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51 Y. W. C. A. cabinet and advisory board entertained
College Eye 13:22, p.2
2/15/1922 By Mrs. Seerley.
52 President and Mrs. Seerley
College Eye 13:15, p.8
12/7/1921 Hosted a social afternoon for faculty.
53 Reception to graduates
Alumni News Letter 5:3, p.1
7/1/1921 President and Mrs. Seerley gave reception to members of Class of 1921.
54 Homerian
Old Gold 0:0, p.152
6/1/1921 Roster of members, honorary members, and presidents; photo.
55 Irving
Old Gold 0:0, p.160
6/1/1921 Roster of officers and members, including honorary members; jokes; photo.
56 The N. E. A.
Alumni News Letter 5:2, p.2
4/1/1921 Winter N. E. A. attended by President and Mrs. Seerley, Professors Luse, Paul, Campbell, and Goetch. Summary given.
57 Home Economics
College Eye 11:11, p.5
11/26/1919 Cooking class served dinner.
58 Homerian
Old Gold 0:0, p.245
6/1/1919 Roster of presidents, honorary members and members; formal and informal photographs; humorous inside jokes; photo.
59 Phyliss Eloise Seerley
Alumni News Letter 3:2, p.5
4/1/1919 Phyliss Eloise Seerley, daughter of Clem C. Seerley and wife was born January 21, 1919.
60 Pres. and Mrs. Seerley entertained
College Eye 10:19, p.5
3/19/1919 Had a faculty tea at their home Saturday.
61 Faculty notes 10
Alumni News Letter 2:3, p.4
7/1/1918 Clara Seerley, Myra Call, and Homer H. Seerley attended "Win the War Convention" for League to enforce peace. Myra Call attended Women's Council of National Defense.
62 Mrs. Seerley
College Eye 8:31, p.8
5/30/1917 Attended meeting of Woman's Federated Club.
63 Office force picnic
College Eye 8:30, p.8
5/23/1917 Many groups have held picnics recently.
64 Mrs. Esther Seerley Culley
College Eye 8:26, p.8
4/25/1917 Is at the home of her parents.
65 Pres. and Mrs. Seerley
College Eye 8:26, p.8
4/25/1917 Welcome a newborn granddaughter.
66 Dr. and Mrs. Seerley at Kansas City
College Eye 8:20, p.8
2/28/1917 Attending a meeting of the North Central Association of Colleges.
67 Pres. and Mrs. Seerley
College Eye 8:19, p.8
2/21/1917 Recently entertained with meals at their home.
68 Esther Seerley Culley
College Eye 8:10, p.7
11/22/1916 Is here with her son, Homer, visiting her parents.
69 Mrs. L. B. Christman
College Eye 8:6, p.8
10/25/1916 Is visiting President and Mrs. Seerley.
70 Mrs. A. B. Clark
College Eye 8:5, p.8
10/18/1916 Helen Seerley Clark and her son visited her parents.
71 Pres. Seerley entertains seniors
College Eye 8:1, p.7
6/14/1916 President and Mrs. Seerley host graduating seniors at a reception held at the President's House.
72 Mrs. Homer Seerley, Miss Myra Call, and Miss Anna Gertrude Childs
College Eye 7:2, p.7
9/29/1915 Left to attend the board meeting of the Iowa Federation of Women's Clubs in Colfax.
73 President and Mrs. Homer H. Seerley
College Eye 7:2, p.8
9/29/1915 Spent time traveling in the West.
74 Homerian
Old Gold 0:0, p.129
6/1/1915 Illustration of a man playing a lyre; roster of presidents, honorary members, and members; humorous anecdotes; photo.
75 The Tuesday Club
College Eye 4:28, p.7
4/29/1915 Met at the home of Mrs. H. H. Seerley
76 Mrs. H. H. Seerley
College Eye 4:22, p.7
3/18/1915 Hosted Book and Needle Work club.
77 Pres. and Mrs. Seerley
College Eye 4:21, p.9
3/11/1915 Hosted dinner for Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Dick.
78 President and Mrs. Seerley
College Eye 4:21, p.9
3/11/1915 Went to Cincinnati for meeting.
79 President and Mrs. H. H. Seerley
College Eye 4:19, p.6
2/11/1915 Entertained the seniors.
80 Pres. and Mrs. H. H. Seerley
College Eye 4:14, p.7
1/7/1915 Visited family members.
81 Mrs. H. H. Seerley
College Eye 4:11, p.8
12/3/1914 Entertained friends last week.
82 President Seerley
College Eye 4:4, p.8
10/1/1914 Attended education meeting in Chicago.
83 On Friday evening
College Eye 3:30, p.504
5/14/1914 Mrs. H. H. Seerley entertained a dozen women in honor of Miss Constant, who is to be married.
84 President and Mrs. Seerley entertain seniors Monday evening
College Eye 3:28, p.460
4/30/1914 Over 250 students attended.
85 Mr. and Mrs. Seerley
College Eye 3:25, p.424
4/9/1914 Left for New York City to attend the annual convention of the National Simplified Spelling Board.
86 Mrs. Cowgill from Lawrence, Kansas
College Eye 3:19, p.326
2/12/1914 Visiting with her sister, Mrs. H. H. Seerley.
87 Mrs. Homer H. Seerley
College Eye 3:16, p.280
1/22/1914 Entertained the members of the Book and Needle club at her home.
88 What was probably the largest Congregational Kensington this season
College Eye 3:7, p.132
10/16/1913 Mrs. H. H. Seerley held a meeting at her home for the Congregational church.
89 A telegram received by President and Mrs. H. H. Seerley
College Eye 3:1, p.21
6/12/1913 Received news of a grandson; new baby is son of Dr. and Mrs. Clem Seerley.
90 Shakespearean
Old Gold 0:0, p.256
6/1/1913 Society members, colors, mascot, and calendar; photo.
91 President and Mrs. H. H. Seerley
College Eye 2:27, p.7
4/17/1913 Attended a banquet in Iowa City with Professor and Mrs. J. B. Knoepfler and Professor Rice.
92 Last week President and Mrs. Seerley
College Eye 2:23, p.6
3/20/1913 Went to Iowa City due to an uncle's illness.
93 Mrs. H. H. Seerley
College Eye 2:17, p.6
1/30/1913 Entertained guests at a luncheon.
94 Mrs. Atherton B. Clark
College Eye 2:15, p.5
1/16/1913 Visited President and Mrs. Seerley.
95 Mrs. Atherton B. Clark
College Eye 2:11, p.5
11/14/1912 Visited President and Mrs. Seerley, along with her son.
96 Mrs. H. H. Seerley
College Eye 2:8, p.6
10/24/1912 Went to Cedar Rapids to visit her daughter.
97 Mrs. H. H. Seerley
College Eye 2:7, p.6
10/17/1912 Has returned from a visit to see her daughter.
98 The Delphians gave a dinner
College Eye 2:7, p.4
10/17/1912 Many guests were present, including President and Mrs. Seerley, Professor and Mrs. Dick, and Mrs. Walker.
99 President Seerley
College Eye 2:6, p.6
10/9/1912 James Seerley Clark born to Mr. and Mrs. Atherton B. Clark; Mrs. Clark is the former Helen Seerley.
100 Dr. Clem C. Seerley
College Eye 2:2, p.3
9/12/1912 Married Ruth Parlasca on June 12, 1912.


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