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51 Dr. Leland Sage addresses Atlantic branch student body
College Eye 35:36, p.4
6/30/1944 News from the branch summer schools.
52 Enrollment outlook is good; wartime inroads have had only minimum effect
College Eye 35:32, p.1
6/2/1944 Between 800 and 900 are enrolled.
53 Branch summer school heads named
Alumnus 28:2, p.12
4/1/1944 Sessions will be held at Atlantic, Mr. Ayr, and Estherville.
54 Dr. Erbe establishes branch schools for twelve-week students
College Eye 35:24, p.6
3/24/1944 Will head Estherville branch; Miss Shepherd will lead Mr. Ayr branch and Professor Paul will had Atlantic branch.
55 College instructors attend conference
College Eye 35:22, p.5
3/10/1944 Continues work of rural education conference held at ISTC in 1942.
56 Education's war problems is theme of convocation
College Eye 34:39, p.1
7/30/1943 Will give students an opportunity to learn about educational associations; photo.
57 Branch School now having new demonstration series
College Eye 34:35, p.6
7/2/1943 News from the branch summer schools.
58 Faculty publish textbook
Alumnus 27:3, p.6
7/1/1943 Professors Shepherd and Ritter publish teaching methods book.
59 Branch summer schools open at three centers in state
College Eye 34:31, p.4
6/4/1943 Located at Sheldon, Missouri Valley, and Corning.
60 Summer School Meeting
Public Relations News Release 1943:73, p.1
5/11/1943 For the offered summer courses, students must meet with Miss Lou A. Shepherd for a small conference.
61 Samuelson stresses need for teacher cooperation in war
College Eye 34:29, p.3
5/7/1943 ISTC faculty also speak at education association meetings.
62 Erbe, Paul, Shepherd will head Branch School sessions
College Eye 34:25, p.3
63 Two faculty members write recently adopted teaching methods book
College Eye 34:22, p.1
3/19/1943 Professors Shepherd and Ritter write book on methods for town and rural schools.
64 "Methods of Teaching in Town and Rural Schools"
Public Relations News Release 1943:37, p.1
3/2/1943 "Methods of Teaching in Town and Rural Schools," by Dr. E. L. Ritter and Miss Lou A. Shepherd, is rapidly being adopted by teaching training instructors throughout the country. Further explanation follows.
65 Will 'carry' summer school to students throughout state
College Eye 33:34, p.1
6/3/1942 Branch summer schools located in Red Oak, Creston, and Denison.
66 Faculty members are appointed to study committees
College Eye 32:11, p.4
11/22/1940 Appointed by Jessie Parker to help develop new elementary school curriculum.
67 Extension division picnics at Waverly
College Eye 31:40, p.3
68 Faculty members attend conventions
College Eye 31:21, p.1
2/23/1940 Quick look at the travel plans.
69 Dean Nelson speaks on intelligence testing
College Eye 30:21, p.2
2/24/1939 At national meeting.
70 Lou A. Shepherd
Alumnus 23:1, p.32
1/1/1939 Spoke on "What Kind of Schools Do You Want?" at a Women's Farm Bureau gathering. She also addressed the county teachers' institute of Monona County.
71 Extension Service faculty active this summer
College Eye 29:40, p.3
7/15/1938 Quick description of summer activities.
72 Lou A. Shepherd
Alumnus 22:3, p.24
7/1/1938 Associate professor of primary education; attended the meeting of Elementary Supervisors of Iowa in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
73 Alumnae find service here
College Eye 29:36, p.3
6/17/1938 Several members of the faculty participate in consultative service.
74 Lou A. Shepherd
Alumnus 22:2, p.20
4/1/1938 Associate professor of primary education; served as chairman of a committee responsible for securing articles for the "Midland Schools".
75 Teachers' meet
College Eye 29:5, p.3
10/8/1937 Professors Cram, Shepherd, and Goetch will attend.
76 Educational troublemen await your word
Alumnus 21:4, p.8
10/1/1937 Extension Division has seven staff members who provide consulting service to schools.
77 Teachers, this service will help you
College Eye 38:0, p.1
7/30/1937 Irving Hart talks about the consultative service offered by Extension.
78 Branch summer school news
College Eye 28:39, p.3
7/2/1937 News from Denison.
79 Lou A. Shepherd
Alumnus 21:3, p.12
7/1/1937 Attends conferences.
80 Branch school
College Eye 28:37, p.3
6/18/1937 News from Denison.
81 School opens at Denison
College Eye 28:35, p.1
6/2/1937 Nine faculty will teach at the branch summer school there.
82 School opens at Denison
College Eye 28:34, p.1
5/28/1937 Nine faculty members are at the Branch Summer School there.
83 Untitled
College Eye 28:28, p.4
4/16/1937 Lou Shepherd attending meeting at Dubuque.
84 Activities of faculty
College Eye 28:26, p.3
4/2/1937 News notes about faculty activities.
85 Lou A. Shepherd
Alumnus 21:2, p.8
4/1/1937 On reading circle board.
86 Professors speak at convention
College Eye 28:5, p.3
10/8/1936 Roster of faculty who spoke at Northeast Iowa Education Association meeting.
87 Branch briefs
College Eye 27:6, p.3
7/3/1936 News from the Branch Summer School.
88 Faculty members are chosen for extension school
College Eye 27:36, p.1
3/27/1936 List of faculty for the school in Council Bluffs.
89 Thirteen faculty members and administrative officers will attend various organization meetings
Public Relations News Release 1935:630, p.1
2/14/1936 Schedule of events.
90 Returning alumni will find the sixteenth annual Homecoming a busy one
Public Relations News Release 1935:130, p.3
10/14/1935 Schedule of events.
91 Institute Work
Public Relations News Release 1934:35, p.1
9/20/1935 Faculty members will visit several institutions.
92 Branch Briefs
College Eye 27:53, p.3
8/16/1935 News from the Branch Summer School.
93 Faculty of branch school to broadcast
College Eye 27:52, p.3
8/9/1935 Will offer series of educational talks.
94 Faculty members of the summer school at Shenandoah will give a series of radio talks
Public Relations News Release 1934:1135, p.1
8/7/1935 Program schedule.
95 Branch Briefs
College Eye 27:50, p.3
7/26/1935 News from the Branch Summer School.
96 Branch Briefs
College Eye 27:49, p.3
7/19/1935 News from the Branch Summer School.
97 Branch Briefs
College Eye 27:46, p.4
6/21/1935 News from Branch summer school.
98 Branch briefs
College Eye 26:11, p.3
8/17/1934 News from the Branch Summer Schools.
99 Branch briefs
College Eye 26:10, p.3
8/10/1934 News from Branch Summer Schools.
100 Branch briefs
College Eye 26:8, p.4
7/27/1934 News from Branch Summer Schools.


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