyte 21:7, p.120
10/19/1910 Left for Mason City to attend the Teachers Association.
387 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 21:4, p.55
9/28/1910 Changes in faculty appointments and assignments; new tennis courts and sewing machines added; many faculty on program for upcoming teacher association meeting; hope to extend millage tax; new classification scheme for colleges.
388 The pipe organ recital
Normal Eyte 20:4, p.61
9/29/1909 George Samson gave organ recital last Tuesday.
389 Association of Contributors to Iowa Education and History
Normal Eyte 19:20, p.311
2/24/1909 Officers, objectives, and membership of the new association aimed at collecting and preserving "facts, data, materials, and objects as in any way relate to the origin, growth, and development of education in this state."
390 Organization formed; association of contributors to Iowa education and history organized- headquarters here
Normal Eyte 19:18, p.274
2/10/1909 Group elects officers; hopes to collection and preserve "everything that in any way relates to history and education."
391 G. W. Samson, Jr.
Normal Eyte 19:14, p.222
1/13/1909 Member of American Guild of Organists.
392 Last winter at the meeting of the State Teachers Association
Normal Eyte 19:12, p.187
12/9/1908 Group will have new gavel made by Professors Samson and Bailey.
393 Y. M. and Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 19:8, p.124
10/28/1908 Pennant sale will benefit YWCA; YWCA holds party for new members.
394 Mrs. G. W. Samson
Normal Eyte 19:6, p.95
10/14/1908 Went to visit relatives.
395 The Minnesingers
Old Gold 0:0, p.137
6/1/1908 Started with a quartet that included the Fullerton brothers.
396 February 22 besides being
Normal Eyte 18:22, p.352
3/4/1908 Group honored Margaret Oliver with musical program on her birthday.
397 The Minnesinger concert
Normal Eyte 18:22, p.337
3/4/1908 Praise for the Minnesingers.
398 March 9 is the date
Normal Eyte 18:21, p.325
2/26/1908 YMCA and YWCA will hold benefit for Bedros Apelian; program for the performance.
399 You owe it to yourself
Normal Eyte 18:21, p.323
2/26/1908 Urges students to attend upcoming Minnesingers concert.
400 The following members
Normal Eyte 18:15, p.240
1/15/1908 Faculty members who attended the State Teachers Association convention in Des Moines.


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