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1 UNI to host debate tourney
Northern Iowan 87:6, p.8
9/21/1990 Fifty colleges and universities will attend the College Debate Tournament at UNI beginning this Friday.
2 Nation's first major tournament opens collegiate debate season on University of Northern Iowa campus
Public Relations News Release 1990:64, p.1
9/20/1990 Nearly four hundred debaters and their coaches will participate in the season's first official tournament of the year.
3 'Purple and old gold' awards announced at University of Northern Iowa commencement.
Public Relations News Release 1989:635, p.1
5/9/1990 List of students who received Purple and Old Gold awards. Purple and Old Gold Awards recognize meritorious scholarship or conspicuous achievement in particular areas. Student listed.
4 Top debaters
Northern Iowan 86:51, p.1
4/10/1990 Aaron Hawbaker and Ken Schuler show their debate trophies; photo.
5 Debaters finish strong
Northern Iowan 86:50, p.1
4/6/1990 Hawbaker-Schuler reach round of sixteen; Janssen-Morphew barely miss reaching elimination round.
6 University of Northern Iowa Debate duo of Hawbaker and Schuler cap their debate career as number two team in the nation on season record
Public Relations News Release 1989:531, p.1
4/4/1990 The debate duos of Aaron Hawbaker and Ken Schuler, and Dan Janssen and Jon Morphew compete in the National Debate Tournament. The teams were accompanied by Professors Walter Ulrich and William Henderson.
7 University of Northern Iowa's novice debate team wins Junior Varsity National Championship
Public Relations News Release 1989:474, p.1
3/20/1990 Professors Walter Ulrich and Bill Henderson's debate duos achieve victory at the American Debate Association Junior Varsity National Tournament while the men's basketball team battles Missouri in the NCAA competition.
8 For fourth consecutive year, University of Northern Iowa qualifies second team for national debate tournament
Public Relations News Release 1989:453, p.1
3/6/1990 Dan Janssen, Jon Morphew, Aaron Hawbaker, and Ken Schuler qualify for participation in the National Debate Tournament. The duos are accompanied by Professor William Henderson.
9 "Championship Season" for Northern Iowa's debate duo, squad
Northern Iowa Today 18:1, p.6
3/1/1990 Record of achievements of Aaron Hawbaker and Ken Schuler; photo.
10 First place finish at 'Heart of America' Tournament for University of Northern Iowa debate duo
Public Relations News Release 1989:444, p.1
2/28/1990 Aaron Hawbaker and Ken Schuler earn first place at the Heart of America Tournament at the University of Kansas. Dan Janssen and Jon Morphew are slated to compete in the National Debate Tournament, coached by Professors William Henderson and Walter Ulrich.
11 Third year in a row- University of Northern Iowa's top ranked debate duo receives pre-district national debate tournament bid.
Public Relations News Release 1989:421, p.1
2/21/1990 Aaron Hawbaker and Ken Schuler have an 86 percent preliminary won record and a season total in eight tournaments of 73 wins and 17 losses. Their overall win percentage is 81 percent.
12 First place win at season's largest debate tournament for University of Northern Iowa debaters; expected to into nationals as top seed.
Public Relations News Release 1989:408, p.1
2/15/1990 Aaron Hawbaker and Ken Schuler defeated teams from Dartmouth in the quarterfinals and Wake Forest in the semi-finals en route to first place. Ulrich expects Hawbaker and Schuler to be the first or second seed nationally.
13 Second place tourney finishes for University of Northern Iowa debate & individual events teams; good showing by debate duo in national competition
Public Relations News Release 1989:363, p.1
1/29/1990 The individual events team and debate duos earn two second place finishes and an 'excellent showing' at the University of Wisconsin. The teams were accompanied by Professors Walter Ulrich, William Henderson, Bruce Wickelgren, and Tina Frederickson.
14 Speakers awards, high finishes continue for University of Northern Iowa debaters
Public Relations News Release 1989:348, p.1
1/18/1990 Debate duos earn a first place finish, as well as a number of speaker awards at the University of Miami Junior Varsity Tournament.
15 Debaters enjoy strong showing
Northern Iowan 86:27, p.1
12/8/1989 Aaron Hawbaker and Ken Schuler lose to Harvard team in semi-final round.
16 University of Northern Iowa debaters take individual honors at Georgetown.
Public Relations News Release 1989:272, p.1
11/27/1989 Ken Schuler and Aaron Hawbaker were the third-seeded team coming out of preliminary rounds with a 6-2 record. The team of Dan Janssen and Jon Morphew compiled a 4-4 record in preliminary rounds and did not advance to octofinals.
17 No Thanksgiving break for debaters
Northern Iowan 86:23, p.3
11/21/1989 Debate coach Walter Ulrich looks at his team's chances in upcoming tournaments.
18 Debate team eyes nationals
Sheets--Kerry (Student--1988-1990)
Northern Iowan 86:19, p.1
11/7/1989 Team members talk about their recent experiences and plans for the future.
19 Debate team awarded in tournaments
Northern Iowan 86:14, p.11
10/20/1989 Aaron Hawbaker, Dan Janssen, and Ken Schuler compete successfully.
20 UNI debaters place second
Northern Iowan 86:12, p.6
10/13/1989 Aaron Hawbaker and Ken Schuler ranked among top eight teams in country.
21 Top speaker awards to University of Northern Iowa debaters as they give strong showing in prestigious tournaments.
Public Relations News Release 1989:150, p.1
10/11/1989 A first place individual speaker award to Aaron Hawbaker and a second place speaker award to Ken Schuler were among honors the University of Northern Iowa brought home from their recent Kentucky tournaments.
22 University of Northern Iowa's nationally ranked debate duo second in season debut; top speaker honors to Schuler.
Public Relations News Release 1989:138, p.1
10/5/1989 Aaron Hawbaker and Ken Schuler are ranked among the top eight teams in the nation and placed second in their first tournament of the 1989-90 season.
23 Opening public debate presentation Friday (Sept. 22) morning to precede University of Northern Iowa college debate tournament Saturday through Monday.
Public Relations News Release 1989:83, p.1
9/19/1989 Veteran national tournament debaters from both the University of Northern Iowa and the University of Michigan will be featured in the first in this year's series of public debates.
24 Northern Iowa debaters, individual events members continue winning ways in DSR-TKA National Tournament; debaters qualify second team for NDT.
Public Relations News Release 1988:357, p.1
3/20/1989 First place finish for UNI's top-seeded debate duo and seven of eight events breaking from preliminary rounds. Aaron Hawbaker and Ken Schuler won the debate competition with a win over a second Kansas team.
25 University of Northern Iowa debate duo one of only 16 in nation to get pre-district bid for national tournament.
Public Relations News Release 1988:335, p.1
3/3/1989 This is the second consecutive year Aaron Hawbaker and Ken Schuler have been accorded this honor. This year's collegiate topic is "Resolved: That the U.S. Foreign Policy Toward One or More African Nations Should Be Substantially Changed."
26 University of Northern Iowa's Hawbaker and Schuler maintain strong record in 'Heart of America' debate.
Public Relations News Release 1988:333, p.1
3/3/1989 Their 5-3 preliminary record gave them a ninth seed from among the 42 teams competing as they moved to the next round of competition, where they lost to the eighth seeded Northwestern team.
27 Northern Iowa debate squad ranked thirteenth in the nation in mid-season ratings.
Public Relations News Release 1988:296, p.1
2/10/1989 The debate squad is also ranked first in its six-state district. Neil Phillips says the team is still improving.
28 Debate teams win again
Miller--Jennifer C. (Student--1989-1990)
Northern Iowan 85:34, p.4
2/3/1989 Detailed results of recent tournaments.
29 Northern Iowa debaters, coach win honors in three semester break outings.
Public Relations News Release 1988:259, p.1
1/20/1989 Debate coach Neil Phillips received a "Distinguished Service Award" for contributions to forensics programs. Senior division debate teams compiled an impressive record during a West Coast tour, receiving "swing award" and 1st place in a Midwest event.
30 University of Northern Iowa debaters holding up to preseason predictions.
Public Relations News Release 1988:184, p.1
11/22/1988 First place win for a rookie team and a quarterfinal finish for its nationally ranked veteran varsity team are among the University of Northern Iowa debate squad's scorings in its last two tournaments.
31 British team to debate at University of Northern Iowa Wednesday (Oct. 19)
Public Relations News Release 1988:107, p.1
10/14/1988 British debaters will split with Northern Iowa's top ranked Aaron Hawbaker and Ken Schuler, to have an American and British team member on each side of the issue: "Resolved: This House would plant a Bush in the Greenhouse, not in the White House."
32 Northern Iowa debaters pleased with performance at Kentucky Round Robin, tournament.
Public Relations News Release 1988:99, p.1
10/12/1988 Aaron Hawbaker and Ken Schuler's two-win, six lost record in the Round Robin event gave them a seventh place finish. Fourty-six teams from twenty six colleges and universities in seventeen states were entered in the Kentucky Tournament.
33 Northern Iowa debaters open with a strong season.
Public Relations News Release 1988:91, p.1
10/6/1988 Three teams of UNI debaters open the 1988-1989 season last weekend with strong performances at the Vanderbilt University Tournament in Nashville.
34 Debate duo ranked high
Northern Iowan 85:4, p.11
9/9/1988 Aaron Hawbaker and Ken Schuler may be one of the top teams in the country; photo.
35 University of Northern Iowa debated seeded among top eight teams in nation in preseason rankings.
Public Relations News Release 1988:19, p.1
8/31/1988 Aaron Hawbaker and Ken Schuler are one of the eight teams receiving a bid for the "Kentucky Thoroughbred Round Robin." Topic for debate, "Resolved: That the U.S. Foreign Policy Toward One or More African Nations Should be Substantially Changed."
36 Debaters earn school record
Reicks--Rodney Eugene (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 84:49, p.5
4/1/1988 Aaron Hawbaker and Ken Schuler earn spot in elimination bracket of National Debate Tournament.
37 Forensics teams earn high marks before nationals
Reicks--Rodney Eugene (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 84:47, p.1
3/18/1988 Reports on winners in recent debate and forensics action.
38 Time changed from evening to morning for Northern Iowa public debate March 15
Public Relations News Release 1987:303, p.1
3/9/1988 A debate between Northern Iowa and the University of Kansas is postponed due to travel issues. The UNI team consists of sophomores Ken Schuler and Aaron Hawbaker, who will be facing off against Kansas' senior team. Professor Neil Phillips coaches.
39 UNI gets first pre-bid
Northern Iowan 84:39, p.5
2/19/1988 Aaron Hawbaker and Ken Schuler get automatic berth in national tournament; photo.
40 Northern Iowa debate team chosen one of nation's tops in pre-tournament activity
Public Relations News Release 1987:265, p.1
2/17/1988 Aaron Hawbaker and Ken Schuler are granted automatic placement in the National Debate Tournament for their consistent performance throughout the season. Two more UNI teams are entered in the district competition at Macalester College.
41 Northern Iowa debaters in good showing at Augustana Tournament
Public Relations News Release 1987:228, p.1
1/21/1988 Professor Neil Phillips and Todd Syverson coach the debate team in their advancement to the semi-final round of the Augustana Tournament. The team's next tournament is held at Illinois State University.
42 Debate team injured in ice-related accident
Suchomel--Lisa (Student--1986-1988)
Northern Iowan 84:30, p.1
1/19/1988 Team had been on way to California; several team members injured.
43 Northern Iowa debaters, individual event team members place in four tournaments
Public Relations News Release 1987:159, p.1
12/1/1987 Eighteen individual events team members and eight debaters compete in forensic tournaments in North Carolina, Kansas, and Nebraska, with twenty students earning awards from each competition. The students were accompanied by communication arts faculty.
44 Debate team reaches finals in competition
Moore--Lisa E. (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 84:22, p.10
11/10/1987 Break into final rounds in Kentucky competition.
45 Two Northern Iowa debaters 'break' into finals at U of Kentucky
Public Relations News Release 1987:80, p.1
10/15/1987 Ken Schuler and Aaron Hawbaker earn positions in the National Debate Tournament finals at the University of Kentucky. The competitors were coached by Professors Neil Phillips and Bill Henderson.
46 Northern Iowa debaters open season with strong finish at Vanderbilt Tournament
Public Relations News Release 1987:65, p.1
10/5/1987 Four UNI debate teams are entered into the Vanderbilt University Early-Bird Tournament. One of Neil Phillips' freshman teams took second place in the competition, with individual competitors taking first, second, and third in the junior varsity division.
47 Lincoln-Douglas debates Tuesday (Sept. 15) at Northern Iowa
Public Relations News Release 1987:33, p.1
9/11/1987 The one-on-one Lincoln-Douglas debates are held in the Communication Arts Center. Neil Phillips coaches the team of four, composed of Brad Ellwanger, Al Kratz, Brad Corns, Luanne Mienke, Aaron Hawbaker, and David Bushek, Ken Schuler, and Dan Jannsen.
48 'Fun' in the sun
Northern Iowan 83:55, p.9
4/24/1987 A student studies atop the Union; photo.
49 UNI debaters complete successful season
Public Relations News Release 1987:299, p.1
4/3/1987 The university debate squad completes the season with over two-hundred wins. The team faced some of the top debate teams in the nation, with the two top teams being from UNI. Competitors were coached by Professor Neil Phillips.
50 UNI debate team places near top in national honorary conference contests; UNI president honored
Public Relations News Release 1987:270, p.1
3/16/1987 Professor Neil Phillips accompanies two debate teams to the Delta Sigma Rho/Tau Kappa Alpha debate conferences. Two students won forth place at the conference, and President Curris was awarded with the Distinguished Alumnus.


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